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Speedlinking – 14 March 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of March 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

A Guide to Freelancing

North x East has a great article up that is a Comprehensive Guide to Starting your Freelancing Career. It covers everything from branding, to where to find work, advice on quoting prices and invoicing (and more).

More and more bloggers are using their blogging as a launching pad for a freelancing career in writing – I’m sure this will be helpful for those just starting out.

Why Commenting is a Good Practice

Chris Garrett has also put together a good post today and gives 10 reasons why commenting on other people’s blogs is good for you. The benefits of being a regular contributer to other’s blogs in their comment section go beyond that they might click on your name and discover your blog.

I personally find that many of my best ideas come to me during a comment on someone else’s blog which then turns into a post on my own.

Blogging Toolkit

Ian from Ian’s Messy Desk has put together his Blogging Toolkit? having bounced off my question about the blog tools you use. While I don’t have the time to do a fully fledged group writing project this week if it’s a topic that is appropriate for your blog feel free to write up a post and leave a link in the comments of my previous post so the rest of us can check out what you use and why.

The list of tools people are submitting is turning out to be a great conversation already and I’ll be sending quite a few people to it in the coming month – thanks everyone!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Thanks for sharing these Darren.. I found the “Guide to Freelancing” very comprehensive and useful. It was a really good find for a freelance graphic designer like me.

    Perhaps you can make a post about blogging toolbox from the comments left there.

  • Great insight Darren.

    When I leave a comment, many times it’s because I see a unique perspective to add to the conversation. That new twist on the subject sometimes becomes the seed for a great post idea.

  • About your 2nd link, one has to make sure that commenting is not being done simply to attract new people to your own site by exposing your link to other sites. Commenting on new sites while forgetting all the previous ones is in my view selfish. Commenting on new sites while keeping the previous ones in mind is better.

  • What a great question concerning your blogging toolkit. I happened to just put together a list (not having noticed your question) of my toolkit which consists of 20 essential web-based toolkits – No Installation Required.

    I’m sure you’ll see many of these mentioned in the answer to your toolkit question.

  • Thank you Darren for the great links. I also found the ‘commenting reasons’ link very useful and interesting.

    Interesting to see how you have changed the format of your ‘speed linking’ post. Are you experimenting something, or is it just a one off thing?

  • Thanks for the link up Darren. Sadly that article was a little too popular and shortly after making it to’ popular list my dreamhost account decided that serving so many people really wasn’t its kind of thing :-(

    Alas the price of popularity! Never mind tomorrow I shall be switching to a pricier but hopefully more stable server.

    In any case it all started here at this post as far as i can tell, so thanks!

  • I like this more detailed version of ‘Speedlinking’. It’s a lot easier to know if I’m interested in the articles or not. :)


  • Kumiko – thought I’d try something different today with it – hopefully it’s a more useful speedlinking. Not sure I’ll do it every day but so far it seems to be working out.

    Collis – sorry to hear that. Get a nice beefy hosting service if you’re going to put out quality posts like that one!

  • Yes indeed, will do :-)

    Oh and I second Kumiko’s comment, new more detailed version of Speed Linking is much nicer!

  • Yes, I agree, commenting on other people’s blogs is a good idea. People should do it more. Yes, definitely, I will recommend this practice to my friends too :)

  • I agree, commenting other blogs gives inspiration for future posts on my blog

  • I think commenting is a wonderful way to:

    – contribute to the conversation with affirmation and additional info
    – stimulate the debate with new ideas
    – show your support for the blog/blogger in question
    – get a link back to your own site

    However, I wish we could get some sort of “feedback machine” that would send an electric current back to shock the snot out of blog spammers: Those whose contribution in comments is nothing relevant or contextual (“Great post!”)…which is functionally nothing more than a lazy way to get a link. If you can’t contribute more than that, please just keep your thoughts to yourself.


  • Yeah, I have been terrible at commenting. I started to do it more often and I was surprised how helpful it is to get “involved”. You get a few people who follow the link back to your own site as well which is always nice, but the real value is that is helps to develop the community as a whole. It pays off in spades if you take the time to leave a well thought out, meaningful comment.

  • Mert

    Am i the only one in this planet who can not open the below link mentioned on Darren’s post ?

    It seems to me that it is broken.

    I will appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!

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  • Jen

    Mert, the link works fine for me… Do keep trying it, in case it’s just a traffic block somewhere between you and it on the ‘net, because it’s an excellent post — long, but well worth the time to read (twice!).

  • Jen

    p.s. There’s a full feed at — if anyone else is having Mert’s trouble in getting the link, maybe you can read the article there.

  • Thanks a lot Jen! It works now! I appreciate your help..

  • The detailed descriptions of the posts are great for deciding whether I want to read them or not, as Kumiko said. I second that opinion.

  • I actually love commenting on other people’s blogs. It is really fun, and I agree that it helps you really condense your thoughts, and I get a lot of my own value in the creative process by reading and participating in other people’s blogs!

  • I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on or slashdot.