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More Reviews and Predictions – Group Writing Project Day 2

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of December 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

200612181504It’s day 2 of the ‘Reviews and Predictions‘ group writing project and I really enjoyed reading this next batch of entries. In fact I spent way to much time reading blogs today and not enough time posting! It just amazes me every day what a massive variety of blog topics are out there.

My pick of the day (and this is the first time I’ve singled anyone out is engtech’s You Can Be a Good Example or a Horrible Warning – How NOT to be a Successful Blogger which I would have linked to in a speedlinking or a post of it’s own because it’s a great post which I’m sure many ProBlogger readers will enjoy.

In total today there have been over 79 submissions from all over the globe (3 in languages other than English – a new record for a single day, lets beat it tomorrow!).

A quick reminder that there are still two days to go to be involved in this project. To be included in tomorrow’s list and go in the running for one of our 10 prizes (see them below) simply follow the procedure in this post.

Speaking of the prizes – which one are you gunning for most? the Nintendo Wii? The iPod Video? The Cash? The hosting package? One of the vouchers? The coaching course? Tell us in comments below.

Here are the latest batch of submissions. Make sure you surf as many as possible and spread the link love on your own blogs. The full list (today’s and yesterday’s links is here).

The Prizes

  • DeveloperCube – a forum for web developers – is offering a $100 Amazon gift voucher.
  • eMoms at Home is offering two free passes (worth $349 each) to a 12 week group coaching program that she’s running in January. The course (via phone) is about how to be more productive and build a business. Read more on it here.
  • Thrive Web Marketing are offering a medium level webhosting package for a year that includes 100MB of webspace, 4000MB data transfer a month and more (worth $240).
  • Rob Schaumer is offering a $100 gift card (of the winners choice) at GiftCertificates.com.
  • The Blogging Times has offered $100 cash to their winner. Thanks to Minic for this prize.
  • Information for Her Australia for Australian Women is offering $100 cash (via PayPal). This is a site for Australian women giving information on health issues, rural women, indigenous women and more.
  • Poker on a Mac (a poker site for Mac users) is offering a 30gb video ipod to their winner.
  • Dave Taylor from Ask Dave Taylor Tech Support and The Intuitive Life Business Blog is offering a copy of his bookGrowing Your Business with Google‘ and $100 cash as his prize.
  • 451 Press is offering one lucky winner a Nintendo Wii (worth $250). 451 Press is a blog network.
  • bloglinkr is offering $100 cash or $500 in advertising credit on their service when they launch in the first quarter of 2007. bloglinkr is a new ad network exclusively for blogs and sounds like an interesting project to watch in the next few months.
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I think I want the Nintendo Wii :-) Its been a good while since I have had a game system

  2. I want the Wii for my husband ;). He already has an iPod video. I wouldn’t turn down the cash tho LOL.

  3. Another great list!

  4. I personally am gunning for the Wii…. always been a Nintendo fan, but my wife seems to miss the great point that this system is CHEAP! And she still won’t let me get one :( So it is just like when the NES came out, and my parents couldn’t afford it… I will have to wait 2 years til it is dirt cheap and then get one behind the times. lol.

  5. Result:
    Few good reads
    Few bookmarks
    Few RSS subscription

    May be few links in my next post

  6. Hi Darren,

    I e-mailed you my submission yesterday, but I don’t think you got it, and since today is the last day, I wanted to double check that I had it in. Sorry if you received multiple e-mails from me.

    Name: Meg

    Post URL: http://fakinggoodbreeding.blogspot.com/2006/12/look-back-at-2006-celeb-fashion-beauty.html

    Post Title: A Look Back at 2006: Celeb Fashion, Beauty, and Etiquette


  7. I think I’d rather have the Wii or the Ipod video….maybe the cash….
    Definitely a lot of attention-getting titles here. This is fun. Now, time to bloghop some more.

  8. Thanks for posting my article (The Mac Came Back) Darren.

    As for prizes in this batch, like most people I think the Wii stood out above everything to me. But it’s an honour just being nominated.

  9. Thanks for listing my post and as for the prizes, I’m more in it for the money. :) However, if my family heard I had a chance at the Wii and didn’t say I wanted it they’d probably hang me up on the tree instead of using garland, so for safety sake…I also want the Wii. ;)

  10. Honestly, I haven’t even read the list of prizes thoroughly! I did it for the kick in the pants you gave me to assess the year behind me and the fun that reading all these blogs will guarantee!

  11. While I would certainly be delighted to receive any of the prizes, the one I’m actually really hoping for is Wendy’s 12 week group coaching program. I’ve been reading Wendy’s blog for a while and I really would like to learn more from her.

  12. Wii want the Wii. :)

  13. It’s got to be the Wii, although I wouldn’t mind any of them :)

  14. Prizes. I’ve never won a prize so I forgot about the prizes when I submitted my post. Forgive me if this appears twice. The first time I got an error message.

  15. Everyone wants a Wii, and who I am to blow against the wind? That being said, anything I may win that is not a Will shall be parlayed someway into a Wii. So I don’t really care what I get because I’m getting a Wii come hell or high water. ^_^

  16. Yea, I’m totally gunning for the Wii

  17. I don’t even know what the wii is!!! :) If my experience with lotto is anything to go by, the prizes will also be passing me by, but I wouldn’t say no to the ipod :)
    Excellent group writing, I look forward to these!

  18. I’ve been going through the master list of participants and such a variety of different blogs. They all have some great posts!

    Hmmmmm… as far as prizes go… yeah that Wii sounds totally awesome. :) But so do the gift certificates :) I love any and all gift certificates :D

    This is so much fun… thank you for getting us busy in the blogosphere!

  19. I want to win the iPod Video for my son. He’s been bugging me to buy him that as a Christmas present. But it’s way beyond my budget as of now.

  20. I’m going for the Amazon gift certificate. There are a few items on my wish list that I’ll just have to get ;-) when I get the gift certificate.

    Thanks for hosting another fabulous writing project.

  21. Okay .. ‘fess up .. who read Andréa’s .. I’ll blog naked throughout 2007 entry FIRST?


  22. […] PS I would not have written this post, had I not happened upon a post on problogger.net titled “More Reviews and Previews”. It peaked my interest and I had to share a review of my year, if only to help people searching for an answer, or help with direction as I was earlier this year. There are so many talented people out there who keep their gifts from the world. Don’t get overwhelmed, do a little at a time, like I said you have to crawl before you walk and before you know it, you will hit the ground running. […]

  23. […] I participated in Probloggers’ latest Group Writing Project and came across some great blogs.  The project chooses winner posts, but the main reason it’s done is to establish networking between blogs.  Everyone who participated wrote an article of reflection or resolution, proper for this time of year. […]

  24. Whilst the Wii would be a great prize to win, the $100 cash prize via PayPal would be very much appreciated.

  25. Fab 5 on Friday – 12/22/06…

    Darren hosted his group writing project this week, the theme – reviews and predictions. I submitted the post, 2007: From Productivity to Possibilities. This week’s Fab 5 comes from the list that’s topping over 200 with another day to go.

  26. […] Our year in pictures… December 31st, 2006 Little Mummy inspired me to post a year of Lil’ Duck’s photos (ok, a recap, I’m not really going to post 1000+ photos ) with her sweet review of her little girl’s year in the group writing project. Without further ado: […]

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