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Sponsor My Mo and Give Yourself a Chance to Win a New Blog Theme

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of November 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Mo-Day-5Have you donated in my Movember challenge yet? I’m excited to say that donations are up to $607 and that we’ve had a second premium sponsor join the party (thanks Brian).

Another creative blogger Chris Garrett has already joined in by giving all sponsors a little extra incentive to make a donation.

If you donate even just $1 and let Chris know he’ll put you in the draw to win a Premium Blog Theme for your blog (value $100). So if you’ve already donated or you want a reasonably good chance of winning – you know where to donate!

PS: My Mo is taking shape – I’ll add a slightly larger version of this image which I took today on my Movember page

PS2: and yes – that’s a ProBlogger T-Shirt – anyone interested in buying one?

Update – people have been asking if they can make a donation via PayPal. Movember don’t accept PayPal – but if people want to send donations to me marked ‘Movember’ to my PayPal account. You can do this via the ‘make a donation’ button at the bottom of my right hand sidebar.

Thanks for everyone’s support in this.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • If you manage to grow the trucker beard, I think you should incorporate a photo of yourself with it into your logo on the blog for a week ^_^

  • Now it must be at least $612 :) Would be cool if every reader would donate a litte.

  • I’d like to buy the T-shirt, but I am in China. Is it convenient for me to buy it? ^_^

  • Your shirt needs to say DARREN ROWSE in bold.

  • What Caroline said, but wearing a trucker hat and maybe speaking into a CB radio.

  • @ Darren – the mo is coming on nicely! Hats off for being willing to attempt this – my fiance would hate me for a whole 30 days… :)

    And thanks so much for linking back to Chris’ competition, which I’m sponsoring. This kind of publicity will definitely get my new Premium News WordPress Theme seen by the right people! This is actually an awesome honour being published on THE Problogger… :)

    Good luck with the mo (bro)!

  • How can i get that Tee? :D

  • Joe

    Nice T-shirt, I might be interested in getting one…

  • That’s a pretty great incentive. $1 for a chance to get a $100 theme is an awesome deal. It might even make me (a poor college student) donate.

  • I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now (lurking), and I thought I’d throw out something that has been frustrating for me, and ask for the community’s input.

    I run a blog for artists, been doing it for almost a year now, and I see very little traffic. I think that it might be because my market is too niche (or perhaps not niche enough…artists without being specific as to what kind of artist). Could you perhaps talk about this a little bit?

  • Would be great to get a t-shirt, where can we buy one from?

  • Cool T-Shirt….How much does it cost dude…?

  • Hi Darren Mo (that’s a great nick for you),
    Seems like your Mo’ is growing a bit slow. Can’t wait to see its full blown glory.
    Oh yeah, where to get that t-shirt?
    Wanna send one to Shoemoney for its Free T-shirt Friday?

  • Hehe thats funny, you should stand next to a walk and have your wife snap a photo of you every morning in the same position, then turn that into a flash animation or video later…

  • The t-shirt is a great idea, i am one of the many to agree that this would be a great prize.

  • Darren, can you (or someone) set up a PayPal account to which we can send a donation? It could be pooled and then sent to the organization. There isn’t a PayPal option on the site.


    All success

  • Darren

    My mates and I have a rule about mo’s: you know it’s a good one when it’s bushy enough to see from behind.


  • What is it about T-shirts that makes everybody want to collect them? Looks like a lot of interest so you better set up a merchandise page on your blog. If you do, please include hats as I love and collect them.

  • T-shirts – they’ll be available in the coming weeks. Just looking at different color options – stay tuned.

    Paypal – if people want to PayPal me money they can send it to the paypal id of

    darren AT problogger DOT net

    Just mark it ‘Movember’ in the comments and I’ll forward it onto Movember.

  • Love the shirt. Um… don’t take this the wrong way but I think the mow might give you a “chopper” look.

  • Hi, Darren,

    Tried to chip in via PayPal but I got this error message:

    “We were unable to decrypt the certificate id.”

  • What a very MySpace picture :)

  • Costa – try paypalling darren AT problogger DOT net

    not sure what’s up with the button – seeing the same error.

  • Eli

    My beard is still just fuzz :)

    How much for the ProBlogger t-shirts?

  • Pls tell me this is a joke – movember, some jokes don’t translate across the pond!

  • For the men!

    Donated. :)

  • It’s getting there…

    Have you decided what kind of stache your growing?

  • Eli – still got to decide the price.
    Mark – no joke – we’re raising money for serious issues.
    Jason – I ran a poll a few days back and readers voted that I should grow a ‘trucker’ mo….

  • Trucker mo… Very nice indeed. Eloquent actually.