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Poll of the Week – Where does your Traffic Come From?

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of September 2005 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Bouncing off last week’s poll which identified that most people want to learn how to get more readers to their blog – this week’s poll asks you to identify the way that most of your blog readers currently find your blog/s.

I know picking one might be difficult – but I’ve chosen to make this poll a ‘one choice’ per vote only one so pick the predominant one. If you have more than one blog do it on an overall sense. For example – over my 20 blogs I get the vast majority of readers from search engines.

Here at Problogger that is a little different as I have a higher repeat readership level – but on my bigger blogs SE’s refer larger amounts of readers.

If you want to explain your vote, or talk about how different blogs are different etc you can do so in comments below.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I wanted to say mine is split almost 50/50 –
    half for search engines
    then the other half is regular readers from rss/other sites/bookmarks

    I put search engines though since that is a consistant given my content and ‘resource’ site

  2. George says: 09/27/2005 at 1:16 pm

    On my personal site the majority of my traffic is about 85% from search engines. and the non personal site, which is less than 2 months old, is mostly from a combination of technorati and search engine, and starting to get mor return visitors.

  3. Almost all of my traffic comes from search engines or links with very few people just arriving there from a bookmark.

  4. Hi Guys, My new blog is only a week old but I’ve recieved some steady traffic through the use of forum signatures.
    Also don’t forget there are tons of free directories where you can submit a link for free. This all helps to some degree.
    I’m suprised to find I’ve already gain a few high rankings at Yahoo for popular phrases. My new blog is at http://www.hostingdiary.com

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  6. Wow, I was suprised to find that on my personal blog my breakdown was:
    86.5 % – Direct address / Bookmarks
    8.3% – Links from an external page
    5% – Links from an Internet Search Engine

    And unsuprisingly my cafegeek site the breakdown was:
    91 % – Direct address / Bookmarks
    6.6% – Links from an external page
    2.2% – Links from an Internet Search Engine

    It’s interesting to note that the cafe blog site generates about 30% more traffic than the blog, but the personal blog almost doubles the cafe blog in terms of revenue.

  7. I am not sure if you have already discussed or is part of the tips you pass to other probloggers. I have learned you should participate in your favorite blogs. That favorite should have a lot of traffic itself. Comment, especially if you have something to comment that takes the conversation deeper, you will get readers to your site. I have commented, not sure I took conversations to the highest levels, but my traffic increased. Actually I have my most traffic days after I have commented on THIS SITE. So all my little dribbles of traffic is all off of link rolls and comments.

  8. Most readers come to MMB from other blogs and RSS.

    I also have a blog which I still didn’t announce and it gets most traffic from SE. It’s very popular on MSN but I’m still vaiting on Google.

  9. Most of my traffic comes via bookmarks, closely followed (now) by search engine listings. At one time Search Engine referrals were none-existant, but after a host of optimisation changes, this is now on a notable increase.

    I love the fact that I get a huge amount of people coming back via bookmarks, it means I’ve managed to do something right, and people are keen to come back for more. the downside is the ad blindness that this can cause, but overall I’d prefer to be popular and broke, than unpopular and not-quite-broke-but-I can’t-retire-rich.

  10. I get almost all of my traffic from search engines. In fact, this month, Google sent me 40 times more traffic than the highest non-search engine referrer did!

  11. I got digged last week and I’m still surfing on the top of that wave… It increased my traffic at least by 5, even after quite a long time. I don’t get much visitors from digg itself, but my post got spread left and right and it’s being picked up by search engines (I’m third for the query Google Earth Online!!!)

    Apart from that, I’d say that most of my traffic comes from direct readers.

  12. Mine is about 40% search engines, 40% other sites, and then 20% other blogs/forums

  13. I’d say half of mine are SE’s, 25% is wordpress and 25% is readers.

  14. There… I clicked on your link, so now you can answer that you get 100% of your traffic from problogger.net… :P

  15. I definitely get most of the traffic on my sites from search engines and most specifically from Google. A few posts here and there that rank highly with the search engines will do wonders.

  16. My stats say mostly from bookmarks/direct address, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. My stats package doesn’t seem too good at filtering out some of the robots. After that is usually search engines, then referrals from other blogs and sites (usually from comments I leave).

    However, like Julien, I also got a link from digg.com this week, and it’s thrown my stats through the roof!

  17. I just started using bloggingstats.com at my new blog because I’m hosted with Typepad.

  18. Our site get about 90% from search engines, and we’re looking to build more loyal returning readership.

  19. May I surprise you. On my personal blog, max traffic comes from search engine though I never bother with keywords.

  20. search engines, traffic exchange and subscribers

  21. I’m relatively new at this, but I find that when I send out an e-mail teaser every couple of weeks, my traffic increases significantly for a few days. Then over the past few weeks I notice return visits also increasing. I had to do something while learning the ropes of search engines, rss feeds, etc.

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  23. The majority of my traffic comes form within the blogger network. Having a “next blog” on the top of all of the blogs helps a lot to get random traffic. I also receive a small percent of traffic from webrings.

  24. I’d say 10% of my traffic comes from blogger itself, 30% from search engines, and the rest comes from other places I’ve happened to leave my URL. For example, putting your URL in profiles when you sign up for forums and such has provided me some traffic.

  25. I was just looking at October 2005 stats for my PetLvr blog, which about half of the hits seem to be from search engines, (at least I noticed this for Oct/05):

    (!) 95% of searches engines through Yahoo Search engines are for information (like health care, technical terms, etc)
    (2) 75% of searches through Google Search engines are through the IMAGES.google.com, 20% for topical news item stories…

    That’s odd.eh? Oh, and Yahoo search engines gives me more referrals than google, but just slightly.I was suprised that yahoo searches are different from the picture looking googlers.

    I can only assume the other half are bookmarking me, because despite all the unique traffic user count each day – I only have 20 or so feedburner count.

  26. I would have to say the majority of my traffic come from forums. A close second is from search engines. I have only been blogging seriously now for a few months so it may be too early to pass judgment on traffic sources. As I see my content increase with what I deem as useful content I have noticed that other webmasters are starting to link to me and use my content. It looks as though referrals may soon lead the way in my traffic generation. I tried my hand at articles but have found it time consuming. They do bring in traffic but like I said it may be too early for me to know my sites greatest pulling method.

  27. What blog stats trackers are you guys using to get such accurate blog statistics?

    I am a new blogger. My home business/internet marketing blog (Kristie T’s Home Biz-A-Pa-Looza) http://www.webmomz.com/blog is only about 1 month old.

    I am a newbie. Help!

    I totally dig your ProBlogger blog. I visit it daily. You rock Darren!

  28. The majority of my traffic comes form within the blogger network. Having a “next blog” on the top of all of the blogs helps a lot to get random traffic. I also receive a small percent of traffic from webrings.

  29. Funny, in my PR5 blog http://card-magic.blogspot.com, I don’t get traffic from Google. I need help.

  30. My blog is focused around architecture design and art. All of my posts include a small image. Generally, my images are posted on Flickr, so I get a lot of traffic back and forth between my Flickr stream and my blog, Architectural Ruminations, http://remiss63.blogspot.com.

    I also get a fair number of people through Google searches with terms that relate to my posts. Many leave quickly, but others will remain on the site for 10, 20, 30 minutes of more.

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