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Scribe SEO Review: Rank Higher in Search Engines Without Compromising The Quality of Your Posts

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of February 2010 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

Have you ever heard the statement – “Write for People not Search Engines“?

It’s a teaching that many bloggers have heard that encourages bloggers not to compromise the quality of their blog posts in order to get search engine traffic.

The temptation that some bloggers fall into is writing the kind of content that ranks well in Google – but which becomes increasingly unreadable to real people.

What if there was another way to Rank Higher in Search Engines Without Compromising The Quality of Your Posts?

I’ve long thought (and taught) that there was a better way. Using a well optimized blog theme (like Thesis) and knowing some basic principles of SEO so that as you write your quality content you naturally use them to improve your SEO. Having the basics of SEO in mind as you write and tweaking your content as you write it is great – however it requires you to know some of those basics.

Now there IS an easier way

Brian Clark has just released Scribe – a WordPress Plugin that analyzes the content that you write on your blog at the click of a button and then reports back from within your WordPress dashboard on how you can improve your search rankings.

As Brian writes in on the about page of Scribe – it’s like having an SEO expert as an editorial assistant.

I’ve seen and tested a number of SEO type tools previously and Scribe beats them all on a number of levels. Most importantly – it takes what you’ve written (for real people) and uses THAT as the basis for what it recommends instead of starting with some keywords that you want to rank for and creating something that doesn’t really help anyone reading your content.

I’ve been playing with this plugin for a week or so now and it’s really good.

You don’t have to use all the suggestions that Scribe gives you if you feel that you don’t want to make all changes but many of the things it recommends are things that will definitely help your SEO and which SEOs would recommend (that the rest of us might not naturally think of).

The great thing about Scribe is that you can go back to any of your old posts that you’d like to see ranking higher and get it to optimize them too.

As an extra bonus I’m finding that simply using Scribe is giving me a great refresher in SEO and I’m starting to do some of what it recommends more and more as I write.

Scribe syncs beautifully with themes like Thesis, Headway and Hybrid as well as the All in One SEO plugin.

72% off for 4 Days Only

There are three options for buying Scribe but for the next 4 days you can lock yourself in at the most advanced package for the price of the starter package (a saving of 72%).

If traffic from search engines is something you want to tap into more, without compromising the usefulness of your content, Scribe is an option worth investing into. Learn more about it here.

Have you used the Scribe SEO plugin? Leave your Scribe SEO Review below in comments.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. only for wordpress or for all webmasters? Blogger is really in stone age where seo is concerned.

  2. Being an SEO consultant myself, while I can see it does perform valid on page SEO, except it’s 1 recommendation of 1 hyperlink per 120 words (I don’t know how that improves ranking?. Good quality outbound links will, but there is no reference anywhere that having numerous outbound links in that quantity will do you any favors) it just isn’t valuable enough to justify it’s price.

    If the price point was about $1-2 month it would be worth the investment.

    On page factors are just such a low amount in weighting in the Search Engines that any changes to your “on page” content are unlikely to make much of a difference in your SERP. I always do a check here: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal, select the best keyword related to the topic. Make sure it is in the title (which it should be if that is what you are writing about), then write a high quality original article. If you are truly writing about the topic, synonms, action words etc all related to the keyword will naturally flow and the search engines will pick that up anyway.

    Good quality link backs to quality written articles is the best way to go.

    Also for wordpress, download the All In One SEO and that about covers it for on page SEO. WordPress and that plugin do most of the work you need to care about.

    For $27/mo it would be better for your SEO to go and hire some bad article writers and submit 10-20 articles to article databases each month.

    I will have to agree with the other commenters and say this post is truly a detriment to you.

  3. Does it work with the Frugal premium theme? Frugal has built-in custom fields for the SEO similar to Thesis. I can’t see a way to contact anyone to ask on the Scribe site. I’d really appreciate knowing before this special offer period ends.

  4. Scribe is a great tool for any beginning blogger. Seo is important, and shouldn’t be overlooked. It is difficult to write a search friendly post that is easy to understand by the reader. The great thing about scribe is that it will teach you enough that you can carry it the rest of your life.

  5. I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. I went and analyzed a few of my previous posts. I had zero issues with slowness or errors or anything like that. Tool worked like a charm.

    Only time will tell if it will be worth the $27/month cost. I will say that the keyword analysis is very helpful for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to be looking that stuff up elsewhere.

    Of course the $27 question is will my search traffic drastically improve if I do the recommended things? Only time will tell I guess.

  6. Sure it is expensive but i agree that would be a great plugin. Blogspot has some advantages but wordpress is coming with many options and soon many bloggers will prefer wordpress.

  7. Your flexibility on this matter creates freedom for thinking out loud and enables everyone to share their opinion.

  8. Right after I wrote my previous comment, the keyword tab in Scribe stopped working…

    They had an update on their site and apparently they are getting it fixed, but right now it’s not working perfectly…

    Just thought I update since I just wrote that everything was working okay.

  9. I suddenly realise I must practice what i preach myself, and start putting the information I learn from excellent sites like these (and my own pdf files from my download site) into operation.
    Excellent advice!

  10. hi, i’m trying hard for seo, and i’m getting results, Search engines are my 1st traffic source.

  11. awesome idea. I’ll have to look into the plugin

  12. I’d like to comment on my previous comment… all my problems have been fixed by the support team. And they extended the offer for another week.

    I am not lazy but newbie. I realize that my posts are not search engine friendly. If this pluggin helps me learning good writing habits, it is worth it in my book.

  13. Thanks, will def implement this plug-in, need all the SEO help I can get on my many blogs.

  14. this is pretty interesting if there is a plugin to overcome the problems between seo and the quality contents like mention above. id love to check it out as i still believe that the content is the king as many blogggers said, thank you, Darren

  15. I’m in the not impressed camp, though I can see how it would be a good starting point for the extreme beginner. There’s so much this plugin doesn’t take into account and anyone who’s done serious SEO work will know this. For $27 a month I’d expect a lot more. A combination of Google’s adwords tools plus the All in One SEO plugin are free and are worth more in terms of serious SEO.

    I think the bottom line is a plugin will never be an all-inclusive SEO solution and that’s how it seems to be being touted. This plugin is a good concept, but I feel like it’s just not enough.

  16. One need to get ranked higher in search results by all means, the post is informative for me as I a kid in the field.

  17. I agree with Kip, I use all in one seo plugin for wordpress and it’s free, you can’t beat that.

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