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The One Type Of Blog Post That Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

Posted By Guest Blogger 30th of March 2017 Blog Promotion, Writing Content 0 Comments

The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

This is a guest contribution from Joe Elliott.

How hard can it be when you start a new blog, you create crazy amounts of content and then you need to start generating traffic?

You bust your butt off to get 20 posts so that you can say you are good to go.

You reach out to influencers only to meet their trashcan. You even submit a ton of pitches for a guest post… again only to get an instant delete!

It sucks!

The truth is this is the old school way of doing this blogging game. Content is still king but your job nowadays is to create content that can generate traffic easily on its own.

Today I am going to share with you the exact strategy I use to create a traffic generating expert roundup post. I will show you the best outreach tips I have to ensure your contributors say yes.

Once this post is live and doing its job you have the social proof I mentioned before and you will get your first few visitors with ease!

Are you ready?

Find A Proven Content Idea That Will Drive Your Audience Wild!

Every topic in your niche that your audience would be interested in has been covered. Having said that, you can still create a better resource that has your very own unique take on the topic.

When you first start a blog you want to create content that has been a success on other blogs. If it has done well before then there is no reason why it can’t take off again.

That is if you do the topic justice!

An expert roundup post that is based on a killer topic will blow your readers mind easily. This post type is stuffed with legendary tips, it’s bursting with value.

So how can you find these topics that have proven their worth?

The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

First head over to Google and search for a broad topic in your niche. This will show you the content that has managed to make the first page of Google. It’s the best content on Google.

The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

Now take each post on the front page of the search results and enter them into Buzzsumo. This will show you the most shared content from this website.

As you go through each you should see similar topics on multiple blogs. When you see the same topic a few times you are onto a good thing.

That’s your PROVEN topic!

Now all that’s left to do is to turn this into a question.

Head over to Quora and type in your hot topic, now pick a question that your audience is looking for and that get’s some traction (how many upvotes does it have). This rocks because the influencers will want to be featured because it’s a popular topic and your audience are happy because it’s a popular question.

Create A List Of Influencers That Are Desperate To Share Your Expert Roundup Post

Now you have that killer question it is time to create a spreadsheet to input all your influencer buddies into.

The spreadsheet should have a column for their name, blog name, their URL, email and social media accounts. I also add a column for me to write accepted or leave blank. It pays to be organized!

I always start by entering the details for people I know first because you have a track record with them they will be more likely to get involved. Just make sure that they are relevant to the topic. Nobody wants to know what Sports player thinks about SEO, really.

Big celebrity bloggers, these are the ones that every marketer knows, like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn etc…

They will be the hardest people to get a hold of because of the sheer amount of email they get daily. Some even have a VA which makes it even harder to get to their inboxes. The best way to get straight to these people is to find someone who knows them and ask them for a connection.

If they fit the bill for your roundup then you should start trying to get on their radar about 6 months out.

The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

Big Audience Bloggers are the bloggers who could still transform your blog because of their big audience. They may still not be at Neil Patel level but they have some decent influence.

You now have a better chance of getting your email read but if you have not taken the time to get on their radar they won’t reply. If you form a relationship with these people most will help you with your expert roundup post.

Credibility Building Bloggers, these are the bloggers that know their stuff but are still building their audience. They have some influence and have connections with the big dogs! You will find these bloggers by looking at other roundups. If they have featured one of the big guys you should definitely consider them because that shows there is a connection there!

The little guys, we all gotta start somewhere. These dudes will promote your post like mad because they want to show that they have been featured amongst the big dogs.

Always consider these dudes –  if they make it before you, well it’s another connection!

So get started by filling out your spreadsheet with all the bloggers you want to feature in your post.

I would always aim for at least a hundred. Not all will get back but it should get you at least 20 if you crack the next bit…

Nail Your Outreach For An Awesome Roundup Post

Now that you have got a big list of bloggers to reach out to it is time to craft a killer outreach email to get their answer. Check out this article by Jason Quey where he shares his best strategy to get in touch with any kind of influencer.

Most newbies screw this bit up because they feel the need to make their email request all about them or they do not get on the radar well enough!

Hard fact, nobody is going to help you if your number one topic is yourself. If you met someone on the street for the first time and asked for $10, what would their response be?

If you do a good deed for someone, however, you are more than likely to get more in return. Work on forming a relationship!

Start by reaching out to the big dogs these bloggers will take a bit more time to get them on your side. The best way to get on their radar is to start commenting on their blogs, or reaching out to them on social media…

This is how I got in contact with Jaime Masters at the Eventual Millionaire. I followed up by sending her a personal email thanking her for all her hard work and started connecting from there!

The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

The first tip for a successful outreach email is to put the name of the influencer in the subject. You would be surprised how many people use templates and don’t address the influencers by their name at any point in their outreach.

Epic Fail!

This is just rude! When people see their name in the subject they will be more drawn to the email.

Your number on way to get an expert to contribute is to keep the question super easy…

What is your number one tip for new bloggers to start getting traffic?

This is good because it tells the expert who the audience is and the topic getting traffic. It is an easy to answer the question. One tip is plenty because won’t have to write an essay!

Bad Example…

What are the strategies you use to build a blog, list and make money?

This could be a book and you have not stated who the target audience for the post is!

Now the other reason I told you to get the big bloggers first is so that you can drop some social proof into the email. This will help your outreach efforts immensely.

I have got Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, and Yaro Starak’s answers, can I add yours to my list?

When other bloggers see these names they will see that you are working hard to make it a success. This is perfect and will help your efforts to get others involved.

Go The Extra Mile And Let Your Experts Shine

You should be chuffed with your progress, now it is time to put it all together. No matter what keyword you are targeting this post is for the experts to showcase their skills and experience. You have to let them shine.

Create a killer headline that encourages people to click through to your post. I do three things to make sure my headline stands out.

  1. Have the main keyword to tell Google and your readers what the post is about,
  2. Share the benefit the reader can expect from reading the post,
  3. Add some power words that make it impossible to say no. Sarah Peterson has done an awesome job compiling a list of power words on SumoMe.

Lastly, I will ask people what they think. You could ask the experts or create a survey in Facebook groups. Your goal is to make sure it kicks butts but you’re not on your own unless you choose to be.

Now to create an intro that captures and hooks your readers in, if you can get them here surely you can keep them through the post. My intros tend to follow a structure but the main thing is to tell the reader what they can expect from your post…

  1. Introduce the problem that the post will cover,
  2. Tell them that your post is going to solve this very problem,
  3. Introduce the experts and away we go…

List your experts with their Name, website, short bio and their answer. Now again we want to let them shine so do not be afraid to head over to their website and grab screenshot examples, you can even create your own examples so you have unique pictures.

You could have a link to their most popular post (you can find this using Buzzsumo). Go the extra mile and your experts will see that you care and that it’s not just about you!

Lastly end the post by thanking all your experts for their time. Give a quick summary and ask your readers the question.

This will keep the communication going in the comments, more engagement for your blog!

Don’t Be Lazy: Promote Your Post Too

I see a lot of people using these posts to get some exposure for themselves but they leave it all up to the experts. Yes you will get a lot of free promotion, but you have also got a lot of free content, you should thank the experts by getting them maximum exposure.

The first thing that is so simple to implement is Click to Tweet buttons. These make it easy for your readers to share the content. You can download this free plugin for WordPress which makes the job a breeze.

If you want though you can head to ClickToTweet.com and set up a basic link, this gives you a link to add to your roundup where it makes sense.

The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

The next thing to do is to create some social media graphics using Canva or any tool of your choice. Showcase one or two experts in these images. Now schedule tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ posts and even Pinterest Pins with these pictures and tag your experts in them.

The next thing I do is schedule an email out to my list, doing the social media stuff first helps to create some shares and sometimes even comments. This is social proof for your own subscribers to see when they get there.

Now there should be a bit of traction, so I will reach out to the experts and let them know it’s live. Make it easy for them to share by including a click to tweet link in the email. You still don’t need to ask them for anything.

Let them decide, most will share anyway because they are featured in the post.

Now before I go I want you to go to your favorite industry publication and find the editor and the most common contributors. Start connecting with these people and make sure the link to your site is easy to find.

If you are using Wisestamp the journalists will see your link in your signature if you email them. If on Twitter they will see your link on your profile. Just be helpful don’t ask them for anything, just mingle. If you play your cards right you could get some major exposure from them!

It’s Over To You

This kind of post can be the most powerful, if you’re not lazy and deliver value to your experts as well as your readers. If you are struggling to get traction or you have a new blog then this type of post is perfect for you.

It might seem like a lot of work but really if you’re not spending time, how can you expect results. Noah Kagen said this in a webinar of his I attended…

The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

This is so true and I think it is something you should keep in mind, not just for roundups but for any post you create!

Have you created an expert roundup post? What were your results like? Let me know in the comments!

Joe Elliott is the founder of One Man Wiki, his blog that shares tips to help you kickstart your blog. If you are a new or struggling blogger his tips will show you how to get traction in no time at all. Take his exclusive free course that will show you how to leverage the power of influencers so you can skyrocket your traffic and subscribers.

About Guest Blogger
This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Roundups are great. But it can only work if you already have a loyal following in your blog or at least have a community of followers. This way, the feature will be worth it. This is also a nice way to connect with experts in your niche which will further improve your knowledge in that particular topic. So it’s practically a win-win for both you and the experts you contact.

    • Take the time to get to know people and you can do a roundup at any point in your career. I have seen these launch people with no connections career!

      You are so right they are a brilliant way to get on a bloggers radar, but don’t just leave it there. Go over and above to help people, and build your relationship!


  2. This is an extremely dynamic post. I think this is the day and age where you must learn a viarety of methods and approaches for building great content and reaching an audience….

    • You are so right, nowadays you have to build different types of content if you want to stand out. Stick with it and you will nail your goals!


      • Excellent Stuff Joe,

        I really loved the compilation. Thanks so much for including my buddies like Ryan, Neil, Adam etc.

        Finding popular content idea and writing in-depth information about it is really the key to generate more buzz online.

        If you are new to blogging, focus on networking more than anything else. Connections are everything online.

        Without networking and killer content, it’s impossible to build a profitable blog.

        Keep rocking.

  3. Hi Joe,

    Excellent tips :)

    You do such a smash up job on outreach because it is a heart-centered activity for you. You reach out to give, to help, to serve, and to have fun. So you magnetize yourself to top bloggers, because they became top bloggers by emitting that same giving energy.

    After speaking to you last night via video for the first time – looking forward to our interview! – I can see why you rock out, outreach. The offline Joe is warm, and all about building genuine friendships, just as the offline Joe is warm and all about building friendships. This quality helps you do all the right things to make friends, to build a massive and loyal network of these buddies and of course, to create these inspired posts which draw in a flood of traffic along with branding gold.

    For the life of me, I’ve no idea why some bloggers neglect to use my name when reaching out. It is a glaring oversight which usually ensures your email winds up in the trash can. I respond in many cases but if the email also shares 3 guest post pitches not fully related to blogging tips – theme of my blog – I trash it. Gotta see bloggers as human beings you genuinely want to befriend; not as nameless tools you just wanna use for gain.

    Thanks for sharing Joe :)


    • Ryan you rock dude!

      Thank you so much for you heart felt comment, you are such an awesome guy! Truly inspiring and helpful, you go over and above every time man!

      I totally agree with your point that by being yourself, helpful and genuine you stand a bigger chance of getting in front of the big bloggers. You are right it is exactly what I have done from day one!

      Always a pleasure hearing from you Ryan, take care dude!


  4. Hi Joe Elliott, I am really look for having it. Nice post. Blog post is too important to every web-based business. Really nice.

  5. Hello Joe,

    Thanks for this detailed and informative post. Sometimes people able to create quality content but did not promote it properly. To increase the visibility of a post, promotion is necessary. Great tips.

    • Hi Vishwajeet.

      Promotion is always a struggle for most but if you give it plenty of time and work really hard your content will get the desired audience you dream of.

      Just remember a small audience that buys from you is better than a bigger audience that doesn’t :)


  6. Hey Joe,

    It’s always good to see you around.

    People really need to understand the concept of creating a blog post which can convert. The first is to seek for a topic for which people are keen to read about.

    I like the example you have given for a fail and the connection you made Jaime. Blog commenting is always been my favorite activity.

    Connecting with others and craft a roundup post is an amazing idea. But make sure only experts are included.

    A killing headline and a mesmerizing intro are what you need to configure at first.

    Don’t forget the 80/20 rule of blogging. 80% efforts are required to promote the content instead of just writing.

    Glad to read this article.


    • Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for stopping by to join me over here!

      Glad you found the post useful, the 80/20 rule is perfect and promotion should always be the 80% part!

      Roundup posts are great because you can ignite the relationship between you and the bigger influencers.

      Thanks for your comment, stay in touch bro!


  7. Hi Joe Elliott, this is really helpful for the new bloggers, i have started a new site and earlier i was targeting low competition keywords but now i will try to publish which are good enough to generate traffic by its own.

    • Hi Mike

      Just remember when I say the post generates traffic you still need to actively promote. How will experts know you have included them?

      When you start a new blog nail your on page SEO and keywords but spend a bigger majority of your time with outreach. This is perfect because that traffic will be your foundation while Google catches up :)


  8. Hey,
    Great tips sir.
    Writing a blog post is really important for growth of your websites.Thanks for sharing amazing tips. Following this steps will transform the standard of your blog post for sure.

    • Hi Jitendra,

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      YEh you need to write quality content to see your website grow. See what your audience are looking for and then go out and put your awesome content in front of them!



  9. I am just coming up with the first expert round-up article.

    Getting a response is probably the hardest bit. As you said, you need to get on the radar of influencers long before you make a request.

    • Muthoni,

      Congrats on jumping in and taking action!

      If you are struggling to get on their notice, think outside the box a bit! See where the person is most active. If you see they answer a lot of posts on FB go there and provide value.

      This will get you in front of them quickly!

      Sometimes with big bloggers, the amount of requests are in the hundreds! So always remember to follow up.


  10. Dear Joe Elliott
    Thanks to problogger and specially thanks to you for sharing an informative article with all.
    This steps are really helpful to grow a website. It’s Amazing

  11. hey joe these tips are very use full i will try these amazing tips thank you so much and keep posting if any other use full tips because your tips always worth it.

  12. Hi joe , such an useful and valuable article. The old school techniques are not that much useful now. you have to promote your content.Because without promotions be cant sell anything.thanks for the nice post.

  13. Reaching out to the big dogs is the hard thing to do and convincing them being a being is probably the hardest thing.
    But as we all say nothing is impossible so no loss in giving it a try.
    All in all was a great article but surely not for beginners.

    • I agree it can get a little confusing Nayab, but the important part is to keep going. Remember that any Professional was once a beginner, that have been exactly where you are now. The only difference between a super successful online earner and the ones not quite so successful…yet…is Time. Your site looks great by the way…!

  14. Brilliant Joe! simply brilliant! I am planning this summer to jump into the “guest roundup” posts, and now I have the perfect step-by-step guide right here… Thanks!

  15. Great strategy Joe, but it looks like a big gamble. It would be a pity to go through so many processes and then be rejected by those to whom I have outreached. If it works, it pays off big time though, so it may just be worth a shot.

    By the way, you have a great surname.

  16. Hey Joe,

    Willing to read your informative post. Headline is always considered as main organ of content and primarly it has potential to engage your audience for few more minutes.

    If you developed content and not promoting then it simply means your have allowed your content to dump in dustbin.

    Now-a-days, it is most important to promote your stuff on several social platform. Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes

    Amar kumar

  17. Hello, Joe!

    Actually, writing could be easy. You can write up one post in a day or two and even on the third day.


    Promoting it is the hardest of the piece. And that’s so essential — the promotion.

    Without promoting, you’re just filling up your blog with the content that no one except the search bots (if you allow to) will only visit.

    So reaching out, making connections and going extra mile will definitely help you aligning up the traffic.

    Indeed the great post! :)

    ~ Adeel

    • Couldn’t agree more Adeel, the exposure part is the real challenge. Among many methods, (as I’m sure you know) I use commenting to drive visitors. The key is to know where to comment by testing both the quality and quantity of a particular sites’ traffic.

  18. Superb post, thanks for sharing. I’m definitely testing the plugin you shared, I’m using a similar plugin for the click to tweet box titled; Tweedis. Allow me to compliment you on a Great targeting strategy, one I am definitely adding to my arsenal.

  19. Great post indeed.However I still have problems to find my niche.I have started recently a blog about self development (setting goals, productivity, time management, etc) written in Portuguese and my problem is how to attract readers since these are subjects a lot of people write about.Whats the best way to do a search? Is it possible or advisable to adapt posts writen in English, mentioning the source, links and the bio of the authors?

  20. Hi Joe Excellent Write up,
    These tips are really very use full i will try these, In order to Grow website Quality Content also matters a lot Giving them what our audience want is the key factor! It is also most important to promote stuff on several social platform. Thanks for sharing and keep posting !!!

  21. I’m really thankful for guys like you, because if you guys (experts) don’t write these tips for the guys like me (newbie blogger), then it could be very tough to learn new things.

  22. Roundup post of influential bloggers great idea on building relationships and promoting a blog.

  23. WhatArmy says: 07/13/2017 at 3:02 pm

    Roundup posts are indeed great for building credibility and authority with your target audience. It’s a win-win scenario, helping your blog get noticed and also providing a whole lot of value to your readers.

  24. Sarath Patro says: 01/08/2018 at 3:06 pm

    Great tips.
    Writing a Guest post is really important for growth of your websites.Thanks for sharing amazing tips.

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