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Rouse or Rowse?

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of February 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Just a quickie. I’ve noticed a bit of confusion over my name of late – particularly with the letter ‘U’ slipping in.

It’s actually Rowse.

Of course to confuse the issue it’s pronounced like you’d say it if you were to spell it Rouse…. like House and Mouse – but it’s Rowse.

Not a biggie – but thought it was worth clarifying.

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  • Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa ;-)


  • I get a lot of Mac vs Mc, with my surname. As I once said to this fellow, “Well, Mr. Hell, it makes a hall of a difference.” 8^

  • hehe, don’t feel too bad…there’s a woman over at who seems to think I’m a she :)

  • Interest aroused – rouse or rowse. Coming from the keyboard of Rose.

  • Ray

    I thought it was spelt Rose….never mind the hott chiCCs ya got ove der make up for sum missin letters.

    Cya Kevin….err I mean Darren

  • I have to check from time to time as my last boss was a Rouse and someone I see occasionally is a Rowse (err, I think…) :)

    You should see the variations on my surname…

  • Quite confusing…….I noticed it in your surname.

  • Yay! I can spell australian now…!


  • You’d think that “Tony Lawrence” would be simple. But I regularly get the feminine version (“Toni”) and the last name attracts “Laurence” and the mouth twisting “Lawerence” and “Lawrerence” quite regularly.

    Phone calls: “Is this Tommy Morris?” Yeah, sure it is – why not?

    So I was pleased to see that Dorian Roused has similar problems. You’ll find him on the net over at PerlBlogger, a “Stick Figure Blogging” site that offers advice and commentary on Confessional Blogging (Dorian is a minister in addition to being a renowned blogger). Dorian is best known for his expertise in monetizing blogs through adversity and defoliation.

    Name mangling is one part ignorance, one part confusion, one part accident, and two parts habit. Mix carelessly, add regional accents and pronounciations for spice, and pour liberally over someone else. Disregard their sputtering protest, slap them heartily upon the back (optional if your target is small and frail) and christen them with your result. They may seem unappreciative, perhaps sullen or even aggressively upset, but you should ignore that: it’s not your job to pay attention to their silly preferences.

  • Hey Darren. I think Yaro pronounced your name Row-s, as in ‘row a boat’ with a hard ‘s’ (not a ‘z’) sound at the end. Now it is permenantly mispronounced in the podcastosphere.

    I just refer to you as Darren and everyone seems to know who I’m writing about. Sorta like saying “Cher”, or “Madonna”, or “Prince”, etc.

    You know you’re famous when everyone knows you by only one name.


  • Well, of course you want it spelled right; it’s difficult to get good search engine rankings if it isn’t always spelled the same way! Hehehe.

  • Exactly, Gary, it’s all Yaro’s fault .. and Darren for not correcting him ;-). I was reading this blog for some time and had unconsciously been using the house/mouse/rouse pronunciation. Then my wife (the one who pointed me at Problogger in the first place) and I listened to the Darren-Yaro podcast and we distinctly heard it pronounced “rose”. I recall think, how silly of me I have been giving it that sort of exotic pronunciation and it’s just plain old rose.

    Hmmm maybe I should start a blog today on how to pronounce names .. or how to spell them.. if I had a dollar for every ‘r’ I have been cheated out of over the years … well, it’d be a hall of a big sum I tell ya.

  • Why not include the name “Rowse” right after the name “Darren” where it says “About Darren”? Then it would read, “About Darren Rowse”.

    Sorry, I’m just a sucker for the ob vee us.

  • Good, I was hoping I wouldn’t spell your name wrong, Dareen. =D


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  • Gary (Blogplex) – yeah I wasn’t sure if Yaro got it right or not or whether it was an accent thing :-)

    I could become ‘Darren’ although I’ve lost the #1 top spot for Darren on Google (I used to have it but ‘Darren Hayes’ the singer took it off me.

    gary – yes I could add my surname there – but I do have it on every post and comment I write and thought it would be enough. I guess one more wouldn’t hurt.

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  • Hey Darren, many apologies for getting your name wrong on the list. A reader pointed it out to me today, and I’ve yet to change it because I’ve had other things to work on in regards to the blog. I actually thought it was spelled Rowse originally, but then I remembered reading something where you clarified your name and so I went with Rouse. Obviously, it was the other way around, so again, I apologize and will fix it ASAP.

  • Toni

    My name is Toni Rouse. i get it spelled Tony Rowse all the time. Or they pronounce it Ruse. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m actually shocked when it’s pronounced right!