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Six Simple Steps to Optimize your Blog’s Video Content on YouTube

Posted By Guest Blogger 19th of June 2014 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Image va Flickr user jonsson.

This is a guest contribution from Praveenkumar Mavi, of Just2clik Blog

YouTube is a widely-used search engine for videos its value shouldn’t be underestimated. There are millions of videos daily uploaded onto YouTube, so it is very important to optimize your videos at their top level to get more hits and even front page ranking. To do this, we need to keep in mind a few important points:

1. The first and most important thing is keyword setup. This, of course, depends on your video content. Let us assume 3-4 titles for your video and start searching on Google. If you find videos in the search results of your title, then go for one of the other titles until you’ve found no other (or nearly no other) videos with the same name. Then assign this title to your video.

2. The second step is to describe your video. Your video description should contain your video title, this helps to show in bold on search results. You should also be very clear in your description and try to include as much information as you can without turning it into a long-winded and confusing blurb. Attracting description results in more hits for your video.

3. Tags are the third step – assigning tags to your video is as simple as copy and paste. For example if your video title is ‘Simple steps to optimize your Facebook fan page’ then your tags should be Facebook, simple steps, optimization, Fan page, etc.

4. Upload high definition videos if you can. Don’t go for standard definition videos, because YouTube wants to provide best possible experience for end users, and will prioritize those in HD. This really plays an important role in ranking your videos.

5. The most killer tip for optimizing your video content is to generate a transcription for your video. Include subtitles for your video. Create a 300-400 word description in the transcription, and more importantly add your website URL at the top/bottom of your description. This will help the end user to understand what your video content is about.

6. Finally, promote your video by sending emails with a link to your video and to your channel subscription. Try to respond to comments.

Praveenkumar is the Founder and editor of Just2clik Blog, In this blog you’ll find a very simple yet more effective tutorials about blogging, Computers and Mobiles. You can find him on FacebookTwitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Jeez, have probloggers standards dropped a bit? This is just rehashing the same old stuff

  2. Awesome, thanks very much for this information! I have recently stepped up my video marketing so these tips will come in handy no doubt! Thanks again.

  3. Good post. I’ve not been using youtube. Certainly keep above tips in mind when I start on youtube.

  4. Wonderful post, I have been working on creating videos on my blog as it is very important for every blog to have a quality youtube channel which promotes your blog. :)

  5. Christine says: 06/19/2014 at 3:40 pm

    Responding to comments does pay off. It keeps the interaction between the interested client and company, which is very important.

  6. Hi,

    Video submission in youtube is very effective method to promote your product and your information. Today every user use youtube for learning and entertainment. I do agree with your six step and i will follow your all guideline.

    Vintage Maya

  7. Optimizing youtube video content is very tough. I think it is as tough as optimizing site on Google.

  8. Very good article. I’m just starting out with YouTube and that “checklist” ist very helpful. Thanks Pavvi.

  9. Smart tips! Keywords are a biggie; work them in to target video traffic. Thanks!

  10. This is some great info. We have just set up our YouTube channel and we have been looking for ways to get the most of it. Do you promote your YouTube with your social channels?

  11. Youtube is the second best search engine.. As we all know google is the first. The annotations in the video will gives a link to the blog or website page. That is with a high PR rank.

  12. Adding description and tags to the video are very important. Please don’t forget to add them. And you can share the Youtube video on Social Media Channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc as well.

  13. I missed point no 4 and 5 i never upload video in HD format and never use translation on my video. This seems good advise to make video marketing succeed.

  14. It’s true that YouTube has been the widely used video-sharing platform online, and it’s been very helpful in terms of business promotion.

    So as for this fact, it’s just reasonable for you, as a business, to optimize your videos in order to get more hits and or even front page ranking. These tips shared above would be helpful for you, and I must agree that they are valuable to be followed to optimize your video content on YouTube.

    As what is said above, the first thing that you should do is to set the keyword setup, which is the most important thing to give attention to. Describe your video, assign tags and include transcription, which can really be useful for viewers to understand your video well.

    You should also consider high definition videos to provide viewers the best possible resolution for better watching.

    Thanks for the shared knowledge! :) I’ve indeed had a good read.


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

  15. Great article! Youtube is a most important search engine.

  16. Very simple and smart tips to promote video content on YouTube. Video content can be very useful for audience but creating a quality video content is not so easy.

  17. Excellent points! One other tip iI discovered and learned from a YouTube pro is to take the time and add the captions. This serves to put text with each spoken, and thus helps YT index and catalog more clearly with the keywords in your captions.

    I is working amazing for me!!!!

  18. Al Garcia says: 08/10/2014 at 10:42 am

    Good Tips! Question: What devises produce the best videos for YouTube use?

  19. Wow i’m really surprised to see such inadequate advice on a website like this.

    Tags alone is a huge piece of optimization work and the advice given here is not only simplistic but actually incorrect. I wrote an indepth guide on tags which was over 1500 words long – http://www.faqtube.tv/youtube-tags/ and here it is covered in just 44 words.

    I think i need to contribute to pro-blogger because YouTube is such a complicated beast that the audience here deserve better.

    apologies to the author if you take offence to this

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