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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs – Internal Links and Frequent Posting

A few SEO tips for bloggers:

  • Interlink your Site – The way Search Engines index your blog is to send little robot crawlers to your site to track what you’ve written and follow the links. Make it easier for them to get around your blog by using internal linking wisely. Most SEO experts recommend that you provide some sort of Site Map that means every page on your blog is just a link or two away from every other one. One way to do this for bloggers is to make sure that your category pages are in your sidebars as I do in this blog. Also make sure every page links back to your main page and any other important pages on your site. If you’re writing on a topic you’ve previously written about consider linking to what you’ve written before or use a ‘other relevant posts’ feature at the base of your article. You’ll see in my menus at the top of the page a number of my key categories and articles. One of the impacts of having them highlighted in this way is that they have become some of the most highly ranked pages on ProBlogger simply because they are linked to from every page of this blog.
  • Update regularly – The more you update your blog the more often Search Engines will send their crawlers to your site to index it. This will mean your new articles could appear in the index within days or even hours rather than weeks. This is a natural benefit of blogging – make the most of it!

This post is part of the Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs Series

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Interlinking was necessary before Google Sitemaps. Now popular blogging softwares like MT and WordPress have plugins that deliver full sitemaps to Google for indexing. But updating regularly does help in any case.

  • interlinking is good for your visitors too. If a searchengine needs 4 steps it is not that bad (for me, but for the searchengine it is) but my customers should reach as much pages as possible with only 2 clicks.

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  • Interlinking also helps you establish your expertise by echoing yourself. You can blog on the same topic as before but with new information or a twist, linking to previous posts. Repetition is an important aspect of any message, but we as bloggers get tired of blogging on the same topics, sometimes. Tooting your own horn and validating past posts for current or new readers is a worthwhile exercise. Oh, yeah, and it helps with SEO like Darren says. : )

  • Hi

    The reason to interlink is not just to help search engines get around it is also because some search engine treat interlinking as a sign of relevancy i.e. pages with similar content, admittedly in your own blog, are linking to the page in question.

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  • Even more good advice


  • Internlinking is not only good for ensuring google bots can crawl your website easily but they also increase pageviews and in turn decrease your bounce rate :)

  • Hi anyone! im new in the blog stuff, so i had this big doubt… how i make people find my blog? how the traffic in my blog start? its this like voice to voice the only way?


  • Thanks for the points. Is there a critical rate at which updating your blog too regularly can actually be counter-productive?

  • Great advice, really liking reading these blogs