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Script Video Marketing Success with the Right Content

Posted By Guest Blogger 14th of July 2014 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.39.53 pmThis is a guest contribution from Amy Brown of Wordprax.com.

Videos don’t have a magic wand, as believed by certain marketeers (both amateurs and seasoned ones). 

Threading video marketing success is hard work, and requires a fair bit of creativity. While it’s true that video content can enhance engagement at a much greater rate than its more static counterparts, if quality  is being compromised, your video marketing endeavor isn’t going to get as far as it could. And the reason is simple enough – as opposed to the other forms of advertising, video marketing is expensive, and thus, not hitting the goals is a much nastier burn.

The right video should be a mix of things – all of which have to be in the right amount. Now, we don’t want to make it sound like an overwhelming undertaking, but if you want your video marketing campaign to bring in huge numbers for you, the are quite a few must-follow practices to be kept into account:

Get the First Impressions Bang on

You know what they say about judging a book by its cover, right? Likewise, the featured image that is displayed until the play button isn’t hit is what entices users to hit the button in the first place. Intrigue them with the featured poster and you are assured a greater number of clicks.

Make Originality Your Strong Suit

Like any content marketing strategy, there are a truckload of done-to-death things attempted for video promotion. You need to inject a degree of uniqueness to your concept, make it entirely original, for people to find it novel.

Animations Draw People

Instead of live motion or overtly-flashy 3d renditions, if you are using hand-drawn characters, your video hs a better chance of being liked more. 

Avoid the auto-play

We understand you want to make sure the lazy users do indeed watch the video, but nobody likes it when they are surfing the Internet and all of a sudden a song plays from some tab on your browser and you have no idea which one it is. You either turn your desktop sound off, or you simply hit the close button the tabs playing the sound. That’s what’s gonna happen with the auto-play button on your video. So, instead of this, go back to the first point.

Get the idea across in 30-60 seconds

If there is one strong suit of our Internet audience, it is their lack of patience. Now even if they find a piece of video interesting, you can trust them to fast forward the seek bar and make it skip a few seconds if the video extends beyond a few minutes. Engaging the viewer so as to boost your conversion rate can be done even in 30 seconds. So make it short and sweet.

Keep it Pixel Rich

HD videos are the order of the day. When your audience doesn’t find ‘720p’ option on the resolution button, they are most likely going to switch to a video that has it – and that won’t be yours.

Have you taken into account the costs you will have to incur while developing the video content? If that’s a worry for you, you can get quality videos developed at pretty cost efficient rates. But if you wish to take along all the licensing costs, then be ready to invest big. 

Storytelling is what will glide you past the fluff on the Internet. If your video is a combination of a dozen things banged up together, without any sense of story, you are doing a great deal of disservice to your efforts and aspirations. The script should tell a story that symbolizes your brand in one way or other. 

Don’t be too mainstream. Everyone has seen those thronging crowds surrounding the product that rises from the ground up or for that matter, the glowing logo that dwarfs everything else. Be more creative, even if that means being grounded. Today, subtlety works in mysterious ways. Stay true to the underlying message the brand is trying to across and keep everything fuss free so that the video makes an instant personal connection with the audience.

The image files used in the video should be bale to make a connect as well, and it should look authentic. Don’t put a vintage picture for a video promoting an iPhone (unless the ‘story’ asks for it). 

Self-Hosting Instead of YouTube? 

When all is said and done, have you given a thought to self hosting the video instead of posting it on YouTube? I mean, when the video is indexed on the search engines, why should you send your audience to YouTube, instead of to your your site. And there are much better conversion rates on videos hosted on business sites, since unlike YouTube, users won’t be tempted to click on the other recommended videos on some totally new channel. 

In either case, the keyword used along with the video will play a huge role in determining how well it is indexed on search engines and the volume of organic visits you are receiving. Promote video across different channels and implement the alternative ways of content marketing like promoting through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus in order to get eyeballs for the video. The more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ you get on the video, the more chances you stand of getting greater number of eyeballs for the same. If you are uploading a video on YouTube, a transcript would work excellently. In the transcript, you can give a detailed description of what the video is all about, and you can make this description optimized for SEO. Get all the keywords right there in their right measure. And apart from self-hosting and YouTube, you can also try other popular networks like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Break.

Scripting success through video marketing, as iterated before, has to be a mix of certain to-be-followed rules and set of methods that are somewhat of a rarity in this genre. Get things in order before you get them to work. 

Amy Brown is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby. She works for WordPrax a WP development company and as a blogger, she loves sharing information regarding WordPress customization tips & tricks.

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  1. Nice post. But I’m not good at creating video content. So far, I’ve been converting my Power Point Presentations to video and posting on YouTube. It would be helpful if you can share what are the different types of content that can be shared as video.

    I also liked the idea of promoting the video on multiple channels rather than own website and YouTube only.

    Priya Ranjan

  2. It is the great post I’ve ever read. Thank for such interesting article.

  3. I am doing a ecommerce script business, for that i record the screen and do the video marketing. I understand what mistake i have done in video marketing by this article. thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Amy,

    I totally vibe with this post. I’d say being you, and letting that authentic self out makes the difference. Stop following, copying or mimicking others. You’ll go farther than anybody else if you’re true to you through each video, and if you practice like crazy in front of the camera.

    Many bloggers have horrible blocks in the video department. I felt I looked funny and sounded funny on video some 2000 videos ago, and practice was the quickest way to cut through those blocks and gain confidence in myself and my abilities.

    Keen point too about self-hosting; I for one upload to Youtube, DailyMotion and Google Plus as well (using my tablet), but why not send traffic to your own website? Own it, right? Makes sense.

    30 to 60 second videos are bang on. People have short attention spans. Unless you’re ridiculously funny or have some other creative genius going for you most viewers will leave after this time frame. Make your point in an energetic fashion and get off of the stage. Most of my videos from paradise are 30 to 60 seconds, sometimes 20. I use the accompanying post to get the point across and the video to add some appealing eye candy.

    I’d add, practice like crazy. Get in front of the camera to knife through your self conscious limiting beliefs. Be diligent, practice and yep, go with the HD option as that’s a must these days. This is why I like filming from my tablet; quick and easy HD option for me to choose before creating the video.

    Excellent share Amy. I uploaded a video to Google Plus just 5 minutes ago, for my next blog post, as you inspired me to do so.

    Thanks for the share. I’ll be tweeting.


  5. Nice post amy, all the points are very useful to be success in video marketing. I liked the idea of uploading video on a self hosted site rather than YouTube. I also liked the idea of promoting the video on multiple channels because it can attract more visitors than normal.

    Thanks amy for this wonderful and useful post.

  6. Great article – to create a script with impact takes skill – its easier to learn this with training – the Speakers Practice offers training that is exactly for this reason – learn to write a script and present in front of a camera with impact!

  7. Really like this – especially stay true to the underlying message and don’t be too mainstream.

  8. Great ideas from this article. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents about Animations in video; people do tend to be drawn (excuse the pun) to cartoons or anime, but be careful. If you can’t draw either hire someone who can, or use stick characters and give them a funky personality – this links back to making a good first impression.

  9. I have never given a thought on self hosting video! I have always thought of YouTube as the go to platform for new and professional videos. I guess it would be good to test it!

    The best practices for creating videos must be followed to Scripting success through video marketing. The tips highlighted in this post are impressive and clear.

    Making originality a strong suit and making the first impressions are key to becoming a success in video scripting.

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.


  10. Nice post. These tips are key points in video marketing. What I like the most is keeping the main idea within half or a minute. Or better yet, put it around the few first seconds of the video. Short videos tend to convert better than the longer ones.

  11. I couldn’t agree more about keeping it short and sweet. It has to be something uniquely compelling if it’s something I’m expected to watch over a minute!

    Smart tips, Amy. Eventually I want to break into video and this post has given me some great starting guidance. Thanks!

  12. That was a great article regarding script video marketing. As everyone know or i would like to say,should know that every thing works well if you are providing a right content according to your topic.
    As Darren has provided in this post. Like wise the right content in script video marketing also leads you to success.
    Thanks Darren for sharing this.

  13. Hi,

    I also understand the importance of video marketing, this article justify that. Initially you find it difficult to create videos in a professional way but as soon as you learn the art, the works comes productive. In this article, i liked a thought of instead of sharing videos on Youtube or any other videos sharing site, Why not to self host. It really made me think over it.

  14. I enjoyed this article about making a successful marketing video. I like the approach of basically keeping short and sweet because even with me if a video is going to take more than 4-5 minutes and tend to ignore it. I really like the comment on the auto-play because this is one of my biggest things that annoy with many marketing videos and I end up hitting mute most of the time (if I even stay long enough on the site – I also tend to close the tabs with the video going). Great article.

  15. Great post. Learn lots of new things about script video marketing from your post. Thanks Darren for the awesome share.

  16. Very interesting article. I will use these tips for video marketing success.

  17. Hi
    Nice post. I never bothered about video sharing. I like the idea that sharing a video in own site is more good than sharing it in youtube. From now I also will start video sharing. Thanks for the post

  18. Nice post and great tips for video marketing success. however, I don’t do any type of video marketing for now but after reading this article i would like to try out these tips to make successful marketing video. Thanks :)

  19. Thanks for sharing this great article. This is the most effective way to know about script video marketing success with the right content. This will be very useful and helpful for video marketing. Read and understand the article and you will get a brilliant idea. I will share this information with my friends and they will certainly love to read this. Very informative, I’ll definitely give these 5 stars.

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