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How to Turn Your Product Daydreams Into Reality

pat flynnToday’s episode is a special interview with Pat Flynn about how to turn your great ideas into real life products.

Pat Flynn is a blogger at Smart Passive Income, speaker, podcaster, author and entrepreneur, widely known for the great tips he shares about how to increase your income.

Many bloggers have great ideas for generating income but don’t end up following through due to fear, or being unsure about how to go ahead.

Pat shares his tips and answers your questions so that you can transform your product ideas into reality.

Pat has also just released his brand new book – Will it Fly.

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In This Episode

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In today’s episode:

  • Why you should care about what Pat has to share
  • The roadblocks many bloggers face when it comes to monetising through products
  • How to come up with product ideas
  • How to choose which ideas to focus on
  • Exercises for developing product ideas
  • How to identify which idea will make the ‘best’ product
  • Things you should consider for choosing your first product
  • How to feel the fear and do it anyway
  • How to choose which way to develop your product, e.g. should it be an ebook? A course? Something else?
  • How to deliver your product
  • Things you should consider before building your product
  • How to create your product
  • The 3 things Pat recommends you should do first if you’re starting from zero
  • The one thing that will take you longer than anything else in making your product a reality
  • Pat’s top 5 apps/sites he uses for business
  • Pat’s top 3 podcast tips
  • The biggest change Pat plans to implement for his business in 2016

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How did you go with today’s episode?

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