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Promoting Your Blog With a Series and Articles

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of November 2006 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Reader-Quick-TipsThis Reader ‘Quick Tip’ was sent in by Michael Moore from Price of Diamonds.

The bottom line is that we all want more people to visit our blog. One successful way I have found that attracts people to mine is by doing a series of articles labelled parts 1,2 and 3.

Part one I distribute around to other sites, such as article sites, and as press releases. In that article I reference parts 2 and 3 on my blog with a link to the site.

This works well and I notice it does increase the vists to the site as, of course, people are keen to read the balance of the article.

Of course one must ensure that the content is interesting so the reader feels they made a worthwhile visit.

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  1. I regularly use this technique on all three of my blogs. Some series are only a few in number, while others are rather open ended. By open ended I mean that I see that I will always be thinking up new post ideas in that series. On my birding blog I have a very successful series called Great Birding Moments. I hope this will continue for years to come, added to as I see new or interesting birds.

    Whenever I do a series I make sure that there are links back to other articles in the same series. In this way I encourage readers to read deep into my archives. I also post archive type lists which highlight these series.

  2. I know this works very well, first hand. I wrote a 5 part series of articles on customizing the K2 wordpress theme and it keeps bringing me traffic even though they are almost a year old.

  3. I’ve been using this technique lately & been seeing a steady increase in the number of people subscribing to my feed :)

  4. I’ve been doing this too. Now the number of pages each visitor sees is in the double digits. Revenue has gone up steadily, too. Plus I feel good about knowing my readers are connecting with relevant content.

  5. This is a great tip. I’ve been working on some new series for my own blog.

    Paul, that’s funny. I came across those same articles recently and found them to be a great resource. Thanks!

  6. I’m aware on generating traffic from Article Marketing mentioned here. But for Press Releases, I’m not so sure. Anyone willing to share their experience (success/failure) from submitting to Press Release.

    Thank you.

  7. One good way to generate traffic is to submit your blog to a rating site like digg.com or theblogdown.com.

    It really helped me!

  8. I like to series idea for blog entries. I blog daily on three sites with good results.I tend to be spontaneous and therefore, I will need to be a bit more disciplined for a series approach.
    Rather than income, I use my blogs to increase interest in my main website.
    Thanks for an excellent resource.

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  10. Just getting into blogging myself. I think I’m in the same boat as George Anderson: the series approach would require a great deal of discipline and I’m not sure if I have that going on. Just curious, how effective is it at increasing hits?

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  12. I like the series idea. I have never done this before on my blogs, but I will give it a try.

  13. It is so strange that I came across this as I have just started Part 3 of a series on my site should I submit the first one to article directories?

  14. Hi,

    Neat idea. However, you must be sure not to duplicate information too much between the “outer site blogs” and your own hosted blog, as search engines I have found tend to penalise you, as the bots think you have been scraping content…


  15. I started to use http://www.QuickieClick.com, Del.icio.us, digg.com, mixx.com as my social bookmarking website to get more readers. But keep in mind that you have to post good content. It is all about content.

  16. Article marketing is a VERY profitable way to make Money online.. But you need the Tools to help you do that. First of all you need to be Creative enough to write the articles and then you have to submit them to the directories. You need to send your readers to your site of choice and persuade them to purchase your product or service or… You can use a site to place as many ads as you like to attract people to your site.Imagine being able to place as many ads as you wish.. Sending you lots of traffic! And google loves them! Its my “Secret Weapon”

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