How to Build An Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Blog

Today is day 8 in our 31 day challenge and it’s a really important one that I know many of you will get your teeth into.

You’re going to do a social media audit on your blog to assess how your social media accounts are going and to plan a way forward to use them more effective.


You can listen to todays episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment).

In this Episode

  • My confession with social media and how I’d let some of my social media accounts slip
  • Some suggestions for working out which social media accounts you should be focusing upon
  • Some suggested questions to ask yourself today about one of your social media accounts as you conduct your audit
  • The challenge to create an editorial calendar for your social media account
  • How making appointments with myself to make sure I implement what I plan

Tools mentioned in todays podcast include:

Further Reading

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Tell us How Your Social Media Audit Went Today

I’d love to hear how you found todays challenge in comments below.

  • What social media accounts are you most active on?
  • How could you improve what you do with your social media accounts?
  • What’s one thing you’ll do differently with your social accounts going forward?

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  • Hello Darren,

    I have done an audit on my Twitter account. Its been an interesting audit too as I created the account, @digtoolsonline before I setup the current blog, so I was already using the platform and building my presence before my first blog post.

    With my audit, I found I was doing the following;

    1. Following around 50 followers per day to build my presence. Those I follow are related to the the niches of content marketing, blogging, social media, esp Twitter, digital tools for media, social media and online design and related digital content or platforms.

    2. Daily posting to Twitter with asking questions, retweeting tweets, answering questions, sharing useful content with links and engaging with others. Mostly after 5pm and often tweeting with retweets up until I go to bed around 11pm. Almost every tweet is manually tweeted.

    3. Ensuring that I don’t ‘consume’ too much information myself, Twitter can be VERY much a time sink if one gets carried away reading all the useful information in the Twitter stream!!!

    In my audit, I also see that I can I have improvements I can implement to make Twitter a better experience for me and my followers.

    1. I currently do not have ANY automation on Twitter. I use Hootsuite for other social media, so I will look into setting up some engaging information to share with a sprinkle of my own information using automation.

    2. I do not currently have a content calender and as you suggested yourself, so I will setup and will also need to book myself in for providing content through the day based on my calender. Using manual and automatic updates.

    3. Find a way to capture useful Tweets to build a library to consume at a later time, like a Twitter bookmarking function (outside of favouriting a tweet)

    So that is what currently is happening for my use of Twitter and post audit, my plan to tweak and improve on my use and my engagement. I really think an editorial calender will help immensely!

  • Hey everyone,

    Just looking at the audit here of my own stuff.

    I think I’m fairly well cemented in the industry and people know me very well. Just making sure that there is fresh new content and translated content for the people that haven’t heard of my website just yet.

    I’m now using TweetDeck for my Twitter engagement and automation. Also using Hootsuite but I think I’ll start a new campaign. I used to have a social media person work with me and we scheduled up 4 months worth of Tweets at a time. (those were the days)

    Also looking into Pinterest again with renewed interest from yesterday’s challenge.

  • In the strongest description I can give, using social media is my bane! I have accounts, accounts and more soc media accounts than I can handle, use or even know how. Just recently (about 2 weeks ago!), I vowed (again) to learn how to use soc med. And so Dear Darren, once more, here I am. After listening to your Day 8 podcast 3 times, this is my Editorial Plan:

    *Focus on Pinterest b/c of the audience demographics (I’ll also look into joining a Facebook group)
    *Reorganize my boards to re-focus on my niche: apartment living
    *Narrow my pins to reflect my niche
    *Set up a Google Analytics (goal? I guess that’s it) to track social media efforts).
    *Continue with my new format for posts that I send to Pinterest (Do more research/observations on how other bloggers submit their posts)
    *Learn and monitor stats on Pinterest
    *Use automation (and yes I have a hootsuite account somewhere) to test and track the best times for submitting a post. This may also help me to decide when to do repins.

    Perhaps in a month or two, I’ll have something to audit! Maybe a challenge is what I needed to get motivated.

    P.S. The picture isn’t entirely bleak. I actually got 6 clicks to my website from Pinterest for the past week compared to 1 or 2 or 0!

    • I can totally sympathize. Social media is supposed to be fun and engaging, but it always feels like work to me.

      Good luck on your editorial calendar!

  • I spend far too much time on social media. I loathe Twitter and am definitely someone who spams 20 tweets and then nothing for weeks. I do have Hootsuite but haven’t taken the time to teach it to myself to use seamlessly. it’s on the ever growing Evernote list.

    I use FB the most, sharing blogs and curating content from others but the algorithms are so random I am tearing my hair out most of the time. There are one or two UBER pages who have hundreds of thousands of followers and a share from any of them usually sees page like hitting the thousands and engagement skyrocketing. I will be analysing two of them to find potential submissions here. I also found out looks at insights that most of my traffic/engagement is Tuesday to Friday from noon to 10pm which is interesting.

    I started with Pinterest and did some housekeeping on the boards (76 down to 73) . I work directly with some clients on mood boards and trialing ideas via Pinterest which works really well and is fast for an exchange of ideas. These boards need cleaning up and removing when they are done with.
    I don’t specifically pitch blogs posts at this medium partly because all the images in my posts are mine and I’m not sure I want the being used for any purpose by anyone who uses Pinterest or Pinterest themselves for ever more even if I remove them. I know a number of garden photographers who have demanded on the company their work is taken off Pinterest. Copyright. Still perhaps I should investigate creative commons more closely.

    I need to look at Google Analytics more closely but high level FB drives 77% of traffic followed by 11.5% Twitter and 9% Pinterest Which given I network Twitter tweets and am pretty sporadic with Pinterest means I need to adjust time spent to increase traffic from the last two.

    I am tentative about using LinkedIn, not that I don’t have an account, in fact I am an early adopter (in the 1st 100k members!) it’s just that I am more cautious posting articles there. I do participate regularly in groups and share good content around the industry topics. I can definitely look at improving this engagement.

  • Here’s where I’m at on Social Media:

    Facebook – I just launched a page for my blog last week. Seems like a good way to drum up interest without spamming my friends and family. Problem is, the posts don’t have the reach I’d like. I’ll look into the groups option you brought up.

    Twitter – Ugh, Twitter. I get no joy from this platform, yet I know its power. I’m trying, really trying, to be an active, willing participant.

    On post automation, I signed up for Buffer this week. I find it’s a good way to get all of my social media done for the day in less than a half hour or so.

    • Jerry Everard

      I really need to set up a separate FB page… But Twitter – I do auto posts to it from my blog using JetPack and it does work well. Looks like you are going well Eric πŸ™‚

      • I use Squarespace, but I think it may have an auto post feature as well. I’ll look into that.

        I’ve had two personal blogs now, and set up FB pages for each. Couldn’t recommend it enough. It really helps compartmentalize your blogging stuff from your personal stuff–assuming there’s a distinction πŸ™‚

        • I’m on Squarespace too. And yes, you can push out your posts to your social accounts once you link them up with Squarespace. Although I have linked with Pinterest, Linkdin and Twitter, I only push out my posts to Twitter. I’m not entirely sure I like this because it doesn’t Tweet with an image. On my long list of things to do is to find out how to Tweet with an image.

          • Yes, tweets without an image are definitely a problem! What I did was turn off the automation entirely and just tweet a link to my post manually. That way, I could add an image. The only problem with this is that the image reduces the number of characters available, so I really have to put some thought into how I am going to say what I need in less than a 140 characters! Twitter and I are not quite best friends yet.

    • Please share your Facebook page with us! Would love to follow

  • Jerry Everard

    I definitely need to develop an editorial calendar – this is one of the best tips so far on this journey – and scheduling appointments with self to make the time to review.

    Twitter doesn’t bring me as much traffic as facebook, but almost all my sales and trad media pick-ups have been from Twitter. If I want news sites or TV stations to notice my stuff I tweet it. On that subject though, I’ve found it is vital to watermark my photos -I even had a sale from someone who tracked me down from the watermark after seeing it partially blurred out on TV!

    On post automation – I have that set up with JetPack on WordPress for both my current blogs to re-post as I post to the blog, but haven’t previously thought to pre-schedule tweets and FB posts – will definitely try that.

    How am I finding the challenge so far? I’m finding it a cracking pace – but I’m learning heaps even if I can’t quite manage to keep up every day – and that for me is just what I need – it keeps the pressure on me to build a habit of actively managing my blogs, rather than just posting whenever I feel like it. I feel I am already starting to get more business-like about my approach.

    • Twitter as a sales and pitch vehicle. That makes sense to me. Emails get tossed in the trash, but I’m guessing people might be more liable to notice and respond to a DM or mention, if done appropriately.

      • Jerry Everard

        Thanks for the comment Eric – I agree – I think maybe people do take more notice of tweets than of emails – and it seems to get more click-throughs too. I find on FB people will click ‘like’ and move on rather than visit the blog – some do come through, but fewer than the numbers would suggest.

      • Pete Reece

        Hi Eric. Listening to another podcast about blogging recently, the two presenters did make the point that social media are subject to fashion changes in a way that email isn’t. You could be doing really well with one social medium and then its popularity drops and then what do you do? Where do your followers go? They won’t tell you so you have to start all over again. While most young people don’t use email as a means of communicating with each other, virtually everyone has an email address. Something to bear in mind? My personal opinion Eric is that we need to use all methods of communication if we are to be as successful as we want. Pete πŸ™‚

    • Sam Walker

      Yes Jerry, I feel the same as you about the challenge – it is a cracking pace. And I am way behind. But each day I go and have a look at something and spend a few minutes thinking about things and how I could do them. Now I need to spend more time doing than thinking.

      • Jerry Everard

        Thanks for the response Sam – great to know I’m not alone in this! But I’m finding the challenge pretty exhilarating too – and useful even to get us thinking about how we can be better bloggers πŸ™‚

  • Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without social media! Most of my traffic comes from my Facebook page, which is different from my personal account. On my page, I share blog posts and images related to the posts. Facebook pages actually come with a very useful stats tool that lets you see what kind of posts get more interaction and even the hours when most of your fans are online. I have 879 followers on this page, which is also why this is my main source of traffic. This is my page URL:
    I have learned several useful things about Facebook. First, that friends and family are the first group of people you get readers from, and they will always be happy to recommend you. Second, that posts with images or video get more attention. This is also true of Twitter. Third, that I don’t like automation. Blogging platforms will give you the option of automatically sharing your most recent post, but this sort of share is not at all attractive. I started getting more traffic when I turned off the automation and began sharing my blog posts manually. This allows me to write in a voice appropriate to my social media account and I can select the right image to go along with it.
    Since Facebook is my main source of traffic, I take care to post on it at least once or twice a day. In the morning, I regularly post a greeting to my fans. Later on, I will post a link to my most recent blog post or maybe one to an older post. However, I will also start a group and do surveys. I follow other pages that do this and it seems to work very well for them. I think I could use more community building.
    My next resolution is to start giving the same attention to my Twitter account. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I am sure it can be a lot more productive!

    • ” I started getting more traffic when I turned off the automation and began sharing my blog posts manually. This allows me to write in a voice appropriate to my social media account and I can select the right image to go along with it.”

      I like this approach and will be trying it out.

    • Interesting I use the automated approach to sharing blog posts, may turn it off and try something different and see what happens, thanks

    • I’ve found with FB the more frequently you post on your page the more people will see it as they get more chances to interact.

      How does Pinterest do for you?

      • Yes, it is necessary to post frequently on Facebook, but there is fine line between getting attention and being annoying. Post too little, you get nothing. Post too much, you get unliked. How much is too little or too much? That’s up to each of us to find out!
        I love Pinterest! It’s an excellent source of ideas for my blog, and I have my fair share of followers, but it doesn’t do much for traffic. I use Pinterest to save links that are interesting for me, and many times I have written about ideas coming from there, and I also have a board where I pin my blog posts, but honestly I did not get on Pinterest to get traffic to my blog. However, I think Pinterest would get traffic for blogs about topics like art, design, and decorating because the target audience for that niche is abundant on there. I also think that social media presence contributes greatly to getting found on Google searches, so Pinterest might be doing something for me indirectly, but I can’t be sure about that.

    • When you say “surveys” what types are you doing? What is your intention with each survey? I’ve not done any, but hear them used often by other writers.

      • I am not doing any surveys right now, but I think those would be a great tool. The simplest thing that occurs to me is to ask my readers what they would like me to blog about. You see, I follow several people in my niche, and I have recently joined their Facebook groups, and they have all asked us what we would like to see on their websites through a survey. So, I think surveys help with creating a community among readers and it’s a way for them to interact. That’s something I would like to implement on my Facebook page.

        • Thanks for all your great ideas!

    • Pete Reece

      Really interesting information Fabi. Thanks.

  • Sam Walker

    Social media – oh dear, I need lots of work in this area. Our blog is only a few months old so not much to analyse so far. I have Facebook happening and our engagement seems to be increasing slowly. Will take on board some of the things mentioned in the Podcast to try and grow that. We also have a link from our blog to instagram, but I don’t think it really does anything for us at this stage.
    I haven’t got my head around Twitter yet and I know I need to be on Pinterest. I have been trying to get my head around Pinterest for about 9 months and I just don’t get how to use it and I don’t get how to do it without essentially giving my images away. Any tips in this area would be great. And Google Plus is another one I need to set up. Soooo much to do in this area.

    • The best social media account for you depends on your blog niche. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are wholly visual, so, they are ideal for art, design, and decorating. Facebook and Google+ are better for text posts, although you can also post images and video on there, so you adapt those to many other topics. On the other hand, Twitter has more of a surfing-in-the-crowd feel to it, but it allows you to reach a lot of people who are interested in one specific topic, at one time. There is definitely a kind of social media site for everyone.

      • Sam Walker

        Thanks Fabi. Text and visuals are a crucial part of our site so I know I need to be on Pinterest. It’s just getting there…
        But your breakdown is great and helps sort things out. I will definitely use this when looking at a social media editorial calendar.

  • Sam Walker

    I should add that one of my biggest challenges is getting engagement. People often like but I rarely get comments or discussion. And if I pose questions I get zero response. Something to work on there.

    • I find my audience engages the most when they have something to complain about. Which of course creates headaches for me. If I’ve stuffed up a link, or posted something too early, I’m guaranteed a complaint comment. Give them something to whine about and you’ll get engagement…

      • Sam Walker

        I have actually heard of people who intentionally publish an error and wait for their audience to pick it up and comment on it. I guess there could be something in that… I don’t really have a big enough audience yet. So I guess I need to get back to that exercise on building your audience.

        • Marie-Claire Allington

          Me too – I have plenty of real errors on there I don’t think anyone is seeing them either right now to discuss or otherwise.

          • Spelling errors. Make a spelling error, and you will never hear the end of it.

          • Marie-Claire Allington

            So it doesn’t matter what the content is then – folk are just looking to respond negatively? What is with all the advice about starting where we are at and all that – truthfully is it just gladiatorial combat over mistakes and use of our colons? Last person standing gets the thumbs up? That is depressing – well they will find plenty of bloops in my work I expect:)
            Tonight I have been googling a few author pages to see what they do – most are probably under contract – but even so not a blog between them, only 2 out of 6 had FB pages and they both had pages only for most recent book launched. All had links to buy the books – somewhere – if not on their site. There were no give aways or hooks to keep you interested unless you wanted info on infrequent public appearances. Some tweated – one about non arrival of a parcel.
            Most were long published and I guess I found them first in book shops – made me wonder how a new reader would find them today out side of an indirect sales medium listing. The romance writers were better connected and had more contact with their readers. Not sure it helped me a lot except I counted the average word count of a front page bio and in this small sample it was 68 and said very little – no one had a brand type slogan – the most was if it was a single book page promo with the book title. Forwards or backwards? Not sure. MC. Forwards I guess…

          • Okay, not trying to depress you. Let me try this again.
            On your posts, they aren’t as picky, you might get a comment on the spelling error, or grammar, but it’s on social media where they’re picky. Spell something wrong on FB or pinterest and everyone comments.

            On the subject of authors building websites and pages and such. I follow a few author’s blogs, and most of them are because I’m interested in either them personally, or I’m interested in the topic they write about. For instance there’s a marriage blogger that I read her blog. She writes regularly about how to improve your marriage and about once a week or so she mentions her book. She built her blog to help sell her book, and her blog gives her authority in the area.
            Another I follow writes on crafting and shares crafts and ideas related to their books, both of them created blogs that led to book deals.
            The final one I follow her facebook page, and she shares lots of fun facts about the time period she sets her books in and does a monthly giveaway on her newsletter for a $5 Starbucks giveaway, it’s always amusing to read the little tidbits in her newsletter as well.
            I hope that helps you with figuring out some ideas as an aspiring author (I can find links for all of the blogs I mentioned if you want).

    • Pete Reece

      My challenge too Sam. There are quite a lot of internet resources just on that topic. Just some ideas for you which may work for you (or not) –
      Offer a prize.
      Set a challenge.
      Be controversial
      Leave them hanging – e.g. “I’ll tell you next time.” or “Second part next time.”
      Trigger an emotional reaction especially a positive one

  • Great podcast Darren. Does anyone here use CoSchedule or Viral Tag?

  • Marie-Claire Allington

    I haven’t automated anything yet beyond working out how to get WordPress to post something the next day for me! My biggest problem is I am not boosting what I do at all -which links back to the issue I have with the products I am creating with the books – I have been brain storming that my content is very inwards looking or I am pushing other folks postings that interest me – husband looked at site in all innocence and first comment was ‘what is all this other stuff?’ He was right my face book page looks like a magasine. My content tends to be about my writing day/week I try to take the positives out of it or be funny about the disasters but I don’t want the site to be about teaching other folk to write – I can show what I do but as the products aren’t finished yet I am not sure I want to start trying to push them except very generally -I took the point it takes time to build these things up and took the opportunity to start now while our house is in bits and I have the time but I am wondering if it is too early? I feel like I have got the hand brake on or ‘Gidy up – just a little bit’. The earliest I can get books out there will be Oct 2016 and I am working hard to make that so …

    • If you mean boosting as in paying for Facebook Ads, I don’t think its worth it as much anymore these days and I wouldn’t do it unless you have something to create a lead, sign up or sale. You can always build up a pre-launch list before the launch of your book?

      • Marie-Claire Allington

        Yes kind of my thoughts now I am further in to this. I feel as if I need to keep doing something – like joining in here – as I learn incrementally then and when I can see a step forward with the design of the blog or social media etc then I take it.
        I won’t be able to sell any books without it so though I would rather spend my time on endless piles of typing I feel I need to tell my brain that 50% of my intended career will be in providing sales platform and support for the other – if I get this mindset now then I feel I have won a major battle with myself – what seemed like a major lemon with the house needing to be rebuilt etc has turned into a vast opportunity for me to concentrate on this instead of leaving it till some point right before I had a book product ready to go.. also training self not to be precious about my work – the books are products and the stories are work for potential income. Helps keep my focus and avoid artistic prat falls. πŸ™‚

  • This was a good one. I find twitter quite overwhelming with a 4 day a week job ( my blog is my love project). I am going to look at some social media goals this week and some automated posting. I share but am lacking with engagement and promoting my older posts from when I had zero readers!

  • OK I have a problem. I did a breakdown to have a look at the social media traffic sources to see what social media platforms are being used to bring in traffic. Vkontakte is one of my top three social networks bringing in traffic after Twitter and Facebook. It’s a Russian social networking site that has a huge market penetration there compared to Facebook. Performs better than Facebook as well with brands having a huge social presence on the network.

    So, do I go learn Russian to engage with my listeners and readers?!? Privet Rossiya!

    • Marie-Claire Allington

      If they are engaging in English now it would still be good business to acknowledge their language and culture I should think. It is a vast market for sure out there.

  • It has been a cracking pace and I’m only just managing to keep up! Facebook is my main business social media but it feels so random to me. Here’s my page if anyone’s interested. Some posts reach far more than the ‘Likers’ I have and other posts (which generally are my updates on this 31 day ‘challenge’) which barely reach an audience. My Likers are mostly on at 8pm at night.

    I LOVE Twitter but while it started as a business account, I pretty much use it for tweeting about sport – though it has gained me a client or two. And I met Kelly Exeter on it, which has been a huge plus for my business as she now refers website clients onto me since her move to Flying Solo. I’ve tried to post more business stuff on it and will keep doing it. Pinterest – well, that needs work πŸ™‚

  • Marie-Claire Allington

    Can I ask a dumb question please? I get email notes suggesting folk I should follow on Twitter – who are they and where have they come from? Are they random selections from a search engine or have they actually shown an interest in me – or I them? At least with the FB ones I can see it may be friends of friend’s cousins but with Twitter I can’t tell if I am missing an opportunity by ignoring them or even appearing rude…:)MC

    • Hey, don’t worry. I had a hard time figuring out Twitter too! Those suggestions are followers of the people you follow, or they are followed by the people you follow. A good idea is to start following people in your niche, so Twitter will automatically start suggesting you follow more people in that niche, which is a good way to start connecting with potential readers. When you get suggestions, check out those profiles to see if they are the right audience for you, or if they have a website or blog that is relevant to you. If they do, read their content and engage. Also, check their tweets to see which hashtags they are using, because maybe you can find interesting content or also use those hashtags on your tweets. You could get a lot of traffic that way!

      • Marie-Claire Allington

        Thanks Fabi – what do you mean by ‘using their’ hash tags please?

        • Hashtags show you which topics are being discussed, such as #nyse, which is trending today. Twitter users will click on hashtags they are interested in to get more info on a topic. So, for example, I started following several bloggers in my niche, and I noticed that they were using the hashtag #myblog on their tweets. I clicked on the hashtag and found a huge stream of tweets from other bloggers who were sharing their posts. Now, when I tweet my latest blog post, I usually include this hashtag so my tweet will show up along with other bloggers’. That way, if another blogger is following this hashtag, they will also see the link to my blog post. You could also use other hashtags to find a more targeted audience. I write about my fitness and health journey, so I would use hashtags such as #exercise, #diet, #fitness, and so on. Hope this helps!

          • Marie-Claire Allington

            I think so… will read a few times – so as my writing and content is about writing horse based or adventure based or romance based novels etc or what ever I need to look at hash tags #riding #writing etc?
            I will give it a go – Thanks it is making me think about that. MC

          • You know what? Just type #writer in the Twitter search box, and you’ll get suggestions like #writetips, #writersproblems, #writerslife, #amwriting. Click on any of those hashtags and you’ll get a stream of people who are sharing things about writing all sorts of topics. Start following some of those people, check out their content, engage with them, and you’ll see how you’ll get a lot more out of Twitter.

          • Marie-Claire Allington

            Thanks I am having a look at it now. MC

          • Marie-Claire Allington

            Ah This mornig I got a news letter from the group of Equestrian bloggers that I take and there is an equestrianhour# thing on a wedpm where it looks ok to tweet about business as well as general horse talk – had a mind to link my blog to this group when I get the books near launch – but this looks like a way to join in on Twitter more – Thanks Fabi again for pointing me in the right direction here. MC

          • Glad I could help!

          • I had no idea how powerful hashtags could be, plus I didn’t understand them, but in the last couple of weeks have picked up several blog followers based on them, so you never know!

          • I know! That happened to me too! Hashtags also work with Instagram. They are definitely powerful!

    • I usually click through to their profile and look to see what their tweeting and what their profile description says.

  • ticiaM

    Looking at my social media referrals, Pinterest is by far and away where I get most of my social media traffic. Next is Facebook, with 1/8 of the traffic of Pinterest, and then twitter, and then G+ way down there.

    I’m trying to evaluate right now if G+ is worth continuing to work on. I’m working with some blogging friends on twitter, so I expect that to improve soon.

    • I’m with you on Google+. Never gotten any traffic from there!

      • Same here with Google +. I decided a few weeks ago to not bother with it anymore, so I don’t post my blogs to it and I have taken down the logo for Google + on my site.

  • This was an interesting one, I know that most of m,y traffic comes doe. Facebook at the moment but I spend too much time there and need to branch out more. I recently starting tweeting more and really saw a difference there, I had no idea there were apps to set up tweets for you I’m so going to look into that. I think the main thing for me was to start scheduling when I do social media to stop getting distracted! Thanks

  • I get a lot of traffic from Facebook and I’m working really hard on Twitter at the moment. I’ve been trying out different social media tools and Edgar sounds like an interesting one. I’m using hootsuite at the moment and not sure it’s the best for scheduling.

  • Thanks again Darren – sending different topics throughout the day is an idea never occurred to me. I think about my audience (small as it is) and how a friendly update or related posts, videos, etc would be natural rather than intrusive. Still building – hoping they’ll come πŸ™‚

  • I have found that my Facebook Page is the most popular and if you are keen for a look here is the link: I have also noticed that I have a lot of likes on my photo’s on Instagram. I linked my Instagram to my Facebook Page a while ago, to save posting it twice. However Pinterest whilst I do have an account and pin pics from my blog, I have no idea how to really drum up more readers from there…… Tis a mystery but one I am wanting to learn more about πŸ™‚

  • DIY Decorator

    This was a really interesting exercise and one I hadn’t done before. Facebook and Pinterest account for 95% of our social media referrals. What was interesting was Instagram. We have more followers on Instagram than any other platform but it only referred a miniscule amount of traffic. Does anybody else find this? Maybe if people see something on Instagram they are interested in they just google your website rather than clicking the link in your profile or maybe Instagram is good for brand awareness but not at directing traffic to your website. Be interested to hear what you think.

    • I know what you mean, Instagram is a very popular social media site at the moment, but I just can’t figure it out yet. I found this website which offers a free Instagram class:
      I am planning to take the class as soon as I finish with this challenge.

      • DIY Decorator

        Thanks Fabi, I’ll check it out.

  • I’m fairly new to social media and I know I’m not using it effectively. I did appreciate Darren’s video of his worksheet and I also printed off the Buffer post and the post. According to I should be spending my time on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, not so much on Google+ and I have absolutely no desire to sign on to Facebook. Once I finish this challenge my next personal challenge will be to master Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram in that order.

  • Pete Reece

    Really tricky one for me because I hadn’t really been using social media at all. Since I use Blogger, I do get traffic and it is linked to Google+ anyway I decided to create a special Google+ page for the blog instead of my own personal one. This is going to take more work yet but I’ve made a start. I think this will take more work developing than anything else.

  • Great challenge today! I use HootSuite to schedule Tweets for the week ahead. It works well and avoids the 10 minutes of Tweeting rush then nothing for a few days.
    I also schedule blog posts for the week ahead (I use Blogger).

  • Over the past 3 weeks I’ve really been working on increasing my Twitter following, and being successful with it. I’m also getting back into scheduling FB posts, which is one of tonight’s tasks.
    Next month I will try to get back into a schedule of being over on Google + for a few minutes a day. In fact, I’m going to schedule it into my calendar right now!

  • I’ll go over the links mentioned here one by one next time. Thank you for always providing very useful content Darren! It’s been an amazing podcast, I can’t stop raving sbout it.

    As for food blogs, i think we need to be very social media accounts that allow you to show very beautiful photos (similar strategy as digital photography school!). I’m currently capitalizing on facebook and instagram, and struggling with Pinterest followers. I’m going to keep this going and see if we can get new readers from these locations. I have been very active commenting around too! πŸ™‚

  • Christie Adams

    Hi, I am now all co-ordinated on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and WordPress. After much crying into my keyboard after I moved to a web host, I have now realised I need to do most stuff on my own, so I dug in and asked for help via Twitter. Buffer were brilliant and actually recommended IFTTT, oh my word not another thing for me to learn? Oh yes – its amazing!!
    I am working under my pen name so also have personal accounts on twitter and Pinterest. I find Pinterest the least easy to understand and use, so if you want to do some podcasts specific to it, that would be awesome! It seems to be the only forum in which you can’t manage two open accounts, unless you log off log on each time ARGH!
    I have now opened a ‘work’ Pinterest but have to start from scratch with pins which is a bit annoying as I have lots of followers on my personal account that I will now lose. Ho hum! Life goes on!
    MASSIVE thanks for your support and great suggestions.

  • Mercy K

    This was great challenge and helps me try and figure out where to put my energy. I have a FB page for my blog which gets some visitors because this is where most my target hangs out,but it’s not regular. I don’t have ‘eyes’ on my blog besides family and friends who I have cajoled to read:). Twitter is a blur, but I am trying to learn and work some more on it.I also need to figure out how to get more engagement even when I have not put up a blog post, probably post more regularly on the FB page especially?
    I will diarize an audit on a monthly basis and hope to stick to it.
    Thanks alot for the helpful tips in this series.

  • Trish Trejo

    The Day 8 challenge helped me articulate my niche better. I even posted the process on my blog!
    Feedback is always desired and welcome.