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TheFreeAdForum – I have nothing to do with this Spamming Link Exchange Program

Just a short note to let readers know that in the last 24 hours many bloggers who link to ProBlogger were the target of a spammer who used the ProBlogger name to attempt to get you to do a link exchange with his forum.

I want to make it clear that I have no affiliation with ‘Matt’ from who is behind this spam link exchange and would encourage you not to take him up on his offer of linking to his site in return for ads on his forum.

I’d suggest that exchanging links with him is going to get you nothing more than a penalty from Google.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Really? Can you share the link so we can filter his forum as spam. Thanks

  • I got the email … I read it …. I hit the spam button.

    It was fairly obvious that he was a spammer trying to trade on your name.

  • Tinh – the forum is mentioned in the post – I didn’t link to it as I don’t want to give them any links. I’d appreciate if others didn’t link to them either.

  • lol what a poor guy, wish him the best of luck

  • LMAO. Some people just don’t get it… =)

  • It sure is tough to play by the rules for some folks. This is only going to get worse since the update was just completed.

  • It does give me a question to ask you, though. What do you think of some of these viral ad services? I’ll admit I tried one, and I just felt, well, kind of used. But I got it from one of the big time internet marketers, so I thought that maybe there would be something to it (can’t remember who, as it was awhile ago) in getting more people to my blog. Didn’t happen, and I tired of it.

  • What a foolish act Matt.
    Good that the least percentage of people link to you!!!

  • I got the email too, and I hit the spam button.Some people just don´t get it.

  • Thanks for confirmation, I got the email as well!

  • These spammers sure do cause a lot of headache, and extra work for people.

  • terrible site, thanks for the head up~!

  • It sucks how people try to steal your name to get people to their page….good to see your staying on top of it.
    My blog is not yet at that standard where people will try to use my name…but one day it will be

  • Yes, Darren. I got his email after I commented on your post.

    –sample —

    I saw that your site,, is linking to
    The site.


    He mail was a really spam and all the information he mentioned are wrong like his site’s pagerank is 4 (actually is 3) and alexa rank is lower than what he said.

    As for me, I simply marked his email as spam in my Gmail.

  • Nice to See after getting so many comments on your quality emails still you
    manage to keep a watchfull eye on everything .

    I am running a websites and I guess these spammers are also using some sort of
    softwares where they spam number of links in their comments.

    And the comment has nothing to do with the post.

    Darren why don’t you write something about that to help all those guys who are
    getting spammed in such a way.

  • Some entrepreneurs think they need to use any type of advertising system just because looks like a good idea… Ethical marketing goes a long way.

    Yours truly,

    Luis Galarza,
    Internet Marketing For The Poor.

  • What does a penalty from google mean. You get penalized for having links from places. I thought I was the other way around I run a site called and am trying to get my page rank up.

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