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Tips and Resources to Generate Consistent Content for Your Blog

Today I’m talking about being more consistent with your blogging. This topic originated from a question by Jason Stevens from Digital Tools of the Trade.  Jason wants to know how to maintain consistency when blogging? This is an important question, because consistency matters when creating content for a blog or any medium.


There are so many blogs out there that were started with energy, passion and enthusiasm for a topic. Eventually, the enthusiasm fades and those blogs are neglected or even dead.

Today we are going to discuss tips and resources that will prevent your blog from ending up in the blogging graveyard. Also, don’t forget to check out our new resource of 180 Blog Post Ideas.

This will give you six months worth of idea prompts and blog post ideas, and that’s if you blog daily. For most people, 180 prompts will last a year or more.

Today’s Tips for Being More Consistent With Your Blogging

  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew, or commit to a rate of publishing that is beyond what you can actually do
  • Generate Ideas for Content Ahead of Time (Episode 84 and 180 Blog Post Ideas)
  • Block out time to create get a daily or regular writing rhythm (Episode 86)
  • Block out time to polish and complete your work (Episode 87)
  • Consider creating “easy posts” some posts take less time than others
    • Reader Discussions – ask a question
    • Polls – take a reader poll
    • Challenge your readers to do something
    • Link post – Links on a theme
    • Best of archived posts – link post on content you have written
    • Embedded content post – embed content and add thoughts (Episode 97)
    • Guests posts and interviews – THE KEY is to keep these posts relevant
      • Weekly Rhythm: Monday – Guest post
      • Tuesday – Reader discussion
      • Wednesday – Longer thoughtful post
      • Thursday – Video of the week
      • Friday – Longer thoughtful post
      • Saturday – Link roundup post
      • Sunday – Challenge post or reader homework
  • Use a tool like Coschedule or others to come up with an editorial calendar – be able to visualize ahead of time
  • Write out of relationships – create your content for real people – get to know your readers
  • Batch write – getting ahead of writing relieves the pressure
  • Be spontaneous – some of the best writing occurs when an idea pops in your head
  • Create content that is meaningful – don’t lose sight of what your blog is about
  • Understand what kind of content drives you – not just topic, but format and medium
    • For me, podcasting has been a huge game changer

Links and Resources for Being More Consistent With Your Blogging

How did you go with today’s episode?

I hope these tips resonated with you. I would love to hear your tips on combatting inconsistency on content creation.

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