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Reviews and Previews Group Writing Project – Reader Submissions

200612181504Here are the full list of submissions so far in the Reviews and Predictions Group Writing Project. Each submission is in the running for one of 10 prizes (see below).

  1. The Three Amigos by Scott
  2. Haiku #35: Consoles Reviewed by Tim
  3. The Top Five 2006 Money Topics on Free Money Finance by FMF
  4. Top 10 Sports Predictions for 2007 by Aaron
  5. Why People Hate Lawyers – Just Read their Blogs! by Andrew
  6. Why We’ll Fork Over $15.00 to Hear Britney’s New CD in 2007 by Roberta
  7. Predictions for 2007 by Jason
  8. Why I Won “Time’s Person of the Year” by Sarakastic
  9. 2006 Web Wrap-Up by Robert
  10. Creative Ideas for Business Games by Anna
  11. To Think a Lost Cell Phone Started it all by Mama Duck
  12. Looking Ahead in Homebrewing by Rob Zazueta’s Brew Blog
  13. Growing My Mind and Options by Deb/Jersey Girl
  14. The Year Ahead is What Looms by Colin
  15. The Rapper Cook’s Preview Into Her 2007 Menu by SimCooks
  16. Lessons Learned in 2006 by Basil
  17. 5 biggest mistakes in heart rate monitor training by Jesper
  18. The Five Biggest Movie Gambles of 2007 by Dave
  19. Whats the year going to bring by Marcus
  20. Reviews and Predictions from a Canadian Problogger by David
  21. I see the future and it is good by Captain Hops
  22. A History of My Preaching Websites and Plans for Future by Sherman
  23. The Year of the Client by Carolyn
  24. 2007 Prediction: Blogs will be replaced by Joshua
  25. Creating a Logo by Pawel
  26. 11 reasons why 2007 will be the year for plus size fashion by Glen
  27. New Year’s Resolutions For Bloggers by Domtan
  28. Reflections… without a mirror by Sarah
  29. Nostradamus’ take on Gardening by Stuart
  30. 2007 Psychic Predictions by Matt
  31. Sneak Peek : Top News Stories of 2007 by Xaymaca
  32. Blogs aren’t the story in 07! by Ted
  33. Looking back to look ahead by Rod
  34. 10 Reasons to Choose a Russian Blue by Simonne
  35. Reflections on a Self Made Blogger by Tyler
  36. Review of 10 best blogs for me in 2006 & why by nakedpastor
  37. Looking Back and Looking Forward by Simba’s Mom
  38. 5 Technology Discoveries That Changed My Business in 2006 by Desiree Scales
  39. The Google Maps API: Predictions for 2007 by Cameron
  40. What I expect from the 2007 Chicago Cubs Starting Pitchers by Joe
  41. Reviews and Predictions by Doug Karr
  42. A Preview of What to Expect tfrom bloglinkr by Michael
  43. Motorsports Predictions from The Garage by Gary
  44. 7 predictions for ‘07 by Brandon
  45. Monetize This by Ken
  46. The Year That Was – For Digital Film Makers by Jason
  47. 2006: Revelation of a Video Games Blogger by Patrick
  48. The Biggest Blogging Mistake I Made In 2006 by George
  49. Qigong is the New Yoga by Martial Development
  50. Hopes for a More Conservative 2007 by Adam
  51. Thanks For Making My Year by Kamal
  52. Personal Review 2006 by Tony
  53. Incursion into the Blogosphere – A Post Fairy Tale by Yan
  54. 7 Things I Learned Since Becoming An Web Entrepreneur by Griffen
  55. The Top Headlines of 2007 by Stefan
  56. Self-defeating self-improvement shortcuts of the future by Julie
  57. Top Ten Board Game News 2006 by Yehuda
  58. The 2007 Economic Outlook by Jeremy
  59. Tiny Dancer: A Year in Pictures by Erica
  60. Buy and Sell Essay Writing in 2007 by Angel
  61. ¿Qué depara el 2007 en la blogosfera española profesional? by Sacha
  62. Tagged with “5 Things” Meme aka Mirror Mirror by Elana
  63. Reflection over my net travels by Luke
  64. Business Blogs Break Loose in 2007 by Brad
  65. Spam killer plugins I used this 2006 by Jhay
  66. Ten Teens and Pretees: Ten Predictions by Claudia
  67. Eliza’s Blog Predictions for 2007 by Eliza
  68. For better or Worse? by Rebecca
  69. Prediction 2007 – blogging community helps cut the crap by CabSav
  70. One Hundred Footsteps by Beth
  71. Finding Opportunities for Big Success is Easy by Benjamin
  72. Stupid Ways to Lose Money by TJP
  73. Thinking of 2007 by Thejesh
  74. Predicting the evolution of Techspot insideout by Ashish
  75. What does 2007 hold for Apple? by fcodc
  76. How old is web 2.0? Look back in Time by Sante
  77. Previsões Para 2007 by Ibrahim
  78. Starting a Hero’s Journey by Matt
  79. Free Sofware in 2007. Or maybe not (portuguese version) by Fernando
  80. Why did I join blogosphere? by Maggie & Will
  81. Looking forward to 2007 by Leroy
  82. Hybrid Cars in 2007 by Mike
  83. A Writer’s First by Leo
  84. Lessons from the Most Talked about Topics of 2006 by nickel
  85. In the Garden of Resolve by Kathy
  86. As I see 2006 in my rear-view mirror… by monchster
  87. Statement for year ended… by Bianca
  88. Top 5 Lessons for Small Business in 2006 by Natalie
  89. ’06: What I’ve learned in under 150 words by Peter
  90. Preaching, Unicycle, Broken Ankle, and Swearing by Scot
  91. Charting the Unknown – 2006 by Shadows
  92. The Year in Review: The Best Websites You’ve Never Visited (and some you have) by Erin
  93. Only You Can Write Your Life’s Coming Attractions by Tony
  94. Oh, the weather outside is frightful by Ian
  95. What blogging has taught me by Madhur
  96. The Year in Television Review for 2006 by Steve
  97. Reflections of the HART-Empire Network for 2006 and 2007 by HART
  98. The Hamster is Back by FosterAbba
  99. The Top 7 Writing Contests to Enter in 2007 by LearningNerd
  100. Teachings I was given in 2006 by Msterlinn
  101. Choose My Haircut 2 by Jeremy
  102. “Set It & Forget it” For the Future? by TMT
  103. You Can Be a Good Example or a Horrible Warning – How NOT to be a Successful Blogger by engtech
  104. 2006 Reflection and a Look Ahead for 2007 by Pink Eyed
  105. 5 Reasons Why Filipino Bloggers Will Make it Bigger in 2007 by aczafra
  106. The Withdrawing of Forces and Other Predictions for ’07 by Ronald
  107. Finding the Courage to Fail – Even as a Broke-Ass Student by Jennifer Lynn
  108. Where Was Your Blog This Time Last Year? by Sarah Lewis
  109. *Star Wars* VS The Stark Wok – *Star Wars* VS Stark Wok – Jedi to
  110. make way for Blo-gedi ! by tigerfish
  111. Cooking Korean Food Anywhere: How I’m going to help you in 2007 by Sue
  112. 2007: From Productivity to Possibilities by Nneka
  113. How I made $4000 in 2006 with Hypertext by Mark
  114. How I Made It Through 2006 As A Newbie Blogger Without Losing The Rest of My Hair by Robert
  115. Top 10 Lightweight Rowing Stories of 2006 by JW Burk
  116. The State of Gaming, 2007 by Chris
  117. Look Back in Anguish: My Switch to a True Blogging Platform by Mike
  118. The Future of Blogging by Steve
  119. Top 2006 website news terms and buzzword anagrams by Bryant
  120. My Blogging Journey through 2006 and My blog resolutions for 2007! by Anthony
  121. My ball wonders… how bout yours? by Rashenbo
  122. 2007 Travel Predictions and Trends by Nick
  123. Nine Baseball Predictions for 2007 by Geoff
  124. Rubbing the Crystal Ball: 5 Technology Predictions for 2007 by Jonathan
  125. The Mac Came Back by Curt
  126. I’ll blog naked throughout 2007 by Andréa
  127. Baby Name Stock Market: My Picks for 2006 by Nancy
  128. Now and Future by WishBoNe
  129. Tiger Woods 2006 Review and Early 2007 Predictions by TP Golf Online
  130. What Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will buy in 2007 by TIm
  131. Review of affiliate Marketing in India by Ashok
  132. May you live gluten free in interesting times… by Lucy
  133. Best Japanese Commercials of 2006 by James
  134. My 7 Blogging Predictions for 2007 by Martin
  135. Seven Sustainability Predictions for 2007 by Mike
  136. Fart Queen and Other Princess Stories – Year End Review by E.B
  137. Looking back at Me in 2006 by Ray
  138. Hello 2008! A look back at 2007 by Phil
  139. Raspberry Season by John
  140. 2006: Dead frogs, cows on parade, a kidnapped snowman, and Japan by Jul
  141. Yoiks and Away – Reflections and Directions by Stropp
  142. Baring All by Jennie
  143. Nothing Ventured: a review of 2006, and plans for 2007 by Tom
  144. Meus projetos, em 2006 by Rodrigo
  145. Top 10 “Crzy” Tech Gifts by Nic
  146. A Look Back at 2006: Celeb Fashion, Beauty, and Etiquette by Meg
  147. Sharepoint Predictions for 2007 by Kanwal
  148. Corvette: The 2006 Year in Review by Keith
  149. Blogging in the Rear View by Amanda
  150. The three biggest U.S. soccer stories of 2006 by Josh
  151. My Year In Books by Dave
  152. A Look at 2006 Alzheimer’s Advances by Katelyn
  153. Looking Forward to 2007… A Successful Year by cjcm
  154. Don’t Hold Your Breath in 2007 by Dan
  155. The Future of Lucid Dreaming by Bill
  156. A Writer’s Reflections by Karen
  157. Looking Back and Renewing Priorities by Rob
  158. Top 5 Gospel Gossips of ‘06 by Dee
  159. 101 Blog Tips I learned in 2006 by Daniel
  160. Five “gadgets” that made my life easier in 2006 by Shawn
  161. Why did i choose to blog in English? by Aditya
  162. How Christmas Letters Can Make You a Happy Millionaire! by Ben
  163. Reflecting, Refocusing at Working at Home on the Internet by Joe
  164. Blogs are dead – thanks, Digg by John
  165. Evolving Times: The Year In Review by Edward
  166. 2007 – The Photography Peak by Mike
  167. Blogging and Money: Six Trends For 2007 by Trent
  168. Warmer but not Comfy: The Year Ahead in Global Warming and Energy Dependence, a Prognostication by Martin
  169. Habe ich meinen Deutschlehrer in den Selbstmord getrieben? by Jörg
  170. The Year of the Ebay Hustler – Go Nuts! by Mike
  171. Me in 2006 by Gary
  172. 3 for this Year, 3 for Next by Greg
  173. Are you planning on falling in love everyday, just like me? by Thaleia
  174. You don’t have to be a writer to be a Blogger! by Tim
  175. Yoyos and Peanuts by Sophie
  176. The Next Big Thing: Will it Be You? by John
  177. Arrie-gato by Meredyth
  178. 13 Events That You WILL Blog About in 2007 by Easton
  179. 2007 Not Everyone’s Year of the Dolphin by Heather
  180. When GPS goes bad!! by Coopz
  181. Top 10 list of “Don’ts” when parenting a Teen-Age Girl: Lessons from 2006 by northern girl
  182. 2006 – A Year Of Weight Loss by Darren
  183. Will 2007 Mark the End of Digg? by Kris
  184. 2006: My year in anime/manga goods by Danielle
  185. Top 10 Unexpected News Stories on the WWW in 2006 by Tom
  186. Maybe it’s too early in the game by NTE
  187. O Sapo em Revista by Sérgio
  188. Work Less, Live More by Katie
  189. Looking back, reikiblogger’s top 7 posts by TC
  190. You are Enough by Beth
  191. My Top 5s for ’05 (aka 55405) by Geoff
  192. Wait… Never! by Rob
  193. 2006 through the eyes of a Travel Blogger by Darren
  194. The strangeness of food history – a few foul anecdotes by Gillian
  195. Reflections and Forecasts of a Brand New Blog Network by Jon
  196. Be-attitudes For PR Students in 2007 by Kelli
  197. New Year Resolutions for 2007 by Yellow Pages
  198. I predict….. by Joh
  199. Prometo que 2007 será melhor (ou “estrogonoficamente cabriocário”…) by Maikel
  200. 2007 Already Happened by Expert Idiot
  201. 2006 School Review – Mixed ‘06 by Russ
  202. Public Speaking Disasters of 2006 by Charlie
  203. Prediction: 2007 will find us getting more frustrated as tech support continues to disappoint by Mary
  204. Der Crossgolf Jahresrückblick by enq1981
  205. Anime writers will rule Hollywood – My 2007 prediction by Icaterus
  206. Why Cameras Cell Phones Will Not Replace Digital Cameras In 2007 by Dominic
  207. Kickstart Your Blogging Business and Make Big Money: 7 Reality Checks by Andrew
  208. 10 Great Leadership Blunders of 2006 by George
  209. Why Cartoonists Will Rule the World in 2007 by Matt
  210. You Can Live the lIfe of Your Dreams but You Must First Learn to Crawl by Tabs
  211. Vivid Imagination Or…? by Jeremy
  212. Interior Design Trends for 2007 by Wendy
  213. Natação by pjdc
  214. Early Notice Of What He May Be Getting Under The Tree by Justin
  215. The Reviewer’s Best and Worst of 2006 by The Reviewer
  216. My year in retrospect by Rakshith
  217. Година на изолираност: 2006 by Atanas
  218. Top 8 YouTube Videos of 2006 by Todd
  219. Beware – Are you the Weakest Link in Your Team? by Robert
  220. Five blogging tools that every blogger will use in 2007 by Yoav
  221. China 2007: Thoughts and Predictions by fiLi
  222. No doubt: Christmas has come to Japan by Kris
  223. Online travel in 2006 by Kevin
  224. Souvenirs From My Trip Around the Sun by Tillerman
  225. A Blogosfera Brasileeira de 2006 by Tiago
  226. “2007 Will Be Heaven” or “Why The New Year Holds Such Promise” by Thom
  227. Os Últimos Resultados de Buscas! by Bruno
  228. What’s in store for ’07? by Andy
  229. One year of computer knowledge wrapped up in one blog post by Michael
  230. Online Stock Trading 2006 by mrmike
  231. Web 2.0 in 2007 by Justin
  232. Blogging Lessons Learned in 2006 by Chris
  233. WTF: the Donald, the burger and the other white meat in 2007 by Jenny
  234. eBay – Looking Ahead To 2007 by Gary
  235. Top 5 Revolutionaries of 2006 by Brandon
  236. Companies Are Actually Engaging in Conversations With Customers by Christopher
  237. Thirteen Lucky Predictions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Michelle
  238. Reminiscences from Innocence in Retrospective – 1 by Fouad
  239. Top 10 Ugliest Sneakers of 2006 by Terry
  240. Who Will jump on the blog bandwagon in 2007? by Vincent
  241. Using Ubuntu and Showing off on the Internet by Julien
  242. My year of words, design and creativity by SunnySnowy
  243. From Schinveld and Kikase-cho to Dime Box: travel blogging now and next year by Sheila
  244. Looking Ahead – Tech Predictions for 2007 by James
  245. Top 5 Food Business Trends for 2007: These Will Set Your Mind Buzzing and Your Mouth Watering by Barbra
  246. Two Years of Homeland Stupidity by Michael
  247. Reviews and Predictions: The year gone by and what’s to come in
  248. health and fitness by Fitness Mantra
  249. 12 Ways The Internet Has Helped Me In 2006 by Ellen
  250. Top 6 Top Sixes for a Top ‘06 by Geoff
  251. Ooh, baby, baby it’s a wired world — but what is going to change in residential real estate in the next 12 months? Almost nothing . . . by Greg
  252. Merry Christmas/Season’s Greetings – in 38+ dialects/languages by James
  253. 28 things I did to improved traffic to my website in 2006 by Lyndon
  254. End of Year SGEP Review– The Best Posts of 2006, as voted by YOU!!! by D.T Kelly
  255. No Hesitation: Why I’m matriculating into Yale 2011 by Sam
  256. My AdSense Millions by Nico
  257. A Response to the President’s Order For Us to “Go Shopping” by Randy
  258. Unintentionally Blank Predictions ’07 by Phil
  259. 10 Hot Technologies coming to Mobile Phones in 2007 by Mike
  260. Run to Win in 2006 by Blaine
  261. Microsoft’s Year by Pedro
  262. 12 Pictures and Reflections from Paddling with a Camera in 2006 by Marek
  263. This Year; Next Year by sbpoet
  264. 2006 Was a Very Good Year to be a Willie Nelson Fan by Linda
  265. Adolescent RSS: Getting her boobs in 2007, thanks to Windows Vista by Ricky-bob
  266. A Year in the Life of ‘Medium’: 2006 by GetSheila
  267. I Don’t Know Jack by Ian
  268. 2007: The Financially Savvy Stay at Home Mom by Dana
  269. “Second-Order Distractions” Pursued by Conservatives in Late 2006 by Rob
  270. $12,000 Down…$25,000 Yet to Go by Tricia
  271. More Holistic Than You Could Possibly Expect by Renée
  272. Personalities of the Year 2006 at Filipina Soul by Maricar
  273. Search Engine Reputation Management on the Rise in 2007 by Richard
  274. Six Moments That Changed My Foodie Life in 2006 by Sarina Nicole
  275. What’s Decomposing – 2006 by Anthony
  276. What will you choose to believe in 2007? by Patricia
  277. Top 5 productivity tips of 2006 by Jim
  278. Designs for the Future by James
  279. My predictions for 2007 by Somu
  280. The Award Design Awards by Hurty
  281. Top Peak Performance Articles for 2006 by Graham
  282. Things I Should Have Blogged in 2006 by Billy
  283. Finding my Way: Lessons I’ve Learned in Crafting this Year by Angela
  284. 2006 Search Wrap-Up by Kevin
  285. Saving the Planet One Lunch Break at a Time by Lorna
  286. 2006 in Review: A Year of My Money Blog by Jonathan
  287. Internet Headlines of 2007 by Chris
  288. …2007 is hard to predict by Cory
  289. Five freeware faves from 2006 by Mark
  290. 10 Things That Will Happen to Videoblogging in 2007 by Stephanie
  291. Disruptive technologies for 2007 by NitnK
  292. 10 Mistakes I’ve made in 2006 by Randy
  293. The Year of the Baby by Lisa
  294. The Prizes

  • DeveloperCube – a forum for web developers – is offering a $100 Amazon gift voucher.
  • eMoms at Home is offering two free passes (worth $349 each) to a 12 week group coaching program that she’s running in January. The course (via phone) is about how to be more productive and build a business. Read more on it here.
  • Thrive Web Marketing are offering a medium level webhosting package for a year that includes 100MB of webspace, 4000MB data transfer a month and more (worth $240).
  • Rob Schaumer is offering a $100 gift card (of the winners choice) at GiftCertificates.com.
  • The Blogging Times has offered $100 cash to their winner. Thanks to Minic for this prize.
  • Information for Her Australia for Australian Women is offering $100 cash (via PayPal). This is a site for Australian women giving information on health issues, rural women, indigenous women and more.
  • Poker on a Mac (a poker site for Mac users) is offering a 30gb video ipod to their winner.
  • Dave Taylor from Ask Dave Taylor Tech Support and The Intuitive Life Business Blog is offering a copy of his bookGrowing Your Business with Google‘ and $100 cash as his prize.
  • 451 Press is offering one lucky winner a Nintendo Wii (worth $250). 451 Press is a blog network.
  • bloglinkr is offering $100 cash or $500 in advertising credit on their service when they launch in the first quarter of 2007. bloglinkr is a new ad network exclusively for blogs and sounds like an interesting project to watch in the next few months.