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ProBlogger on the News

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of May 2008 Video Posts 0 Comments

As mentioned in my last post – today saw Karen, Neerav and myself featured in an Aussie national news story on channel TEN.

Many international readers have asked to see the story so Neerav has posted it on Google Video for you. If you’d like to see the full sized version of the story you can do so here.

If you’re new to ProBlogger and have arrived after seeing the story please check out my last post – a welcome to you which has some introductory information for you on where to start with blogging.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Its great to be named as the Number#1 blogger in australia. Congrats Darren!

  • Very cool….(except may be for your incorrect surname)

  • Congrats Darren, good to see blogging on our local television :)

  • Very cool, Darren. Stories like that will draw more people into blogging, but I caught the subtext: you’ve got to keep plugging away, month after month.

  • Congrats Darren! :D Funny how they talk about google ads and there are none on

  • Great segment, Darren. Congrats!

  • That’s major! Congrats Darren! You sure do deserve it!That’s superstar status! Red Carpet! Keep it up #1 in Australia, Soon the world!

  • That’s awesome… congrats, Darren – well earned publicity. :)

  • Nice story. I sent it to my family so they can see that there are a lot of people out there blogging for a living. I thought it was strange though how they kept filming someone searching on google for “Karen” and “Darren”. What was that all about?

  • Joy

    That’s awesome, Darren. Congrats!

  • “The life of the professional blogger is somewhat more relaxed.” Ha — I bet you have your own take on that interpretation of problogging.

    It’s really an awesome story to have made the evening news. I’m glad I was able to catch it here :)

  • Darren, that’s wonderful. You definitely deserve the publicity.

  • JB

    good work Darren. now you just gotta teach TEN to tell people your urls so they know where to find you.. pretty sure people will remember “Darren” and maybe even “problogger” but, most of all I reckon they will remember the book! how long is it going to take old media to understand and embrace new.. maybe never.. too paranoid about linking out..

  • Very informative TV segment. Darren, your terrific personality shows both in your writing and on TV.

  • Congrats Darren! keep up with the good work.

  • Nice! I like how that turned out. Good going, Darren.

  • They need to put more emphasis on how much work it takes to get to the level that you guys are on AND how important PASSION is. Passion helps out with long term comittment.

    How much more exposure do you think this got you?

    failureblogger-16 year old blogger

  • Congrats Darren! I agree with failureblogger. I think new bloggers need to realize how much work goes into blogs from designing the layout to network socializing.

    I know I personally put in more hours than the 9-5 career person does.

    Here’s to finding ways to make 100K a year or at least a piece of that.

  • It’s pretty cool to see how far you continue to progress in your pursuits. It just gives me confidence that, though this is difficult and takes patience, it is possible to accomplish a great deal and make a living online as well. Kudos.

  • Eli

    Hey Darren, great work on these. I obviously don’t watch the news enough because I didn’t get to catch this.

  • Congrats Darren…..

    Good that you are featured on Channel TEN….

    Keep up the good work….

  • Congratulations Darren!

    A well earned appreciation! :)

    P.S. The last scene where you son comes up to you on your lap and shouts in excitement was fun watching it. :P

  • Darren,

    I really enjoyed the segment… Congratulations on being named #1 and on the success of your new book! It’s pretty neat that you posted some pictures of bloggers w/the book to share :D

  • I have to say that my most favorite part of that video is when X comes up, climbs on your lap, you click something, and he goes “Yeah!”

    Teaching him about the benefits already, I see! I love it! :)

  • Leveraging who you are!

    I think this are the most Pithy words I heard Darren say!

  • Congrats and you are well deserving for this wonderful reputation.

  • Nice one Darren – managed to catch it live. Was a bit shocked to see your face on my tv for a moment there!

  • Ha ha great stuff!

    It’d be interesting to see if you notice any sizable increase in traffic to any of your sites from this.

  • Congratulations! A nice piece.

    Successful blogging does take a lot of time and commitment—and perhaps more than that 9 to 5 job that many people are so eager to shed. On the other hand, you can’t beat the dress code.

  • Lipton of Starfeeder – yes, they definitely simplified the process of making money online to getting money from Google or Yahoo. Not sure where they got that from, it wasn’t in anything I covered in my interview.

    Brian – hehe, yes, the ‘relaxed’ thing made me giggle a little too. Perhaps it looked ‘relaxed’ while the reporters were at our houses :-)

    Failureblogger and Catherine – yes, the ‘hard work’ wasn’t quite as prominent as I’d make it. I definitely covered it in my interview numerous times but I guess the 30 minutes of footage that they shot didn’t fit into a 2 minute segment very well. Oh well – at least Neerav’s words of wisdom on the hard work side of things made it in.

    Archit – yes the last scene was fun. My son came home just as they were about to end and ran in all excited so they decided to film it and include the family which was nice.

    Lara – yeah, X was looking at pictures of himself on my screensaver – one of his favoriate things to do, sometimes I go in there and find him just watching them over ad over

    Roraz – there were a few little leaps in traffic at the different times that it aired. Certainly not as much traffic as Digg’s front page – but nice. Will post about it in the coming days.

  • Congratulations Darren!

  • team ray

    lol @potential

    darren isnt potentially 100k

    you are making it 100k plus

  • Congratulations on the media mention, Darren! Are you becoming more accustomed to things like this, or are they still as exciting/nerve-wracking as the first ones?

  • Frugal Dad – it’s still a nervous thing for me being on TV. I’m more used to other media but TV gives the jitters a little as it’s still a bit foreign to me.

  • Job

    That’s major! Congrats Darren! You sure do deserve it!That’s superstar status! Red Carpet! Keep it up #1 in Australia, Soon the world!

  • Darren, you are a natural. Do not Fret!

    Can I have your signature, before you head to Hollywood?

    Or is it Blogawood! lol

  • Wow Darren!!
    This video is epic. How awesome is that, because of your blog you are on tv. This you get heaps of people coming to your site who will think blogging is simple, easy and relaxing because ‘they saw it on tv’.
    Sometimes I think ‘working’ is easier than blogging. But I am passionate about it.

    What marketing strategies can smaller bloggers (who don’t have tv promotion) do to market their blog?

  • As a former News Director/Anchor for a C.B.S. News affiliate, I can tell you that this kind of coverage is huge for you and all bloggers!

    This is an excellent piece, well written, well edited, and well presented, plus, a 3 minute feature is nearly unheard of in most newscasts.

    This has got to give newbie bloggers a real attitude boost!

    Take it from a pro, you did a super job, Darren!

  • You are my hero! ;-)

  • Ugh. Loved the quotes from you but a lot of the rest of the info was either incorrect or misleading (your misspelled name, the limited reference to making money from ads by clicks from Google and Yahoo). I felt like the story’s overall attitude was “hey, take it easy, anyone can do it – be a problogger!”

    Yeah, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it and we’d all be millionaires. (insert eyeroll).

  • Darren what can I say. Well Done. You seem to have a nack of getting into mainstream media more and more. And what can I say to make national nine news back home is not an easy task. But i thought it was a little funny when they state stats like number 1 australian blogger. Where do they actually get these figures from, most probably no where, just make them up.

    Well, my blog is on the rise and although im an aussie but working in the UK.. will i ever make the it to australias top blogger. who knows. However seems another opportunity for a site. Country lists of some of the worlds best blogs, in a variety of Genres!

  • Keep up the great work! Cheers!

  • congrats Darren. I was nice to see you with you son at the last scene.

  • Congratulations Darren! Good job on providing solid information to the bloggers around the world…

  • Good stuff, Darren. You came across well. I must admit I’ve never even heard of the other two bloggers, at least not up until that video clip. Makes me wonder how many bloggers are out there that are doing well, that nobody ever hears about…

  • Congratulations Darren it’s great to see an Aussie at the top. I missed part of the news and so am thankful for the link. I reckon I should pay more attention to the ‘Problogger’ in the hope that I may learn something. Once again, congratulations on reaping the benefits of all your hard work.

  • congrats Darren !Keep up the great work

  • Darren in the news everyone. Congrats!

  • I wonder when I will be on TV… :D

  • Congrats Darren!

    I came across your site from Karen’s blog, and I LOVE your content! So relevant and useful to me as a blogger too! Will surely come and visit again in the future.

    Oh yes, btw here’s my blog:
    A fulltime mom of two :)

    Hmmm, how helpful that will be to my family when my site can generate good income too :)