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Tomorrow We Triple the Price on Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers
Grab a Copy Today for just $9.97

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of August 2010 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

copywriting scorecard bloggersUpdate: we’ve just launched the new version of this resource and the price is now $29.97. Congrats if you got it at the launch price. To those who missed out – the resource is still value – you get 100 pages of teaching and resources to help you optimize your posts for readers and search engines.

Almost two weeks ago we launched the brand new ProBlogger eBook – the Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers.

Written by SEO specialist copywriter Glenn Murray it’s an eBook designed to help bloggers get their posts optimized for readers and search engines so that their posts reach their potential (you can read all about it here in more detail).

The feedback from those who have bought it has been incredibly positive with lots of great reviews hitting the web.

We are about to Triple the Price!

We launched this new eBook at the special introductory price of $9.97 and intended to put the price up to $14.97 this week. However – as often happens with launches like this – we’ve changed that plan.

The price is still going up on at midnight on 1 September (EST US time) but it is actually going up to $29.97 USD!

Yes – we’re tripling the price and we’re doing it for two reasons:

  1. we were told time and time again by those who have bought the eBook that $9.97 was a steal and that $14.97 was too cheap too.
  2. we decided to update the eBook significantly. One of the pieces of feedback that we got about version 1 was that it would be more useful with a working example that illustrated how to use the Scorecard. As a result – Glenn has spent time over the last 2 weeks adding a lot of new content to the eBook.

What’s in the Update?

The update is pretty significant – it adds a lot to the original version (it’s now over 100 pages) including:

  • NEW — A 33-page worked example, where we score one of my own posts and discuss our reasoning.
  • NEW — Electronic scorecard that automatically totals your score. You just select Yes or No.
  • NEW — Single page printable scorecard, containing all the the recommendations, but scaled to print on a single page.
  • NEW — Recommendation on using sentence case or title case for headings.
  • NEW — Expanded discussion of SEO copy.
  • NEW — Improved navigation, with bookmarks displaying to the left of the PDF, so no need to scroll back and forth between Recommendations and Scorecard.

Add to Cart

Who gets the update?

In short – everyone will get the new version.

As of 1 September at midnight – anyone buying the eBook at $29.97 will get version 2 of it automatically. We’ll also be sending it to anyone who bought version 1 before that time.

So if you’ve already bought it – you’ll get an email sent to you (your paypal email address) with download details of version 2.

If you’ve not yet bought it – but want to get it before the price rises – you can buy version 1 today and you’ll also get an email with download details of version 2 when it is released.

Again – everyone will get the new version – it’s just a matter of how much you pay for it. If you buy before midnight on 1 September you’ll secure it for $9.97 – if you wait until after that time, you’ll pay $29.97. The choice is yours.

More Updates and Bonuses?

Will there be more updates? At this point Glenn and I are pretty happy with how the eBook looks and works and are not planning too many more updates to it. However we are putting together some extra bonuses and resources for those who buy it.

We’re hesitant to announce them right now as they’re partly based upon reader feedback but we already offer those who buy the Scorecard a newsletter which we’ll be using to send send some extra content/tips out with. We’re also looking at running a Q&A podcast session for those who’ve bought the eBook.

So yes – there will be a few bonuses for those who have bought the Copyrighting Scorecard for Bloggers.

Grab Your Copy Today

copywriting-scorecard-bloggers-1.jpgSo if you’ve been umming and aaahing about whether to grab the Scorecard – it’s time to make a decision and lock it in at the intro price.

We’ll not be returning to the price of $9.97 again as it is only becoming more valuable as we add content to it.

Grab your copy today.

Add to Cart

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Anyone reading this,

    The first version was worth $29.97, so you would be a complete fool not to purchase the updated version for the current $9.95 price.

    I have been writing and studying copy for a long time, and this is one of the most succinct methods for grading your work quickly that I have ever found.

    Will it teach you how to be a pro copywriter? Nope, but that’s not why you’re buying it.

    The whole point is to find out the best way to write your blog posts so that you can engage the most readers, achieve the highest SEO, and sell the most stuff.

    The Copywriting Scorecard achieves all of that. Buy it NOW.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • This is great! And perfect timing. SEO has been the topic of my latest blog series. I will be emailing my list immediately.

    The book looks fabulous. Can’t wait to delve into it.

  • I got my copy last week, just retweeted Jim Kurkal’s call to buy, then followed with my own tweet/testimonial and link. This is good stuff for the new blogger getting of to a good start, or for the “veteran” needing to drive more traffic to his or her blog.

    (ps- the website is new, under construction for my fledgling real estate business)

  • I have bought a copy and can’t wait to read it! The idea of turning the art of writing into more like science is truly appealing.

  • Certainly sounds like it is a last chance for people to “get it while it is hot”

  • Dan

    “it is actually going up to $29.97 USD!”

    Product Launch Formula 101

  • James

    Ahh. Artificial scarcity. Good sales tactic, Darren – I’d appreciate seeing a Problogger post letting us know how well it works.

    I’m not sure that “Tomorrow we triple the price” is the best wording, though. It makes it seem that you’re arbitrarily increasing the price. A better phrase might be “Beat tomorrow’s price increase” or “Copywriting scorecard for bloggers returns to its regular price tomorrow – grab it now and save 66%.”

    • James – actually while it is similar to an artificial scarcity sales tactic the reality is that we’re not really raising the price for that reason. We genuinely got the price a little wrong on this and underestimated where people would see the $ value – plus also had some great suggestions from buyers who suggested updates – so as a result of both the feedback on price and what else people wanted we thought it warranted a higher price.

      I guess there is some artificial scarcity in some ways in any launch discount – but there was also some other factors at play this time around.

  • Hi Darren,
    I purchased the ebook and was not excited about printing out on paper the scorecard. Since I work almost paperless as a business principle of mine.

    So I am delighted to know that you will have an electronic scorecard – it will save time and paper.

    By the way, I found the book a great way of checking how much I know about writing a professional blog posting. I just began my blog 8 months ago and I have never tried to be a great writer just a passionate sharer of information I care about. Now I am daily learning how to write better.

    I look forward to the update.
    Thanks for giving the update at no charge.

  • Hi Darren,
    I purchased the ebook and will happily recommend it without without the affiliate option you offer.

    Just a question: Is there another affiliate option if you are not a member of ejunkie? I see they charge monthly for membership and I don’t focus too much on affiliate sales so I don’t have an account with them.

    Perhaps other readers are curious too if you have a second option (clickbank etc). Also, I don’t no much about e junkie.

    I look forward to your response.


    • David – there’s no charge to be an e-junkie affiliate. You only pay that fee if you’re selling something on e-junkie.

  • Just picked up a copy. This looks like an extremely useful tool for a pro copywriter!

  • That seems like a great price for such an informative and useful work. I like the idea of a scorecard as well, as it makes the information a little bit more accessible.

  • James

    Darren – Makes perfect sense to me. Given the price of traditional books, $9.97 is a bargain for what you’re offering. I’d consider it extremely reasonable at twice the price.

  • If you look at my blog you will say I really need this ebook. Yes. I needed it so badly and lucky that I did not miss it. I did not want to wait and miss it so I made the move.

    Going through it and now I am understanding all the mistakes I am doing and how to improve them.

    Great offer and it really helped me. Thanks Darren

  • what? Em..ok. I will try to buy it first.

  • I received my copy last friday, Haven’t completed yet. To give feedback. All in all I can tell it’s worth.

  • Sounds a good offer, will be having a look and seriously considering buying,


  • Patrick Sanchez

    I purchased it today but never got the link in e-mail for the newsletter that was promised :-( [email protected] Does anyone know how to get that?

  • Just bought it! I’m a sucker for a deal. Can’t wait to dig in during my workout tomorrow.

  • Bummer. Missed the sale by about a minute.

  • Darren,
    Thank you for answering my question.

  • Great deal, looks very interesting so I think I may just grab a bargain while it’s still on offer!

  • I’m thrilled the new version contains a working version of the scorecard so I can score myself electronically! I don’t have a printer, so this is perfect.

    I still haven’t read it all the way through, but there are so many ideas, it seems like $30 is still a great deal!

  • Hmmm

    “To get the most out of this ebook, you really need to install Adobe Reader. ―Yes, I’m looking at you Mac users! Preview just doesn’t cut it”

    Yep, still bloated. What would be nice is for someone to learn how to implement a version that works in Preview, and if you want to bloat your system to use the ‘electronic’ scorecard, well fine, install Adobe. I really regret buying this at any price — the info might be good but I now have crap software installed on my system in order to read it. Very disappointed. I haven’t even bothered to try to read it or print it, thank goodness I only wasted $10.