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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs – Duplicate Content, Pinging and MyYahoo

We’re almost there in the Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs Series (this is the second last post). Here’s some more SEO factors to keep in mind.

  • Avoid Duplicate content – Google warns publishers in its guidelines about having the same content on multiple pages. This goes for both multiple pages that you own but also pages that others own. This is because a tactic of spammers is often to reproduce content on many pages and/or to steel content from other sites. There is some debate over what duplicate content does and doesn’t include (for instance many bloggers use ‘free articles’ as content on their blogs – these articles often appear on hundreds and even thousands of other sites around the web and to me could be seen as duplicate content) – my advice is to be very careful about how many places your content appears.
  • Ping – services like Pingomatic (there are numerous others too) will ping a variety of websites for you to notify them that you’ve updated. In doing so you’ll also be letting search engines know that you’ve updated which will trigger their robots to come visit your blog.
  • Submit your RSS to MyYahoo – submitting your RSS feed to MyYahoo seems to help with getting indexed on Yahoo. Read more about this at Getting Yahoo Traffic for your Blog. Some also think that doing the same thing to Google’s Personalised pages could have a similar impact.
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Add to My Yahoo! definitely gets their attention. It’s like a blogger account.

  2. And the same could be said about the new Google personalized home page with RSS content.

  3. I think they are excerpts – they’re small snippets.

    Duplicate content is duplicating a whole page as far as I can see.

  4. the reason i do two pages is this.

    i have one page for each camera – but as I find new reviews I add them both to it but also create a new page to let my regular readers know of the new review. If I just updated the old page no one would ever know of the new review.

  5. WeblogsInc uses the very same content on their various blogs and still they are not penalized by google.

  6. WeblogsInc uses the very same content on their various blogs and still they are not penalized by google.

    Jason is set to break the million dollar mark in AdSense earnings this year…consider that is only a percentage of the revenue Google takes in from the actual AdWords campaign…do you really think Google would penalize them for dup content?

  7. […] All I do know is that there is now another issue I will need to be on the lookout for beyond comment spam and splogs. I do know Google is not thrilled with duplicate content. And to be honest, Profile Sarasota and Manatee was not very sophisticated with their theft of information. What would happen if they had just used a scraper and taken the data? Then Google would have dinged me, and odds are I would never have known. […]

  8. […] The technique I’m referring to is re-writing your own content for different niches. I’m not talking about republishing, as there’s always the debate about whether the search engines have a duplicate content penalty or not. What I’m talking about is doing one session of research and leveraging that into more than one article. […]

  9. Thanks, I ll try the last idea I ve not yet done this :)

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