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Thesis WordPress Theme – 20% off Black Friday Sale Now On

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of November 2008 Blog Design, Featured Posts 0 Comments

If you’re looking to upgrade the design of your blog and are interested in a premium blog design then Thesis is a theme that theme that today you can get a pretty good special price on.

For the first 150 people to take up the offer there’s a 20% discount – IF you use this code in the signup process – 20D03977D0.

update: this has been extended beyond the first 150 people due to large demand. The discount runs out at the end of the day on Friday.

This means that the personal license is $69.60, the developer license (unlimited use of the theme on multiple blogs) is $131.20 and the developer upgrade (if you already have a personal license) is $61.60.

I’ve been using the Thesis theme over at TwiTip and while I’d previously giving it a pretty positive review I am now an even bigger fan. The configurability of this theme is really great. It allows you to set it up in many different formats and by default is configured well for SEO (I started getting search traffic within days).

I’m also pretty impressed by the way that Chris Pearson has been developing the theme over time (it’s up to version 1.3 and 1.4 is coming soon – you get all the upgrades for free) and by the forums that you get access to as a theme owner (I’ve found a few great ideas there).

This price is only available to those using this promotional code – 20D03977D0. Get your theme at the Thesis Page.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Sounds like a great deal. If I were to purchase a premium theme, thesis would be high on my list of choices.

  2. Why would anyone want to pay a discounted price of $69.60 not to mind the full price of $87 when you can download any of Justin Tadlocks themes for free. Check out his fantastic Options themes with child themes or the even better wordpress 2.7 ready Hybrid theme framework (http://themehybrid.com) & you would be a lot better off than investing $69.60 in any so called premum theme.

  3. Thanks, This is a great deal. i will recommend my friends to get it.

  4. Looks like a good and versatile framework/theme. Got to know its pretty good if both Chris Pearson & Brian Clark are behind it.

  5. Well, this sucks. For me, at least. I just upgraded to the developer’s option last week. I love Thesis though. Looking forward to the magazine style upgrades people are talking about.

  6. I recently bought the theme “One Theme” can someone please check out my blog and advise me if I should change over to the Thesis theme?
    I am definately considering it.

  7. Thanks Darren, I just bought the developers version (that I was going to buy tomorrow anyways). This is a great deal!


  8. It’s a great and clean looking theme.

    I’ve just upgraded my blog to a premium theme though a few days ago. Not planning to change the theme anytime soon as I like my current one a lot :)

  9. @Lisa

    It is not that bad. The theme is easily worth triple what they’re selling it for.

  10. Isn’t Thesis a wonderful theme? Moreover, the support forum at http://diythemes.com is amazing.

  11. There’s good offer for wordpress user..
    I’ve a wordpress blog but don’t have enough money..

  12. @Ryan – You’re theme looks great already. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it just now. I agree that Thesis is a very tempting theme. :)

  13. Theses is nice and clean! but I dont think its the best premium theme I have seen.

  14. I like the theme. But its just what ever. I mean its one of those themes that are easy to customize, but nothing special.
    Regards: rizzy

  15. Since the first 150 sold out so fast, the coupon code has been made good until the end of Friday, Eastern time.

  16. Hmm.. I still cannot bring myself to purchase a theme, but will check this one out.

  17. This is a great deal for people who looking for nice premium theme.

  18. Not really a huge fan of the theme and still pricey.

  19. 70 bucks for premium wordpress theme? That really takes a bite out of my student’ budge. Well, all I got is free themes and they have worked pretty well considering I have no idea how to modify the code. But anyone who desires uniqueness and can afford such price, please go ahead. For me, I just have to wait a few years before I can afford such luxury.

  20. Looks good. It is more designed for the upper market budget I feel, not for the “free blogger”. However you get what you are paying for in life, want good stuff then just pay the money and it is yours.

  21. Good looking theme, but I reckon alot will start using it now and Unique themes just are the shiz these days :D, I’m going to buy a new theme after xmas, I blog over at http://www.genxor.com – Make money with a 16 year old

  22. I use the Thesis theme and IT ROCKS! End of story. Incredibly user friendly (I know little about PHP/CSS and don’t care to learn a ton)….and it looks incredibly professional.

    Also, there are plenty of ways to customize it to give your blog a very unique look.

  23. Anyone know the best way to get in contact with Chris Pearson?


  24. @Forrest: You can get him at diythemes [AT] gmail [DOT] com I believe. Otherwise just flick him a Tweet: http://twitter.com/pearsonified/

    I just posted my review of Thesis, so thought I’d slip a mention in while I’m here. Check it out: Why Thesis Rocks for Web Developers.

    Gives you an idea of just how flexible Thesis is too!

  25. Hey Chris, I love your themes especially Thesis and I I’m going to get it. I was also very impressed by your Cutline 3-Column Split
    theme. Absolutely awesome designs, much respect :)

  26. Upgrade to Thesis 1.5.1 Completed In 1 minute !

    Well it could have been less if I was knew the timer was on. Now seriously we have all used a bunch of themes, some blended and some remixed others not so revolutionised. Anyway listening to all the raving on about Thesis I am now a true believer, since I upgraded to WordPress 2.8 and 1o secs later uploaded Thesis 1.5.1 and reinstated the original custom.css. I use a seperate images folder in the root of my add-on domains so didnt have to stuff around with that. Hope you are enjoying the theme as much as I am now. Okay thanks for listening …. All the best :)

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