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Reasons for being banned or penalized by Google

Search Engine Journal has a good post on reasons that your blog might be banned (or penalized) by Google. So if your blog has disappeared from their index you might want to consider one of these seven issues:

1) Duplicate Content – where multiple pages have the same content.
2) Cloaking – where pages are created purely for Search Engines – ie where readers get one version and SEs another
3) Hidden text or hidden links – links that are not seen by actual readers that are there purely for SE spiders
4) Keyword stuffing – putting too many of your keywords in your page (either in meta tags, invisible text, in image tags etc).
5) Linking to bad neighborhoods – linking to pages that use Spam techniques – or link exchange programs.
6) Buying links for Search engine ranking – hard for Google to detect but if they catch it penalties occur.
7) Machine Generated Web sites – spamy type sites created by automated systems – hundreds and thousands of pages at a time (usually only slightly different from one another).

Read more at Banned from Google and Wondering Why?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I was thinking about the way wordpress uses permalinks and mod rewrite. It’s quite possible to have the one post (ie the same page) at many different URL’s.
    Can anyone tell if this is effecting them ?

  • hey there.. do you know whether the bans happen by the algorithm or do google staff ban the site?

  • I assume that if when you do a linking to you search in Google and you still come up, you’re not banned, right?

    Now, here’s a question…what about republishing an entire article on another site but linking back to the “source” with something like [Originally published on {site w/ link}]?

    Isn’t that something Google should like?

  • Darren

    from what I know – getting banned completely is pretty hard to do – but you can get penalised in such a way that its as good as being banned. Whether it happens automatically or manually I do not know – I suspect its a combination of both – the algorithm would defiantly pick up a lot of it – but there is probably some cases where they physically go to sites for such reasons. That is speculation.

    In regards to duplicated content with a link back to your source – I’m not sure this would really have any impact Tris. Again I doubt it’ll get you banned – but most believe it will decrease the PR of that page and if you do it too many times can decrease the overall PR of your blog – and in extreme cases get you banned completely.

  • John Bradbury

    From what I’ve read on the subject Google does try to detect duplicate content but with the sheer amount of pages stored in its database this would be an impossible task…

    However it is very easy for Google to detect duplicate content between linked sites which means if you allow another site to use one of your articles and they link back to your site you’ll be severely spanked by Google.