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SEO for Product Reviews

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of March 2006 Search Engine Optimization 10

Graywolf is writing a useful series of posts on the topic of SEO for Product Reviews:

‘About 18 to 24 months ago Google started giving pages with “keyword review” or “keyword reviews” favorable rankings in it’s algorthym for “keyword” searches. It’s hard to say whether they are devaluing on page factors like “add to cart”, “buy now” or “purchase now” in text, alt text, or image names, or if Google is giving a higher score to pages with more unique content, which consumer reviews would be. While I haven’t tested extensively to isolate the two factors, I can say I get better results on websites with reviews than websites without….’

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  1. I think it’s “Graywolf”, Darren. ;)

    I don’t usually do that, but since it’s a name, I had to point it out.


  2. This is absolutely nothing new in many spaces and it has been long established in very competitive online travel vertical. Try searching for “(US City) hotel reivews” and try to find a page that doesn’t have tripadvisor.com on SERPs.

  3. Gaining More Blog Readers Using 10 Helpful Weblog Tips

    So I know I haven’t posted recently as I have been busy with the site’s new design and quite frankly,…

  4. Writing Reviews

  5. So now we’ll see 4 bazillion posts tagged “Review”..

  6. Hey Darren

    Thanks for giving the one thing i was searching,

  7. I have a website which does food reviews (healthy foods), and I must say that I am on the first page for searches for the product name (and I’ve reviewed quite a lot). In many instances I am at least number 2 with the actual product being number 1 – and that’s without doing much SEO. I think when it comes to usine actual product name – there’s not that much competition – only the actual product, the reviews and a few other news article. Maybe that’s why review sites do well – especially if you find a niche.

  8. It could be that the reviews that rank high on the ‘keyword review’ are the ones with real unique content and they are the ones with more inbound links. Just my guess… I mean if you can get a whole bunch of high-profile links… it sometimes doesn’t matter whether you have any content at all. Search ‘badger’ and badgerbadgerbadger.com always sits at the top.

  9. What a load of rubbish… putting “review/s” in your title tag doesn’t help anything… now we’ll see review spam everywhere. Great!

  10. well this is good news for my review site and my review plugin.
    I have noticed that I am no.1 in google for some new cds which I have been following.

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