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Smart Article Marketing For Fast AND Long Term Blog Traffic

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of February 2009 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

I’m regularly asked by readers whether they should use Article Marketing as a way to build their blogs traffic. My answer is always the same – ‘I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard that others have had some success with article marketing.’ So today when Andrew Hansen offered to write this guest post of his experience of article marketing I thought it’d make an interesting read.

Article marketing for traffic is by no means a new concept, but as old as it is there are still great misconceptions about the best way to use it as a tool in creating new targetted visitors to your blog.

I was inspired to make this post after I recently checked the traffic stats for an old niche blog that I hadn’t worked on for a number of months.

It was a blog that we launched almost solely on the back of article submissions and article traffic and now despite server changes, half the site getting lost, total reindexing and other drama, the traffic to this site from the search engines continues to flow, see below diagram:


And primarily from the search engines…


Not an enormous amount, but for a site that hasn’t been touched in months and survived all the mentioned havoc, it’s not bad.

The big benefit of article marketing is that it allows you to generate both quick traffic and traffic that lasts when done properly. Furthermore it allows you to generate traffic in 3 separate ways that I’ll illustrate in this post.

Before we begin, let me clarify that by article marketing, I mean the submission of articles to directories, blogs and websites in order to gain exposure to your website through your author biography links.

Article Marketing Traffic Generation Part 1:

Just by submitting your article to a directory, you give it the potential to be found by other people interested in your topic, who are searching through that directory.

It’s not a lot of traffic but it’s fast and it’s relatively targetted.

When we started this site we went on a steady article marketing campaign, submitting a few articles each day to some of the big article directories like ezinearticles.com.

I couldn’t get a screenshot for you, but in the first month or two of this site, ezinearticles.com was the number one source of traffic to the blog (where Google now is in the second shot above) pushing more than a thousand visitors a month to the blog, just from that single directory.

That’s one of the fast traffic elements. Again it’s not enormous traffic but is is fast and targetted. Just having your articles in the directories can bring you traffic. The point to note though is that this is not the MAIN source of traffic that article submissions can bring…

Article Marketing Traffic Part 2:

This next kind of traffic is the one that a lot of new blog and online marketers got stuck focusing solely on and that’s “bum marketing” – just another word for submitting an article to a popular directory and trying to have it rank for a long tail keyword.

Because article directories like ezinearticles.com are old, strong, authoritative domain names, the content you place on them can outrank content optimized for similar terms that you put up on your own (new) website. So when you submit an article that is keyword optimized for some long tail keyword, that article on the directory can get quickly ranked in the search engines, and the author link can be followed to your website.

But this traffic is also only temporary. For more reasons than there are time to list, these pages tend to rank well quickly but drop off quickly too, meaning you see an increase in traffic from the search engines, but it doesn’t last if that’s your only strategy.

This happened with the site above too. In the next couple of months we started to see our search traffic creep up to the same level of traffic the article directories were bringing in.

Most article marketers will stop there and wonder why their traffic dries up within a month or two. That’s part 2 of getting quick traffic from your article submissions but the 3rd and most important part is yet to come.

Article Marketing Traffic Part 3:

This is what ensured that I locked in traffic from Google, used article marketing to create an authoritative blog and claim traffic that won’t dry up even if I want it to.

From the beginning, with each article we submitted to a directory, we left two links in the author biography. One link was to a post of content on my blog that was related to the article but contained more detail than the article. So I submit an on “exercise balls for fitness” and put a link in the author bio to a post on my site at the URL: http://myblog.com/exercise-ball-workout-tips with the anchor text “exercise ball workout” or some keyword that I want to rank for with that post.

The other link in the author biography always went to my blog home page but with a different keyword as the anchor text with every submission. We followed the same submission frequency and guidelines for about 4 months and you can imagine what happened.

Our search engine traffic didn’t dry up, but continued to increase. The only thing to note is that it didn’t increase from the articles at ezinearticles.com that were getting found in the search engines, it increased from our own blog posts getting found in the search engines, in many cases outranking the ezinearticle.com submission we made on the very same keyword!

From there it took off. The extra search engine exposure caused other bloggers to find us and link to us, all that incoming link value made our domain more authoritative so that all the new content we added was getting indexed and ranked at light speed and pretty soon our traffic had tripled.

Another thing to note is that with enough work, our own site now became the big authoritative, strong domain. We didn’t need to submit as many articles to the article directories anymore because it could rank just as well being up on our site.

It’s these factors that ensured that we still see traffic despite all the drama that happened with this site and that keeps that traffic flowing today.

I hope this gives you an insight into the power of this kind of “triple whammy” article marketing and that it’ll inspire you to start an article marketing campaign of your own.

Andrew Hansen has helped thousands of bloggers and aspiring online business owners to discover profitable niche markets, drive quality traffic to their blogs, and turn their traffic streams into cash through his blog at AndrewHansen.name, and his blogging and traffic generation software Firepow. Subscribe to receive updates and learn more about how Andrew can help you make more money online.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Nice article andrew and it’s give me more information about the power of article marketing. For me, article marketing increase my blog traffic and my blog SERP in google SE.

  2. I never realized that the words you linked your URL to, mattered. What a great tip! Thanks!

  3. ATM, I’m exploring other forms of marketing, since I feel articles are great…but giving away other kinds of information (screen savers, desktops, pod casts, etc) and marketing those things could be good too.

  4. Thanks Andrew. You’re right that most marketers won’t keep at it long enough to get that final longer lasting benefit from the search engines.

    I also appreciate the tip about varying the anchor text to your home page with one link and using the second link to take the reader to something more specifically related to the article itself. Good stuff!


  5. Thanks for the good stuff on your blog. We are reading it for a class I am taking.

    Very helpful!

  6. The third point is interesting. I agree that the cumulative effect over a period of time would be massive after consistent article submissions, but wouldn’t the value of the link be diluted because it will, in all likelihood, be off theme?

  7. Andrew,
    This is a very interesting post. I completely agree with all the points that you have mentioned, and have been trying the same things myself as well. I submit links of my articles to social bookmarking sites, and also market articles to a few articles directory. That ensures that I keep on getting regular traffic from search engines, even when traffic from social bookmarking sites has died down.


  8. I have a blog writing up the current economic crisis.

    I feel Problogger and all its guest posts is sort of politely seedy.

  9. Good points on article marketing. I think the “top ten” lists have been done to death really. With some of our clients, though, very specialised articles (say on specific legal issues written by solicitors and posted on legal article websites) can be quite effective ways to generate backlinks for their sites as well as create authority on certain practice areas for potential clients. We utilise articles on our company blog and on sites like Articles Base as well.

  10. Thanks a Lot Andrew and Darren for bringing this article out in front of thousands of wannabe and experienced article marketers.

    I really enjoyed and learned a very interesting lesson from your third article marketing strategy.

    Linking to our main page plus the direct affiliate page would be a great idea to boost the page rank of our site.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful share.

  11. I’m trying to follow all the steps in your article. So far, not much has happened, but maybe it takes some time. I’m not very computer literate so I hope I didn’t mess anything up.

    Feel free to check out my site…it’s a blog about dating, sports, and pop culture. thanks,




  12. Great post, gives me incentive to ramp up my article marketing.

  13. Perfect article… I’m still fairly new to blogging and have finally built up a decent article base to start marketing it. Your tips will definitely be used.

    Thanks, Michael

  14. Article marketing is one of the best ways today to get backlinks and targeted traffic to any website or blog.

  15. Andrew

    Thanks for the article marketing tips.
    I’ve just been optimising my Word Press sites following the tips on your video series on youtube. They are the most comrehensive yet easy to implement tips that I’ve seen


  16. Thanks, Andrew for an inspiring piece, but I wonder why people still don’t mention article spinning when talking about article marketing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get good results when submitting just one article to hundreds of article directories. To get the best results from article marketing, it’s advisable to spin and submit one or more seed articles to hundreds of article directories with different backlinks to several pages of your sites/blog.

  17. Great info about articles here. I often found that “drop-off” and was wondering how to combat that.

    Having the blog as your centerpiece for SEO, and incorporating articles that link back to your blog is a great way to max out a piece of content.


  18. Question: What if, due to inexperience, you submitted a bunch of articles to ezinearticles which were exact copies of the ones on your site and now you think your site is being filtered out for those search terms as being duplicate pages of the ezinearticles posts. Should you delete all of your ezinearticle posts, or try to rewrite them or just leave them as is?

  19. Andrew,

    Great article. I think your emphasis is that consistent article submissions need to be done for at least four months plus the 2 links with anchor text. Perhaps people stop after 6 weeks because of noticing the initial listings in search engines fading out as others use similar keywords for article directory articles so your own articles get displaced.


  20. Thanks for information on this article, i learn a lot from it. This really great help especially in article marketing.

    Dux Marketing

  21. Great post, I will really use these tips what I need them. Thank you.

  22. Thank for this post! This information was invaluable to my success. I also figured out a couple of tricks to Become a Top 10 EzineArticles Author in less than one week. I made a free video lesson to share how I did it. My way of giving back to the community.


  23. Great tips to follow. Marketing a brand or web site on the web can be difficult.

    web marketing

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