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How to Find Readers for Your Blog Through Commenting and Relationships

Today’s episode is about how to find new readers for your blog. It’s the question I get asked most by bloggers, so this is the forth of a series of podcasts on this topic.

In part one we looked at two really important questions to ask before you go hunting for readers to read your blog.

In part two, we talked about how to use two types of content to find readers for your blog.

In part three, we talked about building a blog that readers will want to return to again and again (a ‘sticky’ blog).

Today, we talk about how to grow your readership by commenting and networking.


In This Episode

You can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). Today we talk about:

  • How to identify the places your ideal readers are hanging out online
  • How to leave comments on blogs and social media to grow your profile
  • How to network informally with other bloggers to build opportunities to grow your readership
  • How building a blogging alliance can grow your blog
  • How to pitch to influencers (people who are already getting noticed)
  • How to feature influencers

Further Reading/Listening For Finding Blog Readers

How did you go with today’s challenge?

Are you already using some of these commenting and relationship techniques to grow your blog readership? What would you add? What will you try next?

I’d love to hear your answers to those questions. Let me know in the comments below, and share a link to your blog.

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  • Daniel Fava

    Thanks so much for your podcast, Darren. I’ve been loving it. Especially these few about getting more readers. My blog is about 3 months old and I’ve been struggling with this. It’s been a slow process but I have been trying to add value and be helpful on other blogs and social media. You’re right, it’s a slow burn. Trying to be patient 🙂

    I’d like to take up your offer of mentioning here that I’d love to connect with other bloggers in my niche. My blog is about creating websites and digital marketing for therapists and counselors. If anyone would like to collaborate, please reach out. Thanks again Darren!

    • catdoyle

      Hey Daniel, I do exactly the same as you over here in Australia! I’ll drop you a line 🙂

  • This has been really interesting, and just reinforced the fact that there’s no ‘quick win’ (something many people, um, not naming names, want). In terms of an additional point to add, is don’t take any relationship that you work on for granted. I mean, it seems like there are so many strategies for building relationships, but once that’s done, there seem to be quite a few players who act like it’s job done, and on to the next conquest. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the tips

  • I’ve found a fair amount of bloggers in my niche, but it’s finding ones with the right philosophy that can be difficult at times. I’ve got some chewing over to do.

  • Marcus Kerr

    Thank you for this I have been using a webbsite to learn how to write stories to readers and and posting my address on twitter have had one or two looks but no luck if I good get some more advice it would be much appreciated thank you. If you dont mind im following all who post here have a wonderful day.

  • What helped us a lot so far with was collaborating with other plattforms that follow the same goals that we have with a specific post.

  • catdoyle

    Thank you Darren! This kind of informal networking is something I’ve been working on lately, so it was really great to hear you put it all together and to hear some new ideas too. This is the first of your podcasts I’ve listened to. I’m already looking forward to catching up with more 🙂

  • I love the blog alliance idea! This sounds like a huge commitment, but it sounds like one that would be worth it.

    I think the key is to partner together with like-minded people, so that you feel comfortable sharing their content with your readers. Definitely good food for thought! Thank you.

  • I love the blog alliance idea, as well. I would love to guest post, but I feel like I’m just “not there” yet. My blog is only 3 months old, and so far I feel like I’m on an island. I’m going to a Bloggy Conference in a couple weeks, so hopefully I can meet some like-minded bloggers there. I’ve also joined some Facebook groups, but everyone either seems farther along or isn’t quite in my niche. My blog is Tickling the Wheat, where I share strategies for a simple life because I believe parenting, finances, and everyday life should be simple. If anyone thinks that would be a good fit, let me know. See more at:

  • Great stuff Darren. I have been blogging for about 10 years now and have had lots of ups and downs but what you spoke about in terms of finding like minded people on social and just getting closer to the with conversation and sharing links and things really hit home with me.

    I have to admit that I always have looked at social as a numbers game and fought with who my audience is, prospective clients or fellow bloggers? Now I think I have a better idea. Using my Twitter lists in Hootsuite I can really concentrate on working with my peers while also getting a bit more conversational with prospects.

    Also looking here at the comments I am surprised that your shout out to drop your blog had not resulted in far more comments. I often wonder if there is a disconnect between the we and social converting from podcasts? Anyway my blog is if there are any other fitness bloggers around tweet me and see if I can help you in any way.

  • Darren, I really loved this episode because it’s focused on building our audience organically through relationships and, as you mention, creating win-win situations. I’ve been stressing out a bit over how to do things ‘just right’ and am realizing that I need to get back to the small, consistent things that reflect who God has made me to be. I’m going to implement a revised (smaller) version of the strategy the friend of yours tried, the one where she tried connecting with 20 different bloggers over a 3-month period.

  • halfa1000miles

    I’m commenting on an older post because I just started blogging in January and am listening to your whole series whenever I am in my car. This episode is where I am currently. I think I have fewer resources to build a tribe than most people because my blog is a PG-13 humor blog. (This also really hurts SEO. My personal stories aren’t really going to be found by keywords). I can comment, like, subscribe, tweet to most everyone’s blogs, but I can’t expect reciprocity (although, frankly, some of those Mommy blogs take it farther than mine does!). You made me think of other options. I looked for a Facebook group for like-minded bloggers and didn’t find one, and I thought one should exist. SO I CREATED ONE. I would not have done that before and I am meeting great people. I’m enjoying the podcasts and love your accent. You rock!

  • I was scanning your site for topics that I have overlooked in the past and came across this one. Readers to our blogs. Isn’t that what we all want? When I read the title, I thought, okay, this is nothing new but here’s what I took away from your message. We have all commented on blog posts, but do we come back to nurture the “relationship”? On a very small scale, I thought I had but only with one of my blogs. Relationship. That is the key point I need to drive home. Time to set up a list of bloggers and sites and focus on building the relationships that are crucial to one’s blogging success.

    Glad I listened.