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Technorati Problems Resolved… For Me


Those readers who have been following my Technorati problems posts (here, here and here) might be interested to know that it seems that all of the problems that I’d mentioned have been resolved.

After a fairly longish email discussion I seem to have convinced the ‘powers that be’ that my blogs are worthy of being included in the index and they have begun being indexed again (well all but one have – but who’s complaining?).

Also for the first time I’ve been included in the Top 100 list – something I’d been in as far as my links indicated but something that’d never actually happened in terms of the actual official list.

In the scheme of things lists like this don’t mean much as but it’s nice to have the hard work from the past 18 or so months amount to something.

It also means a little something to me to see something I created listed just under three blogs that I’ve long admired in Jeff Jarvis, Steve Rubel and Blogcritics.

Of course it could all disappear tomorrow as my luck with Technorati goes (hence the screen cap) but for now it looks ok. I also know that there are many other bloggers who seem to have similar problems to what I’ve had (if the comments sections in my previous posts are anything to go by.

All I can recommend is that you politely persist with contacting the Technorati customer service team. From what I can see they are good people who are doing their best to work through a fairly massive task. I can only imagine the numbers of emails they must get each day. Perhaps posting about your issues might also have some impact :-)

On a related ‘top blogger’ type list – it seems a new Top 50 of most influential bloggers was released this past week while I was away.

Not sure how they’re coming up with the figures or what the point of it is but my only suggestion is that they might want to take a look at this post. I also wonder why they don’t link to the blogs on the list. There are a few bloggers on it I don’t know and I’m going to have to go do the Google thing I guess.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. I don’t know how they came up with the list.
    But I have a feeling that used the following:
    -Google Page Rank
    Again thats my guess.

    I think they also have your spelling wrong.
    They have it as Darren Rouse..

    Not a big deal but just an observation.

  2. I don’t know how they came up with the list.
    But I have a feeling that used the following:
    -Google Page Rank
    Again thats my guess.

    I think they also have your spelling wrong.
    They have it as Darren Rouse..

    Not a big deal but just an observation.

  3. Technorati seems to be a service in beta test.

  4. I’m about ready to give up on them personally. Posts are indexed for a month or so – then they are down for months on end.

  5. I’ve given up.

    I stopped putting in the tags until I get indexed again. As of this post, Technorati says that I havn’t updated my blog in 71 days.

    I’m sure the customer service people are swell, and I have nothing against them. I’m just tired of sending polite emails.

  6. Seriously Darren, I think that the Technorati guys really do pay attention to your posts.

    I commented on the original Technorati post – and my problem was fixed in less than 24 hours. This time my problem was solved within hours of commenting on this post.


  7. Hey Darren, many apologies for getting your name wrong on the list. A reader pointed it out to me today, and I’ve yet to change it because I’ve had other things to work on in regards to the blog. I actually thought it was spelled Rowse originally, but then I remembered reading something where you clarified your name and so I went with Rouse. Obviously, it was the other way around, so again, I apologize and will fix it ASAP.

  8. I’m having a different problem myself. They are indexing my blog. They just aren’t giving me credit for links. Over the past week, I’ve had a number of links come in. My ranking still shows “0 links from 0 sites” though. I got one email from their customer support giving a standard answer that links drop off after six months and new links won’t show for up to 24 hours. But right now, every link I have falls in the windows where it should show. Since I just started my blog in December, I don’t have any links that are 6+ months. I also haven’t been linked to in the past 24 hours. Emails I have sent since I got that first one back have not been responded to.

  9. I’ve been having the same problem for months. As of today, Technorati says that my blog was last updated 64 days ago, and in that time, I’ve probably made 100 posts. The number of links reported also varies dramatically over time. Technorati now claims 93; that appears to be low by about an order of magnitude according to other counts.

  10. Congratulations to you Darren. As for me, the problem is still bugging me in all of my blogs. None of them are being indexed properly. While one of my more reputable blog which is the one I put more efforts in SHOULD be within top 100, it isn’t.

    I wonder if this is an attempt to fight spam/splog, or something. But it shouldn’t affect us real bloggers, right?

  11. Seige – I havn’t heard anything official from Technorati on this – but from other sources I’ve heard that the problem is around their measures to keep splogs out of their system. It seems that my blogs might have been misclassified and looking at my experience it takes quite an effort to get them reclassified.

  12. I don’t believe it.. Problems are gone for my blog too! w00t!

  13. Hi Darren, next time, try attending a blogging conference that Dave Sifrey, CEO of Technorati is at.

    I had the same problem with not being updated in Technorati despite having multiple links there. I did multiple emails and phone calls with no result, until I talked to Dave at the Northern Voice blogging conference here in Vancouver. He asked me a few questions, typed a bit on his laptop, and in a few minutes said it was fixed.

    So the moral of the story is if you have a problem, try and find a way talk to the CEO, they more likely to be biased towards action than their subordinates.

  14. I noticed yesterday my posts stopped appearing on Technorati. I don’t recall my blogs numbers, but it was like 312 something and 121 links… all GONE… checked my Technorati account profile and found my main blog has vanished… at least the name “Capital Region People” has… the rest of my info is there, but the blog titled is listed as “Untitled” and when I try to go in the admin panel and change it, the box where one would input the information does not appear.
    AAAAAUUGGH! Always when I post something timely and relevant (about MySpace dangers)! I show up on Google’s blogsearch, but that is not that widely used (I can tell by incoming links) so I have emailed T’rati and gotten back the ‘form’ responses.

    QUESTION::: are we too dependent on Technorati? Are there alternative ways to get our blogs into public areas where they can be found immediately, that is, the same day a timely topic is posted?

  15. […] Well, a lot of people including me were having Technorati problems. But I saw this in my feed yesterday and immediately rushed to check out my site’s Technorati Indexing and was thoroughly surprsied, no stunned is a better word as I saw the “Last Updated 1 Day ago” text which made me faint. Seeing this, I thought, “God! Atlast Technorati problems are over for me and now I can get some good links from Technorati”. […]

  16. OMG! They fixed it, they fixed it! (At least it’s fixed for me as of today.)

    “Last updated one minute ago!”


    I am 100% convinced that it was because that I posted in this thread that something was done. How else did I get Technorati’s attention?

    Thank you Darren and thank you Technorati.

    To Technorati: I’ll start re-using the tags next week. Thanks again. I hope it stays fixed.


  17. Darren,

    I’m glad your indexing problems have been solved.

    I’m looking at each of the commenter’s problems, and sent on to our support folks the issues, so hopefully a bunch of you will start seeing things working again. A few of you have some issues with the HTML of your blogs because you use custom templates that make our spiders go a little nuts and fail, we’re working on that too, but one thing you can do is to go to the W3C HTML validator and try to fix up your blog templates so that you eliminate as many errors as you can.


  18. To David:

    First I’d like to send a hearty thank-you for your help. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I just noticed that Technorati is now indexing my site after a 70 + day embargo.

    I’m one of those bloggers with messy HTML. I’ve used W3C, and it’s not that I don’t want to fix it… I just don’t don’t know how. I use Drupal’s “Goofy” theme because it’s one of the simplest and my understanding of code is very, very limited.

    One of the reasons I don’t have ads on my site yet is because I was concerned that if Technorati thought I was a splogger, then perhaps was also on a “suspicious blogs” list with other search engines.

    If I was on any “suspicious blogs” list, I didn’t know if ads would push me onto the full-fledged blacklist the way Technorati did.

    My fear was probably irrational – but there is much I don’t understand about SEO. (This is why I visit Problogger every day.)

    I am probably representative of many bloggers who are inadvertently running sites that make Technorati-bot wince. Therefore, if there is anything I can do to help Technorati experiment or troubleshoot, have them contact me. (brainshrub a-t gmail d-aw-t com.)

    I would be happy to help their bots learn how to tell the difference between a splog and a legitimate blog so that future writers won’t face the same dilemma I did.

    P.S.: I’ll be upgrading my CMS, and the theme, as soon as Drupal v4.7 gets out of beta. I hope this will make for smoother code and be easier for the spiders to index.

    Do you think such an upgrade will put me back on the Technorati blacklist?

  19. My blog is “W3C and feedvalidator valid”, but for this past month I am suddenly not being spidered/indexed by Technorati; extremely frustrating, I can assure you. I’ve emailed them, but with no results to speak of other than an auto-reply.

    I did have a validation nightmare on my WordPress blog, commented here (with the Technorati problem mentioned in the 4 postings before that).

    Best of luck to all of you in ‘Technorati Limbo’


  20. Back at Bloglines it didn’t work for weeks; now that i move to everything works like charm. I don’t know why it is but nonetheless i finally got an reply from the Technorati-staff:
    Cheers, Alexander.

  21. I am still not getting my posts. indexed at Technorati. Was working great before but it just stopped working 7 days ago for no apparent reason. The name of the blog is

  22. I also had problems with Technorati since I first started using blogger. However, when I recently added Freshtags using to add categories and tags to my posts, this solved my Technorati problem. Now it is updating with every new post.

  23. I am new to blogging but I am too facing content not updated by technorati,Lauri, is freshtag something similar to “ultimate code worrier” ?

  24. I think that Technorati is juvenile and hypocritical. Google does a much better job of indexing and tracking blogs and with Google we do not have to sign-up and claim our blogs (we waste less time). Technorati makes its money from advertising on content generated for free by its members and it requires its members to waste time jumping through hoops. Technorati is just another parasite promoting a community business model in which it takes the fruit of free and grossly underpaid labour, and it discriminates against advertising on blogs while raking in the proceeds of advertising. As far as its editors go (the ones who screen blogs), my 7th-grade English teacher once said, “Who has ever heard of an intelligent editor.”

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