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  1. If you like Shoutwire you should check out TailRank….

    Shoutwire is basically just a Digg clone. Maybe digg with a few more subtle features but there doesn’t seem like much vision here (but I’m biased). If it’s just a feature race I’m sure digg will just add them.

    Also.. rumor has it that Shoutwire is owned by the guys that did torrentspy (which is a Bittorrent warez site) …. there are certainly some ethical issues here.

  2. Nice link Kevin, but the design in TailRank is pretty much awful, i find it very hard to navigate there, although i beilive it is as good as ShoutWire.

    I signed up with ShoutWire, it’s nice, smooth, and useful…i just hope more and more people will join.


  3. Hey A. H.

    We’re working on the design. I’ve heard this from some other people too so I want it fixed ASAP.



  4. Anonymous says: 10/10/2006 at 2:46 am

    It’s been almost a year and the tailrank layout still blows. Shoutwire is still the best.

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