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How I Increased the Subscriber Rate on My Blogs by 80-1000%

Today’s episode is the second of the new ‘Today, Not Someday’ podcast series. The focus is actioning your ‘someday’ list, the things you’ve always wanted to do to improve your blog but have struggled to make happen. For details about how the series works, check out episode one here. Part 2 was about why you should sell a product on your blog (and how to dot it).

The focus of today’s episode is about why and how you should have a good system to allow people to subscribe to your email list. I have spent lots of time over the years experimenting with different ways to let readers subscribe across my blogs. I share the technique I use that increased my email list subscribers by over 100% so you can use it on your blog.

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In This Episode

You can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). In today’s episode:

  • Why I started using email as a way to communicate with my readers
  • Why email is a valuable communication tool for your blog
  • The 3 keys to increasing the subscriber numbers on your email list
  • An invitation to complete a challenge to improve your blog
  • 5 things you should test in your email list sign ups
  • The tool that has increased my email list sign ups by more than 100%

Further Reading and Resources for How to Increase Your Email List Subscribers By 100% Today

The email list providers that I use:

SumoMe, the email list tool I use for pop up and Welcome Mat subscription forms (and a SPECIAL OFFER)

The great thing about SumoMe is that:

  • It allows you to test different types of popups, hello bars etc. in combination
  • You can target people coming from different sources of traffic with different tools, different CTAs, different frequency of seeing the tools etc.

I’ve seen between 80%-1000% increases in subscribers on every site I’ve tested it on.

Check out the increases in subscribers I’ve seen to a couple of my sites. First Digital Photography School.

increase subscribers sumome dps

Next – here’s the increase in subscribers here on the ProBlogger Podcast show notes page.

increase subscribers sumome pb

My wife even saw a 1000% increase in her subscribers on her blog!

The feature I specifically mention working very well for me on my blogs (and being responsible for these increases in subscribers) is the ‘Welcome Mat’. SumoMe has a special offer for ProBlogger readers, a free month of ‘Welcome Mat Pro’, which is pretty amazing! Access the special offer here

Other episodes in the Today, Not Someday Series:

Update: check out Part 3 which continues the theme of growing your subscriber numbers by creating an opt-in for your blog.

Meet my new friend, Edgar (and a SPECIAL OFFER)

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to the ProBlogger podcast for the duration of this 10 part series, my friend ‘Edgar‘.

Edgar is a tool I’ve been using since January of this year that does exactly what this series is about. It enables you to make the work you do on social media keep paying off for the long term. You put a little work into Edgar today by adding social media updates highlighting the great content in your blog’s archives and Edgar goes to work to share them to your followers not just once but by queuing your updates to keep delivering to into the future.

The team at Edgar have put together a special deal for ProBlogger readers which gives you a free one month trial. Sign up for it at

As promised in today’s podcast – here’s a video of how I use it:

If watching videos isn’t your thing – here’s a blog post I wrote on how I use Edgar.

How did you go with today’s episode?

Do you already have an email list? Will you start one today? If you already have an email list, what strategies are working best to convert people into signing up? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

The hashtag I’ll be using to talk about this journey on social media is #TodayNotSomeday and I encourage you to share your journey too, using the same hashtag.

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  • Kate Lloyd

    Hi Darren. Wonderful and helpful as usual.
    I would love to receive the free month of the ‘WelcomeMat Pro’, however I already have an account with SumoMe and it doesn’t seem to be offering me this opportunity. I can receive 14 days free trial but not through ProBlogger. Any ideas how you can help? I’d love to give WelcomeMat Pro a go.

    • Hi Kate – I’m not exactly sure the answer to this but perhaps shoot their customer service a note and ask if they can do anything for you as a ProBlogger listener?

      • Kate Lloyd

        Will do. Thanks so much Darren. 🙂

  • Thanks so much, Darren! I’m currently using Buffer (which has the ability to re-buffer), but they don’t have a library like edgar…very appealing.

    • Diane – Buffer is great but you’re right – the library feature of Edgar is what got me hooked.

  • I just started using Edgar this week, switching from Buffer and even a free trial of CoSchedule. I agree, the library feature got me hooked. I love not having to go in every few days to update my que

  • Sharon Swift

    Love this. Am signing up! Thanks for the discount. P.S. What screen recording software do you use that has you in the corner?

  • Hey Darren,
    Have you checked out “Revive Old Post” from Themeisle?
    It sends out your pages and posts continuously to Facebook and Twitter at the frequency you decide. I have it set up to start at the oldest post and send every 30mins, then when it’s posted all my material (pages &/or posts) it goes right back to the start and does it all again. You can include featured image with each post too. frequency can be modified for each social platform.
    Set it up once and away it goes. Here’s a link;

  • Bethaney

    Done! Just added in a welcome mat!

  • Hey Darren, I’ll have to be honest about this one – I thought it was going to be a generic “why you should have an email list” podcast, so I was a bit hesitant to listen compared to the newer podcast. I have to admit though that you surprised me – and am definitely going to check Sumo-me out. I’ve struggled with the pop-up as well, and I’m just using the sidebar/Hello bar combination right now which isn’t converting for me at all. But the exit pop-up and welcome mat seem like a great addition for any blog. I’ll have to check them out. As for the tip about not using your gmail account, what about using an email service provided by your host to send out newsletters?

  • Kevin Lee


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    How can you suggesst the way to inscreases it, see blog => Mã giảm giá Deca

  • Thanks Darren! I caught your Periscope session on SumoMe’s Welcome Mat feature and have been using it ever since. It’s DEFINITELY been increasing my blog subscribers. I do have a quick question though: how do you respond to readers if they happen to complain about the welcome mat? I’ve had a couple of my subscribers actually write and tell me that they thought it was too distracting.

  • Thanks for the tip Darren I’m going to try Sumo Me. Claire

  • I’ve listened to this podcast again and I know I need to do something about creating a better mailing list. Here’s what convinced me. In November, I noticed that I did have a “Subscribe by Email” widget from Blogger on my site. I put it on when I designed my blog and did nothing with it… terrible, I know. Anyway, I learned that it goes to Feedburner and sends out my latest post to subscribers. That’s pretty cool but not necessarily a “You must open this email.” I checked the subscriber list after listening to this podcast again and the subscription based has increased from 9 to 24 since November. My public followers only increased by four. So, all this time I’ve focused on the wrong metrics. But, I wouldn’t have known that without this podcast.

    Anyway… does anyone have a step-by-step process they would do to capture convert from what I have now to something more engaging? I’ve seen I could export the Feedburner list to Mailchip, that you recommended above. It looks like I can then customize my email notice from MailChimp.

    I’m looking to research the process to make a work flow to take advantage of the recommendations from this but I’m such a “hold my hand and walk me through it” kind of gal. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Darren, thank you for this podcast. I definitely need help in growing my list but just didn’t know to move forward even with a plan. I wanted to take a look at SumoMe but also wanted to know their pricing schedule before signing up. Frankly, I hate it when free trails are offered but before you can even look at the price schedule. I may still give it a try but know ONLY BECAUSE I TRUST YOU! (I do have MailChimp and am getting better at my monthly newsletter.)

  • Jennifer

    Darren, was this the podcast where you mentioned being an affiliate for MailChimp, and if we signed up through you, there was a $30 offer? I have already decided to go with MailChimp, but if we can both benefit, even better. I followed the link in these show notes, but it didn’t say anything about the offer. Maybe it’s expired, or I need to use a different link?

  • Kevin Lee

    Darren, thank you for this podcast. I think I need to try Sumo Me for my blog

  • The two graphics make me wonder why the subscriptions plateau again after the short – undeniably impressive – boost? Will listen to the podcast, but I think a graph should always be clear by itself. So what’s the secret? Is it just a one-time effect?