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  1. What a cool start to the day watching this video.
    This has got to be one of the most viral funny videos
    I’ve seen in a while.

    Funny but truthful as I know a few parents who are having
    serious disciplinary and behavioral problems with their
    kid’s fixation and dependency with chat rooms and their
    ‘online friends’.

    Being a ‘Net Nut’ myself I confess to spending more time
    socializing with my ‘real friends’ online than in the flesh.

    Good excuse for not paying for a restaurant meal or night out.

    Hee hee..

    Don’t call me tight, just economical!

  2. Classic video!

    Just adds fuel to the fire of blogging evangelists who are convinced that My Space is the death knell of blogging.

    For a second I thought that Yaro was the presenter!!

  3. Social Networking Video: ProBlogger Blog Tips

    The Daily Show nails MySpace courtesy of ProBlogger.

  4. […] Found via Problogger.net  […]

  5. Hehe – I saw that a while back and even grabbed a screenshot of the Candy graph:


  6. In all seriousness, MySpace marketing is very viral.

    The only problem, however, is getting tapped into the zeigeist of the prevailing fad and trends of the MySpacers.

    Not an easy task trying to pull traffic from MySpace because your niche should be one that caters to the ADD crowd of 20 somethings and teenie boppers.

  7. […] Problogger. Ajouter sur del.icio.us – Scoop it! – Fuzz it! – Tape Moi! – AllActuer ceci! avril 13th, 2006 @ 09:40 PM • Filed under RéseauxSociaux […]

  8. That was good!

    The thing with MySpace is that it reflects completely and widely the kind of “freedom” in interaction and appearance that today’s kids seem to look for.


    And it’s a good Niche to exploit too… :)

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