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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love

This Guest Post was written by Wendy Piersall from eMoms at Home.

Good link love, bad link love, do we really care who links to us? A savvy blogger would say yes and no. Based on the 80-20 rule of business – 80% of your traffic will come from only 20% of your links (by my stats, it’s less than 20%).

Of course, links from A-Listers and high Google Page Rank sites are a worthy pursuit. But why should we care about the 20%, those links from anyone, especially the sites that will likely only send us a couple of visitors a week?

Quite frankly, there are four compelling reasons to care about “little links”:

  • Little links can turn into big links. One of my top referrers of all time, Steve Olson, linked to me in the fourth post he wrote. His blog has grown so big that this post still sends me consistent traffic to this day, and we’ve become great friends in the process.
  • Technorati. If the A-Listers only had links from A-Listers, they wouldn’t BE A-Listers!
  • The long tail of referring domains. If I added up all of the referrals from domains that sent less than 4 people a week to my site, together they would be my fourth largest source of traffic.
  • Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. (Rather shallow of them don’t you think?!)

I don’t advocate spending tons of time in the pursuit of mass quantities of links from small sites. I do advocate spending a little bit of time each month cultivating links from a wide variety of sources, regardless of the amount of traffic potential.

So without further ado, here is the world’s greatest list of posts dedicated to the fine art of Link Love. Note I didn’t say longest, because there are a lot of long lists out there (which can get quite overwhelming). These are the BEST posts on the subject written within the last year…

The Best of the Best

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Relationship Building

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  1. Incredible post Wendy! Thanks again Darren for hosting Wendy.
    Your list of reading material will definitely keep us all busy creating tons of ‘link love’ opportunities for our readers.
    Thanks, Ponn

  2. Thanks Wendy. I completely agree with your points. While I’d be more than happy if my link profile was mostly showing A-listers those ‘little links’ can add up, they can be what ultimately leads to an A-lister discovering you and lets not forget that a well targeted little link may end up resulting in a higher conversion rate.

    Thanks too for all the resource links. I already had about half bookmarked somewhere and now have another half to read.

  3. Wendy,

    Thanks for the mention and the link. I’m glad to see you are expanding so rapidly. I don’t hesitate to link to bloggers and content I love, in the hope that my readers will love it too. No link is too small. No blogger is too new. No content is too old.

    You are a smart and ingenious man. Thanks for all your help.

  4. This list is priceless! Wendy is awesome! Glad to have some more great link-building ideas to point my clients to. Great job! Keep up the great work!


  5. Thanks for the link also.

    It’s funny, because in my Enormous Link Bait list I link back to problogger regarding a number of juicey posts.

    I would advise to look beneath the term Linkbait and get into the psychology of what makes people link. What makes you drop a link. Usually it’s because a compelling spectacle has been created with a piece of information.

  6. I tell you, linking is the thing that is most elusive to me, as I have gotten such different advice. People say that page rank does not factor in when you have people link to you, and then those same people don’t link to me because my page rank is lower than theirs.

    Some people say relevant links are most important as it builds a community…..

    So my questions are:

    1) should you link to people whose blogs you like, even if they have a low page ranking?

    2) How do you ever get a higher page rank if people won’t link to you because you rank is lower than theirs?

    3) What is more important rank or relevance?

    I would love to hear people’s opinions on this!

  7. Thanks for the mention, Wendy!

    Linking out to the smaller sites on a regular basis is a great way to promote content and ideas that deserve to be read… not to mention an excellent way to get more readers.

  8. Excellent post Wendy! I think I have read most of those. I have to go make sure now.

    JennDZ ,

    My thoughts on your questions:

    1) should you link to people whose blogs you like, even if they have a low page ranking?
    I always do. Link to good articles, and posts whether they are popular or not. Your visitors will thank you.

    2) How do you ever get a higher page rank if people won’t link to you because you rank is lower than theirs?
    Ideally that shouldn’t happen. Just write great content and people will link to you eventually. Either that or pay them (just kidding)…

    3) What is more important rank or relevance?
    If by rank you are talking about page rank, then it’s really hard to tell. Page rank is not necessarily that important anymore. I don’t have access to Search Engine’s algorithm code, so I can’t be sure which one is more important. I would lean towards relevance, but ideally you will get links from relevant sites that get a lot of traffic.

  9. JennDZ,

    If you don’t get the answers you are looking for here, a good place to ask these questions is the forum at http://www.highrankings.com

  10. Amazing list! And the list to other articles is so cool!

    Fantastic job Wendy, just amazing…

  11. JennDZ,

    1) Yes. Your priority is always towards your readers, not the search engine.

    2) Social sites (Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us, etc), Q&As (Yahoo Answers, etc), directories (Botw, DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, etc), online press releases (PRweb, PRleap, etc.), article sites, link exchnages at forums and the list goes on…

    I’d strongly advised against “buying” links though. Write useful stuff or create a linkbait (e.g. something funny, contest, etc) and people will start linking to you.

    3) Relevance. A link from a lower ranking, relevant blog is more valuable than a higher ranking, irrelevant blog.

    Btw, I’m an SEO consultant and I’ve put up my top 10 SEO recommendations for WordPress blogs here:

    It’s long but definitely worth a read! ;)

  12. Very good post Wendy, thanks for sharing this with us. And I cannot agree more with what Steve Olson said in his comment: “No link is too small. No blogger is too new. No content is too old”. It should nice if all good bloggers think like you Steve ;)

  13. Thanks Wendy. I’ve been focusing on SEO fine tuning tips the last couple of months and I’ve seen my technorati ranking climbing steadily. Always ready for more hints to help the cause.

    My “favorite blogger” interview series has been helping to. Check it out on my site. Thanks again.

  14. Very good points and a great list of best post about how to build links.

  15. You’re two for two today, Wendy. This is another one of those posts that people will refer to for a very long time!

  16. Great post! I agree link building is a never ending thing one of the biggest things is give people something worth linking to and put in a little owrk on your end and eventually you will have success.

  17. JennDZ, I have NEVER looked at a page rank when choosing who I link to. In fact, I link quite frequently to new blogs that are on topic for my site content. I don’t know whether or not it helped or hurt me, but after about 5 months or so, I definitely saw a small regular stream of Google traffic and after a few more SEO tweaks, my site is almost a year old at a PR4 (supposedly predicted to go up to PR5 on the next update). And Darren links to new blogs all the time when he does his group writing projects.

    I made some long-lasting and very valuable relationships along the way by linking, some of which also led to some lucrative business opportunities.

    I would say that if you were to choose between Rank and Relevance, I’d put the aforementioned “R” first (Relationships). The other two “R”‘s will come naturally if you are writing great content.

  18. Thanks Wendy!

    That is really what I have been focused on – building relationships with people whose blogs I really enjoy. I guess I am just confused about this whole linking thing. But my instinct is if I like certain blogs, my readers will as well.

    THANKS for the great tips!

  19. Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. (Rather shallow of them don’t you think?!)

    Not everyone (link popularity) , but biased towards those who themselves are popular (popularity of links)

  20. One more thing Wendy. I’d like to share that link love tip with you, Darren and any of his readers that I’m using these days. I’d like to interview you and him plus any of your readers who might be interested in expanding themselves out of their normal bloggy comfort zones. Here’s how I do it.

    I’d like for my readers to know more about you via a blog interview with me on MartyBLOGs. It will be composed of open-ended, non-invasive questions. Answer them in detail as if we were talking in person. Include any web/blog links that you want to refer to. If you think any question is inappropriate just let me know and I’ll replace it with another question.

    Sound O.K.? If so just give me with an e-mail address that I can send your questions to. Then we’ll work out a time line for you to reply back to me so I can schedule a posting date.

    If you wouldn’t mind forwarding this to Daren’s attention I’d appreciate it. Thanks again.


  21. LOL heres my issue over at my site regardless of big or small links the issue seems to be getting people to stick by them, i had a few sites link to me it was great, but guess what they happened to disappear within a month or 2. I’ve ended up having basically only my best friends only really maintain links with me. I’m also trying to find atleast a halfway decent three-way link engine but so far the 1 i found for free ended up being crappy, i put up their links but never got any links in return.

    Chris | http://www.nextechnews.com

  22. Wendy,

    This is the first time I’ve stopped by this blog for an actual read, and I must say, you’ve hit the nail on the head and even gave me one hell of a list to chew on.

    Me thinks you should stick around and post more often. As of this post, I’m now a regular reader. :-)

    -Eric Odom

  23. Darren, I read your blog as a manual every day ( I want to become a problogger) and often translate what I think is most important in russian ( http://treasuresru.wordpress.com/ – I wanted even write you about it for “consens” but thought you are too busy to read something like this)
    I want to say, this post I read not only as manual but with pleasure -for the language,expressions,words used by author.Thanks.

  24. Great resource, Wendy! It’s impressive how consistently Darren finds quality guest bloggers.

  25. Great post! LOL about Googles shallowness! Time to check out those links..


  26. […] I found a great link building article on the net walks you through different techniques you can use to get quality websites to link to yours. […]

  27. Excellent, Wendy.

    I’ll be checking a few of those out asap.

  28. Thank you everyone who responded to my questions. I really apprecite the comments. My instinct is to go with relevance and who you like, so I am happy that seems to be the consensus here as well. I have noticed in teh past few days that blogs I frequent have linked to me. So then it would make sense to link back to them?

  29. […] Heres the part where I show some link love The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love […]

  30. as always I learn a lot when I come to problogger blog
    Thanks for this tips on how to build links
    I manage a french blog, (sometime with english post)
    Do you think your tips and advises are universal and can work for french blog and all language on the net ?

  31. Thanks Wendy for long list! Go for ‘Relationship’ and Rank and Relevance will follow if you write great content is great advice.

  32. Excellent post!

    I feel that if blog has good content and is relevant to my subject matter then it’s worth a link. I also believe that if you find a blog or post to be interesting, most times your readers probably will too.

    And you never know, that link might lead to a valuable relationship down the road.

  33. JennDZ – link to them if you want to link to them – if writing about them fits into your content, go for it!

  34. I linked and I loved and now I am happy!

    Thanks to all! And good luck to all!

  35. […] * A guest post on Problogger from eMom herself. She provides the ultimate guide of ultimate link guides. Well worth a bookmark. Also from guest blogger Neil Patel we have directions on creating a successful blog post. Straight and to the point, just like he says. […]

  36. Thanx Wendy for the useful info. I was preparing myself to buy the links, after seeing this, i’ve changed my mind.

  37. What a generous gift, Wendy! Bless you! My question is once you are getting links why aren’t all of them showing up on Alexa? I have “6” on Alexa but on Technorati I have 348 links from 35 blogs. This doesn’t make sense…any ideas? ;)

  38. I personally don’t really mind any kind of link, no matter how big or how small the site/blog is. The internet is largely still made up of links, save for a few that don’t require any…because thay are already so big (like this one)…:))

    So people, go and link on…its Web 2.0 and Web 2.0 is about bringing everyone closer :)

  39. Great post! I’m glad you support the ‘little links’ as that is me at present! We all gotta start somewhere i suppose!

  40. Melanie, we were ALL ‘little links’ at one point! :)

  41. Kelly, Alexa pulls links from their own crawler, “Alexa Web Search”. But I don’t believe that those links affect rankings in any way.

    Even Google says I have only 203 links compared to Technorati’s 1400. But Technorati’s ranks are also a little goofy, because a sidebar link gets counted as a new link every time you post.

    So these calculations are limited not so much by how many links we can get – instead they are limited by the amount of crawling their spiders can accomplish!

    And Jenn DZ – your link loving is making you glow – I can see it from here!

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  43. […] The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love Uma seleo de vrios artigos de como conseguir mais integrao ao seu blog, por meio de simplesmente, LINKS! Sendo estes um dos principais elementos de trfico de um sites / blog, vale dar uma conferida em todo o material, principalmente na matria 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006. […]

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  45. Great guide. Really helpful information for getting links.

  46. […] Linkbaiting: Wendy Piersall wrote an excellent guest post on Problogger.net titled “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love”. […]

  47. […] Wendy Piersall of eMoms at Home blog has a great guest post over at problogger today. In the “Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love,” Wendy explains that it isn’t just the big links that pay off for your business. She also offers up a fantastic collection of articles that have been written on the topic of link building in the past year. […]

  48. Thanks for the resources. Some of them I have not seen before.

  49. […] You might also enjoy reading about Wendy’s fun 1st Blog Birthday contests! Wendy’s making amazing contributions to the blogosphere and recently was honored with a Stevie finalist award and won the prestigious contest for Elite Retreat last month. She’s also a darn good consultant and coach! I had the privilege of having her coach me last month. She was very inspirational and guided me through a very challenging business decision. Check out Wendy’s site! […]

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