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SEO Contest – Win $4000 and an iPod

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of January 2006 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

If you want to test your search engine optimization skills and you want the challenge of a $4000 reward (plus an ipod) you might like to check out the v7ndotcom SEO contest that Search Engine Journal is talking about today. Looks like some fun and a good way to learn some SEO and test what you already know.

And if you win I’ll only take 10% commission for telling you about it ;-)

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  • If I win I’m donating 100% to charity St Jude’s Children center for children with cancer

  • In Spain, last week started a similar contest organized by It consist in positioning the word microsano in the first position of

    I like your blog very much!! You have some readers in Spain, yesterday we notice that chitika minimalls that are in your blog appeared in spanish.

  • It looks as if this could be fine. I think I’m going to enter!

  • Say you’re playin Darren. Oh I forgot, you make that kind of money each day :)

  • #2: The contest was not organized by Google.dirson. It was organized by :)

  • Sounds interesting. I would like to join. Please let me know in details.

  • It’s been less than 48 hours and I’m liking this concept less and less the more I think of it. It might seem like fun but it could be the beginning of a new scourge which none of us wants. Anybody like actually receiving spam?

    On my own entry page on Squidoo I’ve listed many of the points I think are bad about SEO competitions in general – and this one specifically.

    I haven’t decided yet but I might pull the page completely before we ever get to May 15 (not that it’s actually in danger of winning)

  • May 13.

    Competition hace more than one prices and more than one category. Not only “Google”, better traffic rank under 20.000 first world wide sites at alexa dot com, most links on technorati, and some more… Yo can see it at, but its in spanish. :P

  • I was curious what the lens was all about… I’ll have to look more deeply into this.

  • wow, that is certainly a LOT of money! I’ll just sit on the side lines and watch it go :D

  • Why watch, just put up a dang page and link it to me or something :p

  • Very nice blog I wish you the best of luck in this seo contest.
    At this point in time March 12th 2006 you can find my seo contest site at position 52 in this contest.
    All though this v7ndotcom elursrebmem seo contest is starting to look like a back link race if
    you run a back link check on the front runners in this seo contest you will see what I mean.