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My Secret Strategy to Send Surges of Traffic to Your Blog

Posted By Guest Blogger 12th of August 2012 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

This guest post is by Diggy of Flawlessconfidence.com.

As a blogger or website owner you know how important traffic is—and how difficult it can be to obtain.

Traffic is especially difficult to obtain when you are a small fish in the pond, when your site is relatively new and not many people know about you. And waiting for one or two or three years to build your blog before you can get substantial traffic is something that I’m sure you’re way too impatient for. So how do you get more traffic to your website, fast? And without spending money on PPC or solo ads?

Besides SEO, blog commenting, guest posting, Youtube and social media, there is another way.

I recently launched a new blog about how to be confident and my traffic was hovering under 100 visitors per day. Then I implemented my secret strategy for a single post, and traffic surged to over 1000 visits in a matter of hours. It continued into the high hundreds of visits for the next day too!

Traffic spike

I’m about to share with you my secret strategy to send surges of traffic to your website, pretty much whenever you want. It’s a strategy that I haven’t seen many people use, but I think that will start to change soon. The few people who I have shared this strategy with love it and have started implementing it already.

Content is king

You’ve probably read that phrase a million times. Bloggers always tell you that content is king, and to a large extent that is true. But in addition to having engaging, unique and fantastic content, you need to have people who are going to read your content and share it with others. If you have no traffic, you can have the best content on the web, but nobody is going to read it and share it, and it’s not going to bring you any benefit.

However, a big part of this secret strategy to send surges of traffic to your website is to create really killer content. Just one post will do, but it has to be something unique. Something that people really want to read. Like a super-long list post, or a very in-depth analysis, or a very heated debatable topic. Something that grabs people’s attention.

The post that I’m using as an example is titled 100 Ways How To Build Confidence. It’s about exactly what the title states: 100 different ways to build confidence. It’s a very long list post of just over 10,000 words and it took about eight hours to write, edit and format.

There are multiple reasons why an article like this is very effective is drawing mass traffic to your site. Not only is the title something that makes people want to click through to it, when the visitor reads the article he or she can see that it contains useful information and that someone took a long time to create it. That reader is much more likely to leave positive feedback and share the post with friends, which in turn creates even more traffic for your site.

I also used two other articles to test this strategy on separate occasions. The result was the same: mass traffic spikes to my blog within hours.

The other articles I used were Going out alone—here’s how to do it and
10 Things to say to girls.

The secret strategy

Here it is: the actual secret strategy I used to drive over 1000 visits to my blog within hours, with a single post, all while my blog was only averaging around 100 unique visits per day. And the strategy worked again and again on the two other posts I mentioned.

That strategy involves forums. A very simple promotion of a good article on a popular forum will send you boat-loads of traffic. The more related the forum is to the topic of your article, the more traffic you will get, and the better that traffic will convert.

Forum links

Every day, there are hundreds of thousands of people all around the world who are super-bored and have no desire to work, and who spend hours on their favorite forums. These people are all eager to be entertained, learn something, or to discover something new. They are ready to click on new links to new sites, and spend a lot of time if they like what they see.

To go back to the importance of a catchy title and unique, useful content, you can see why this is so important for this secret strategy. The catchier your title, the more people will view and click your thread and through to your link. If your article is unique, members will leave feedback in the forum. This feedback does two things:

  1. In most forums, when a user comments on a thread, that thread is “bumped” to the top of the forum thread topics. This means that everybody logging on to the forum at that point will see your thread first and click on it.
  2. In forums, people love to look at popular threads that have lots of views or comments or high star-ratings. This is because it is assumed that when a thread in a forum has many views, comments, or ratings, that thread is valuable and needs to be clicked on.

So, with a catchy title and useful content, you’ll get people to click through to your site, leave feedback, bump the thread, and allow more users to do the same.

If you’re wondering what kind of message you need to post in your forum thread to get the ball rolling, it’s very simple. All I posted was this:

Forum post

Finding popular forums

Now that you know the secret strategy, you’ll want to know how to find popular forums worth posting on. Fortunately this is very easy because all you really need to do is head over to Google and type in “[YOUR NICHE] forum”. You’ll end up with many results for forums in your niche.

A quick way to tell if a forum is popular is to check the amount of registered users and the amount of users currently online. This is usually displayed on the home page of any forum, towards the bottom of the page. The screenshot below is an example of what a popular forum’s membership would be—this is one worth promoting your post on!

Forum stats

Secret no more!

Let me just sum up the secret strategy in a few simple-to-follow points:

  1. Create a high quality post with a catchy title.
  2. Find forums related to your niche.
  3. Make a simple thread with a catchy title and link to your post.

Note that there is such a thing as forum etiquette or proper conduct. You may need to post regularly in certain forums and build up a bit of a reputation before you are allowed to post links or start threads or begin self-promoting. Even then, don’t do it too often, or you’ll risk being banned.

Be sure to reply and respond to any comments or feedback that you receive in your threads, and participate in the forum generally—after all, if it’s a focal point for your niche, it’ll be a great place to engage with potential readers, build authority, make new connections, and more.

Diggy is a confident, successful young man who is his own boss, travels the world and has fantastic friends and relationships. He enjoys teaching people how to be confident and even has a section with confidence tips for women. If you want to become more confident,happier or successful, it’s highly recommended to subscribe to Diggy’s Flawless Confidence newsletter.

About Guest Blogger
This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Hi Diggy,

    Network aggressively to increase blog traffic. Using forums can help you boost readership. So does contributing on relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. 1 constant: give freely to receive generously. Promote other people. Help people to generate traffic by sharing their content. Some return the kind act. Your presence expands. Power tips here.

    Share serious value on forums. Develop your authority. Posting helpful, usable content daily helps you to position yourself. People see you as the go-to guy or gal. So as your rep develops you can expect to generate a nice flow of heavy traffic as the quality of your posts improves.

    Thanks Diggy!


    • Hi Ryan,
      You’re right about becoming an authority on forums. It really helps if you have a good reputation because members are much more likely to click on your urls and posts if you’re a trusted member of the community!

  2. Content is king and will always be :) i always try to get best content for my site :) will now surely try forums now :) thanks for the tips :D

  3. Most really active forums know who the common contributors are, and a new face shouldn’t just step-in and post a link.

    Curious to know, did you post this same headline and link in multiple forums? Did you try to get to know anybody there first? To drop a link and run seems very counter to the social practices usually preached on problogger.

    • Agree, most forums will allow replies to threads with related content but not just a new post that is obviously geared to getting you traffic. Marketing on forums is useful but it requires a lot more than just rocking up and posting a link IMO.

  4. According to me if one has a proper content in his/her blog and is getting updated regularly or weekly then their is no promotion required for the content. As just by sharing on FB & twitter can also do a great work. If the blog has really something interesting for people reading it then it will surely get traffic towards it.

    Though people get involved in various attempt to bring traffic to their site hence it produces a good opportunity for spammers to create such fake tricks that people get to follow unfortunately and get involved in other spammy stuff.

    Anyway, you bring something good for us to read. Thanks!

    • Hi Irfan,
      I totally do not agree with you. The more promotion you do, the more likely it is that you will get more traffic, more subscribers and as a result make more money.

      Even if you have killer content, if you don’t have people who know about your site you’re going to not have very much traffic, or it’s going to take you a very long time to build up traffic.

      • yes, I agree with you points Daggy,

        No matter how killer your content may be, we should go out and make an impression! The best way to promote our content is: promote others content as well along with yours.

        This way we can build a healthy relationships along with content sharing! Thanks for the great share :)

  5. Creating killer content takes hours of hard work, which is worth it in the end. Will try this forum strategy for my site, and see how it go.
    Thanks Diggy for sharing your secrets!

  6. The begining is always hard but after a while you begin to see some hope .
    the methode you show as is very good but in some websites you must post regulary to gain their confidence ;) or you will be banned from the first day as they did with me in FitDay forums :D

  7. The forum I’m an active member at is at the middle of the road, with the writer’s part having an established community. They’re a little jaded by self-promotion, but if I ignite some hype and go to the casual side of the forum…

    Maybe I should use this technique with the blog series I want to write.

    And try out two other forums on the back of my mind.

  8. What a great way to expand your readership. I’ve never shared my blog posts in forums before, but I think I’ll definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I’m New User Here.. That’s My First Post Which I Read On Your Blog. Really Impressive Post. I Like Your Way Of Writing. Well, Now Come To The Post. First Of All I Would Like To Thanks For Sharing Your Secret. I Didn’t Read This Secret Over The Internet………!! I Will Try This Strategy On My Blog… But The Point Is That It Will Be Refferal Traffic Instead Of Direct.. Will It Effect On Our Blog Ranking Or SEO?

  10. Hi,

    Great post caught my attention via twitter because I’m currently doing something similar.

    I have created a series of seo based video tutorials which take around 10-14 hours each to make, so far there are four of them here is an example of one http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/tutorials/the-ultimate-guide-to-tiered-link-building-part-1/

    I was a bit nervous in creating tutorials like this because I have never put myself in the role as a teacher, nevermind trying to explain something that is fairly complicated in terms anyone can understand.

    I have been wondering how to bring these tutorials to the masses as after getting some initial feedback believe they fall into the realm of great content.

    I have used forums within the seo niche to promote the tutorials via my signature put have not seen a significant amount of traffic and I think there is something more that I could be doing to help spread the word.

    I think the content I’m creating stands on its own as a shareable piece of helpful content but for it to be shared it first needs traffic :)

    Do you have any further advice on how to bring it to the masses?

  11. There are that many places in the Web than even having best contents, you must know like promoting it in order that your work not be in vain .
    Thanks Diggy for your advice.

  12. Catherine says: 08/12/2012 at 9:34 am

    Clear, very helpful advice – thanks for sharing, Diggy!

  13. Oh Diggy! what have you done? Your secret is no longer a secret. It’s out there for all of us to see. Thanks for sharing this strategy. And the reminder about using the correct forum conduct. This looks like it requires time and effort both in producing the content and building traffic, but with the results reported, that is time and effort well spent.

  14. I Use the forum strategy because if you share your blog posts in an active forum where people are interested in those kind of topics they not only read that post but most of them become loyal readers of your blog :)

  15. This is a great secret, but the problem is that most forums related to blogging and marketing doesn’t allows us to post links in thread and if we do they will ban us. Getting traffic from online forums is the most hardest way in my opinion.

  16. Diggy,
    First off nice article you have and I look forward to using this strategy.
    I do have one quick comment…
    I heard it is better to have short content post. Most reader don’t like reading long post. At the very least you would lose half your readers by the mid point of the article.

    Anyways as for the forums don’t most of them have “signatures”? Couldnt we post our main blog/site link in there. So when we ate posting and not just promoting in post we are still getting the link put on the forum with every post.

  17. I’ve heard posting on Forums works. Thanks for this post I’m going to give this a try. When you first start out it helps if you find great content in your niche and promote the people doing the content, All strategies work if properly implemented and some are faster and more effective than others.

    Thanks for sharing this post Diggy.

  18. Abhishek says: 08/12/2012 at 5:29 pm

    I haven’t tried this forum posting method yet. Will surely try it some day. Thanks for sharing the insights !

  19. I’ve read a stack of advice posts. Some I’ve put into practice, some I haven’t. THIS HAS BEEN THE SINGLE MOST INTERESTING READ TO DATE. I haven’t started what you’ve advised above, but I already know it’ll do my blog wonders, and has my mind racing in a tonne of directions on other ideas also to boost traffic. Thank’s Diggy, you’ve seriously kick started my networking slump.

  20. The forum posting method is very handy and practical,Forums drive tageted traffic & only interested yet loyal readers, however, one should be very prudent and clever, in order not to get banned.

  21. Skhylar says: 08/13/2012 at 3:50 am

    I very much enjoyed this! It’s something I hadn’t thought of, even though I stalk the majority of big dog website/community’s forums in my niche. Well, my future niche. My blog was started as an intentional, personal record of my life- because my memory sucks balls and my new baby is a vampire that sucks my brain out of me instead of blood- but I’ve become passionate of the niche my blog relates to. I’m saving this post in my research folder for niche blog I’m prepping to launch.

    Of course, I’ll be happily sharing it with all my forum buddies with their own blogs right now though. “Passing it forward”- the desired result for blog traffic, right?

  22. Hey there,

    I was curious to know what forums allowed that kind of post you showed a screen shot of? Care to share the actual forums?

    Jonathan Smith

  23. I agree with your forum tactics and have been trying it but finding I am getting “banned”. What are your tips of how to get around this and not get banned for self promotion which none of them allow?

  24. Hi while this forum method may work it should also be noted than you need to be an active member of the forum, if not you will get flagged as spam and kicked out of the forum.

  25. just be very careful with just appearing in forums and leaving these kinds of links. I know on our photography forum if this was done in your first few posts as a new comer it’d be deleted and if you did it again you’d be banned.

    Personally on a forum I think a good approach is be as useful as you can ON the forum and allow your usefulness to get people interested in what you do. This foundation of usefulness will also give you brownie points to be able to occasionally share a link or two.

  26. so far i did not do this tactics, Darren has always new things for a better blog :)


  27. Thanks for some other informative site. Where else may I get that type of information written in such a perfect approach? I have a undertaking that I am simply now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.

  28. I do not find the way of creating comments on attorneys without being too serious. Some suggestion?

  29. Content is definitely king. I have noticed any time I mention top…something for example top ten female entrepreneurs, I get a lot of traffic. Great post.

  30. Great Expereince you share thanx mate diggy :)

  31. Thanks for giving me hope. I was running out of idea in internet marketing and i stumble across your blog. It give me new idea and inspiration.

  32. Ahh, it makes me feel so dumb that I’ve never thought about participating in forums to get traffic. I guess it all depends on how much traffic a specific forum is getting, but I can see how effective it can be in terms of driving traffic to your website!

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