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How to Beat Blogger’s Block: Part 4 – 10 Ways to Get Your Writing Flowing

Today’s episode is about how to get into the flow of regularly writing great content for your blog. It’s part 4 in a mini-series of podcasts that looks at how to stop blogger’s block. I get asked about it all the time and suffer it too! In today’s episode, I’m tackling the challenge of hitting the wall in terms of creating content, traditionally known as ‘writer’s block’. I share 10 key strategies you can use to beat writer’s block.  

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In This Episode

You can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). In today’s episode:

  • What causes writer’s block
  • How mixing up your environment could cure your writer’s block
  • How ‘free writing’ might get you unstuck
  • How writing to someone can help you – and 3 different ways to get you started
  • How getting in touch with someone else’s pain or need can free up your writing
  • Why the time you choose to write matters so much
  • How setting deadlines and creating an editorial calendar can save you angst and prevent writer’s block
  • Why stimulating and inspiring your mind is vital if you want to prevent writer’s block
  • How preparing an outline can break down writer’s block – and a template some bloggers find helpful
  • How writing a different style of blog post can get your creative juices flowing
  • Why ‘speaking’ your blog post might help you get it written down (and how I use this technique)

Further Reading and Resources for How to Get Your Writing Flowing

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  • Moshe

    I really liked the part where you said that you speak your posts out loud, I do that a lot. I use my mac’s dictation to write down posts. It’s way faster than typing, and it allows me to hear myself talking. That way know if my posts make sense. Thanks for the great tips, and here’s the URL to my blog.

  • Thanks Darren for sharing this. I am experiencing bloggers block and this came at a great time. I will especially use number 4 – get in touch with my audiences problem, need and pain point and start from there. I also will use the outline. Never done that before. Very valuable tips. Thanks

  • Hi Darren, Thank you for the great tips! I will definitely be trying out the free writing one. I find if I walk away from writing when I am stuck and take a walk or something where I can let my thoughts flow freely, I get ideas. I then jot them down right away in a notebook so I don’t forget them. Sometimes I get my best ideas thinking in the shower, so I have a small, water-proof writing board in there. The notebook then becomes a collection of ideas I can turn to when I get the dreaded writer’s block. My blog URL is

  • Darren – great suggestions! I really like the one about going on a commenting spree on other blog posts. I’ve never done that one before but definitely will try it! I can see how this would be very helpful.

    One thing I’ve done before when I have writer’s block is to start looking through stock image photos. Since I’m a very visual person, often this will trigger ideas of themes and post ideas that I can shape around what the image is portraying. You don’t even have to have a membership to most sites to look through the images.

  • Hi Darren, thank you for your inspiring podcasts. I run a couple of blogs. I am a vocal coach (Paris, France) and I “suffer” at times from both having no ideas or having too many ideas depending on the moment and on the blog… You reminded me I like to write songs in cafés so maybe I should try to write for my blogs in cafés. It is true that the more I write, the more I feel like writing (but the contrary is also true). It is like going to the gym. So I’ll start right now with finishing the first of my draft post. But before I do so, I need to say, as a vocalist, I am curious about your Spotify playlists. What about sharing them? Maybe it could help your readers being inspired too, you never know.