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The Secret to Explosive Blog Growth

This guest post is by Aman Basanti of

Since launching my blog on the psychology of buying in mid-May, I have often wondered whether I am missing something; whether there is a secret to growing the traffic on my blog that I do not know about.

Am I not commenting on the right blogs? Am I not writing enough guest posts? Am I not submitting my links to the right social media sites? Am I not aware of some cheap advertising source?

But the more I look for that secret, the more I am convinced that there is no one secret.

Allow me to me explain.

Jim Collins on achieving explosive growth

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins examined companies that achieved explosive growth. These companies went from being average to suddenly gaining traction and growing exponentially.

Explosive growth

Image created by author

Collins theorized that something had to happen in that time period which resulted in explosive growth. Maybe it was a new technology that the company adopted, maybe it was new business process that they implemented, or maybe it was a new product that the company developed. Whatever it was, he expected there to be a defining moment.

As he wrote in the book, “We kept thinking that we’d find ‘the one big thing,’ the miracle moment that defined breakthrough. We even pushed for it in our interviews.”

The unexpected result

But that is not what he found. As he says, “The good-to-great executives simply could not pinpoint a single key event or moment in time that exemplified the transition.”

What Collins found was that each step built upon the previous step in an interlocking puzzle. Once all the major pieces were in place, that puzzle allowed the company to break through, and achieve explosive growth.

The company had to get the right people on board, set the right strategy, develop the right products, implement the right business processes, and use the right technology to accelerate growth. Slowly, as the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place, the company started to gain traction—and the more traction it gained, the better its results were. That, in turn, helped it grow even further.

What this means for your blogging efforts

Now, you’re not a corporation trying to land a spot on the Fortune-500 list. You are a blogger who is trying to turn your passion into an income stream. What does this all mean for you?

What it means is that there is no one secret to growing your blog. It is a combination of writing good content, promoting it, building relationships with other people, and doing that week in, week out, over a long period of time. This is what will help you gain traction.

That is not to say that there aren’t defining moments. Yes, a link from an A-list blogger will grow your blog quickly. Yes, finding someone to fund your idea will help your get your project off the ground suddenly. But looking at those events in isolation is meaningless. Those big events only happen because you have done a lot of little things right. They are just preparation for meeting opportunity.

I’m not the first to say this.

Darren Rowse on the secret to blogging success

Here is what Darren has to say about “the secret”:

“There is no blueprint for guaranteed success in this space. Ultimately it’s about being persistently useful to people and building a relationship with them. A by-product of that is that they will keep coming back, bring their friends, and respond to your calls to action.”

How Copyblogger got its initial spark

Here is how Brian Clark, owner of Copyblogger, got his first big link:

“In the first 3 months of Copyblogger, not only did I bust out the best content to get that initial spark where things start to take over on their own, but I also did all sorts of behind the scenes networking.

“I was establishing relationships, commenting on blogs, emailing people … and a combination of doing all that I got my first big link, and then I got my first big flurry of attention when I released a free report that pretty much all major bloggers linked to.”

But it wasn’t the report that was the defining moment. It wasn’t the commenting on blogs. It wasn’t the good content on its own. It was all of those things together. It was the pieces falling into place that came together to deliver the punch.

My own experience

It is only in the past month that I have started to see what Jim Collins, Darren Rowse, and Brian Clark meant. Between May-August the only traffic I was getting on my consumer psychology blog was from the guest posts I wrote and some paid advertising that proved too expensive to form a long-term strategy. My monthly visitors were around 200. At that rate it was going to take a long time to run a successful blog.

But I kept writing good content for my blog, submitting guest posts to major blogs, and in small measures commenting on blogs and submitting my articles to some social media sites like Reddit. Now all those guest posts, back-links, and list-building efforts are starting to pay off. For the month of September I got 1,200 visitors to my blog. That is a five-fold increase in just three months. While 1,200 visitors a month is no big feat, it is a sign that the blog is starting to get its initial spark.

So if you have been looking for those big opportunities, they will come—provided you are actioning all the little opportunities.

What’s your view on exponential growth? Was there a defining moment for your blog? If there was, what did you do to achieve it?

Aman Basanti has written for a number of A-list blogs including ProBlogger, MarketingProfs and Business Insider. He shares his secrets to getting guest posts on A-list blogs in his new FREE ebook—Guest Posting Secrets: 25 Tips to Help You Get More Guest Posts. Visit to download it now for FREE.

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  • Aman, Good going. In your experience do you have to win every reader over every time you write a blog or do you have followers who are usually on the look-out for your posts?

  • i whould still like to have steady growth!

    • Yes Rahul I also prefer grow steadily and once indexed in search engines I hope I will get sufficient traffic and at that time I would implement all tools mentioned in this post… by the way the secrets are worthy and work a lot

  • Hey – What a great post about getting to that point where your blog takes off and your traffic explodes. I am still not at that stage myself but I am definitely working towards it. I realize that it is a combination of a lot of things that will get me to this stage so I am slowly going through all the motions to get to that point but I think I’ll definitely get there if I keep at it.

    Thanks for the guest posts. Some really informative information.

  • It is true that commenting, guest posting and giving free stuffs are proven to get attention from other people. But hey, everybody’s doing it yet not everyone ended up how they want it to be. Perhaps it is because success is different for everyone.

    If someone did something and it did explode his blog’s traffic overnight, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same outcome as his.

    One thing’s for sure, if you keep doing what you’re doing, writing posts (good quality posts), commenting, guest posting and communicating with your readers, then you’ll do great in the long run. Consistency is one of the key to have a successful blog I guess. This made me think, 1,200 unique visitors per month without a single guest post is not bad at all. Or is it?

  • Hey | Very nice post ! you have inspired me alot more than i was. I have been posting content on my blog but i am only getting about 40 – 50 visitors a day. I opened this blog just over 2 weeks ago now and i am its starting to increase. I have done everything i can do, creating backlinks, posting on twitter, facebook etc.. just no one is commenting on my post.

  • Great post, keep it up!
    It’s important to keep our feet on the ground and focus on the smaller steps that will eventually lead to greatness.

  • Rivka

    Thanks for the encouragement to just keep going with the best essentials and let time do its work!

  • This is a really good post. I find looking for the exponential growth to my blog to be difficult at times but I live being involved with communities of bloggers.. and I get about 40 new subscribers a week now, its not much but its great for not ever paying for traffic.

    I look forward to readnig more posts.

  • Really good post. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I am also a new blog writer getting very less daily visitors. But I’m trying on guest blogs and social media and hope I start receiving explosion of traffic. Your post also provides inspiration for me. Really good post.

  • Hi! It is an interesting post regarding secret to explosive blog growth. It would be more helpful in getting good results in blogging.

  • Thanks the inspiring blog post.My page views per month is below Two hundred. I wish that these tips would increase my page views.

  • Persistent effort is a must-do, if one wants to succeed online. If you fix even three hours daily, and work at those exact same hours, for quite some time, you will eventually succeed. Hard persistent work is the key.

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