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New Entrepreneurial Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of March 2005 Case Studies 0 Comments

Two regular stops on my RSS morning rounds have gone live with new Entrepreneurial blogs in the past 24 hours or so. Both are examples of Niche Blogging and are worth taking a look at to see what you can learn about the art of blogging for dollars.

Firstly is legendary Will Pate who has gone live with his new In Flight Blog – a blog that finds anything and everything in the news about Air Travel. It is the third blog is the GoodBasic Network that also includes the Game Blog (a blog about video gaming) and the Host Blog (a blog about Web Hosting). So far Adsense seems to be the main income stream on the new Air Travel blog from Will which is a good move as there are plenty of well paying ads on that topic (so I’ve heard) but down the track the blog will be perfect for travel affiliate programs which I’ve heard are also quite valuable.

Arieanna from Blogaholics has launched a blog I’d use every day if I was living in her city – its Vancouver Coffee – a blog with reviews of cafes, coffee news and all other related Vancouver coffee news. Its a pretty tight niche topic – a small pond that Arieanna is obviously hoping to become a big fish in. Again its an Adsense blog – but they’re also using their Amazon affiliate program to monetize what they’re doing. Arieanna and her fiancee could well be the most hyperactive and wired bloggers in the world if they keep up their high rate of reviews of cafes!

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  • Thanks for the post, it’s been an exciting ride to launch this blog. I’ve been sitting on a ton of posts regarding coffee and am excited to really dig in with interviews and really niche topics. We’ve already noticed some good AdSense returns even today, so the target is working. We’d like to take it further later on – reselling coffee beans, coffee machines, getting specific advertisements, using other affiliate programs for cooking/coffee sites such as – we’re really just exploring, but it’s great fun. Plus the coffee is a perk. :)