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Seduction Blogging

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of December 2004 Case Studies 0 Comments

Well it seems that one of the emerging focuses for blogging is ‘Seduction blogging’. Yep you heard it – blogs with seduction and dating tips. Check out the Seduction Lair’s reflections on Starting Your Own Seduction Blog:

‘Seduction blogging seems to be a growing trend online these days, which I’m more than happy to be a part of. One of the great things about blogging on this topic is that it really does help you keep focused on improving yourself, and it also opens a forum for constructive feedback by the internet audience. I know that my game has improved a great deal because of my association with this site. In just one year, I’ve racked up almost 700 individual posts all about dating and seduction related stuff.’

So far it doesn’t seem to have an income stream so I wouldn’t clasify it as a problogger blog – but it wouldn’t take much to take it in that direction. I can think of a few ways they could monetize this one!

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  • “I can think of a few ways they could monetize this one!”

    I’m all ears, baby! Send me an email with your thoughts. =)


  • Anonymous

    This is a great page. And the contents are really that worth reading. I will add this to my own library

  • Yeah I love it. Alot of good content here.

  • I’ve had mine up for about half a year. Slowly building up a reader base on a very niche market (Asian men) that’s already a niche base (seduction minded men). It’s been interesting.

    The Asian Playboy Blog – Seducing Women to the Asian Side

  • It’s funny, this was posted about a year and a half ago. Seduction is much more lucrative now, than ever before. The concern is overflooding the market, and presenting quality information to your readers.

  • Hey Darren,

    Just come accross your post!

    You’re absolutely right – pick-up (artist) and seduction blogs are definitely on the rise

    I’ve just created a new blog about Mystery and the Mystery Method – it will cover all aspects of the MM: including negs, the M3 model, social proof, canned material, 3-second rule, false time constraints, etc.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Thundercat has done a great job developing the most visited seduction blog in the community. He not only made it a source of good information but also entertainment as the “National Enquirer” of the Seduction Community, with all the latest gossip. It’s too bad that he doesn’t post there much anymore.

    I started a new blog for mysite at . Feel free to comment on anything there.


  • I’ve had a constant struggle with the focus of my blog and I’ve finally settled on dating tips and personal development. Every now and then I write for female readers and so I stay away from the label of seduction blogging. Although you will find most of what I’m writing about is for men.

    A strange thing happened on a South African seduction forum. The owners wanted me to remove my blog URL from my signature because people on the forum were clicking through to my blog. How childish can you get?

  • I started a seduction blog myself and so far so good. I’ll have to keep reading your blog to learn how to better monetize it though.

    Check is out at:

  • Much more lucrative and much more applicable than ever before. A movement that will continue to become more effecient and effective. It goes to show nothing is impossible.