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Movember is Almost Over – it’s Time to Donate!

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of November 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Day 23It’s been 27 days now that I’ve been growing my Mo for charity and so far the donations have totaled in excess of $1600. I’ve posted another couple of update pictures on the Movember page so you can track my progress. The one on this post was taking on day 23 while on vacation.

There have been a lot of wonderful sponsorships including six premium sponsors who are listed on my Movember page and who will be thanked again in another post here on the blog at the end of the month. To join them simply donate $200.

Whether you donate $200 or $2 your donation will be greatly appreciated. You can make your donation here.

So get your donation in – help me make up for the mockery, jokes and looks of disgust (mainly from my wife) that I’ve endured this month!

PS: Quite a few readers have asked if they can donate via PayPal. Movember don’t accept this form of donation but if you want to donate via PayPal I’m accepting donations to my own PayPal account (send them to darren AT problogger DOT net) and will forward them onto Movember at the end of the month.

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  • Great job, that would take me about a year to grow :PAnd that is a fair bit of money for a good cause.

  • Nice stache you’re sportin’ there Darren! You look like a cop. lol

  • Hey darren you’re totally rocking.

  • You should keep the facial hair. It makes you look more bad ass. And we all know the world needs a bad ass blogger. :P

    Seriously though great job raising funds for a worthwhile cause. My only question is how does that hair not drive you nuts? 2 hours after I shave I’m wishing I could do it again.

  • Lol mate, all you need now is a couple of tattoos and a Harley Davidson… You could join Hell’s Angels

    Good job getting all the donations mate! Good on ya!


  • Oh Darren! I’m with V… it’s just… not you!

    But it’s worthy of a great cause, as you don’t see much going on out there to raise awareness like this. But yeah… I think you’ll get more “hey you look badass” from the guys around here. LOL

  • Darren,

    I’m with your wife on this.

    Disgusted of Eastbourne,


  • You are great Darren, great post

  • Nice mustache

  • Thanks for being such a good sport and growing the ‘tash! I’ve sent some cash via PayPal, so please forward it on to the Prostate Cancer fund. Perhaps you should organise another whip-round for your wife for putting up with you for the last month?

  • If I had a daughter I’d keep her at least 300 yards away from you with a ‘stache like that!

    Long live V!

  • Nice Stache!

    Lots of people at my company ( are growing staches. They were even on the local news modeling them!

  • He Actually did it. that look just like a damn tracker mo…

    jejejeje. don’t worry about your wife darren, a nice cinnamon skin looking girl from mexico would be more than happy to groom that mo.

  • Oh Darren! I’m with V… it’s just… not you!

  • You know Darren, if you trimmed the sides off you’d bear a striking resemblance to the WWF superstar SGT Slaughter (of GI JOE days).

  • Darren. You are like me and need some sun, however that is the opposite from the picture on my about page.

    Sorry for the offtopicness, but I had to say it. ;)