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Blogging From the Heart and Soul

I had a recent meetup with two local bloggers and they both said that they wanted to give up blogging. They each had different reasons for wanting to give up their blogs and different reasons for starting their blogs. Their blogging strategies were also opposites.

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Blogger #1 was under the impression that all she needed to do is blog from the heart and everything else will take care of itself. I could relate to this, because that is how I started out. I just wanted to express myself.

She had been blogging from the heart and telling her story, but she hadn’t built an audience, and didn’t have any sustainable opportunities coming her way.

Blogger #2 had been told that to have a successful blog all he needed to do was follow a formula. He had been in a program that said that great content, plus good branding, proper ad placement, SEO, following a social media formula, and creating clickbait titles, all combined with good design would lead to blogging success.

He followed the formula, but his blog had no heart and soul. It was built with clinical precision.

I would argue that it is possible to blog smart while still blogging from the heart. Today I am going to talk about blogging from the heart, and next episode I will talk about smart blogging strategies.

In Today’s Episode 7 Different Ways to Blog from the Heart

  • Be passionate – blog with passion
  • Tell stories – storytelling is the number one thing we can do to build deeper connections with our readers
  • Build community – people want to contribute and belong and connect
  • Create inspirational content – inspire your readers with ideas of what could be
  • Be personal – we have all of these amazing tools that allow us to connect on a personal level through different mediums like podcasting and video
  • Be playful – use humor to surprise and delight your audience, share hobbies and passions
  • Create content that changes lives and makes the world a better place – it should be your desire to change your readers lives for the better

Further Resources on Blogging from the Heart

How did you go with today’s episode?

I want to encourage you to create something with heart and add soul to your blog. I’d love for you to share an approach you have used to blog with heart. Leave a comment or link below.

Update: Check out the next part in this series – How to Blog Smart (9 Strategies to Focus Upon)

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