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More Offline Blog Promotion Tips

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of June 2008 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

This week my post at Scribefire continues my examination of offline blog promotion techniques with another 5 tips on the topic (part 1 was here). Looking forward to hearing your tips on how you promote your blog offline.

Point #9 is about allowing offline publications to print your content. I saw the power of this again over the last week when a Danish Photography club emailed me to ask if they could use on of my photography tips posts in their offline newsletter (translated). I agreed and simply asked that they include a link to DPS and then thought nothing more of it – until today when I noticed 50 or so new signups in the forums from Danish members. I wrote a little more on this topic here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. When they are lining up to print my content in offline publications I will surely let them! Haha, thanks for the advice Darren, I appreciate it!

  2. The advantage of offline publishing is that, once printed you dont need to worry about any ranking penalties unlike online publishing where duplicate content can penalize your website.

  3. Really interesting i haven’t thought of this as a way to grow my blog.
    I guess I’ll be on the look out for offline publications that may find my blog interesting and be willing to use my content.

    Nice post.

  4. Those of us who spend our lives online sometimes forget that there are a LOT of people who rarely venture online. Some of them even read books instead of web content!

    Great post! Thanks for a little “shake” so we’ll all remember that readers are readers… whether they’re online or off line. In your case, just a simple “Sure! Feel free to use it” meant 50 new sign ups! Outstanding!!!

  5. Surprisingly – a successful video on Youtube – with your blog URL on it, can be productive in getting traffic

  6. Great post. This is just another way of really getting your name out there. People forward offline content just as they would online. The key is to make sure you get recognition for your work.

    Another good idea is to switch it up and include some approved offline content on your blog. The favor will most likely get returned.

  7. That’s quite smart and makes a lot of common sense.

    Lots of folk still use print magazines and newsletters to get up to date about their hobbies/niches/industries etc. – it would be second nature for someone to say, my gosh, this person has super tips, let’s see what else can be found on their site.

    Congrats on your signups,


  8. Hi Darren,
    It makes so much sense to do what you did. Letting others who might not know us have a sample is always good business, has been for years.

    Another great example of how when you give without expecting back, a return often comes.

  9. Where should i be focusing my energy for marketing my personal finance blog?
    More online marketing or more offline marketing?
    Im thinking of making business cards.

  10. We were recently featured in one of our area newspapers doing a story on international adoptions. If you can cozy up to somebody at the local newspaper(s) and get a mention there, you’ll see a nice, but brief traffic boost and it’s sure to introduce an entirely different demographic than you’d normally have visiting your site.

  11. Great Article, I typically spend so much time in the online world I forget that there’s anything else. Thanks for the Kick in the rear.

  12. Just goes to show you that even print media can still be effective today…

  13. I saw you talk about conferences but what about weekly and monthly networking groups. You can find them on places like Meetup.com or attending a Chamber of commerce meeting (or even Google it). I think there is a huge potential there, especially if you have any other talents you sell with your blog (aka books, speaking or a service).

  14. I wish a major network would do a piece online for me on one of my blogs. Maybe one day!

  15. I came back to find this post as I was asked yesterday by a magazine if they could reprint stuff from my blog (with attribution and putting the website in the magazine). I remember reading about it here but thought at that it was so far away from anything that would ever happen to me that I didn’t consider it seriously! I have only been going a couple of months and think I have about 7 subscribers at the moment – (more views but nothing like what other people have suggested – between 30-50 average per day) so it just goes to show!

  16. Hey CB, make sure you have some surplus posts banked up so that when that magazine hits the shelves and that nice traffic boost starts trickling in, you have plenty of content to offer the new visitors – in the hopes of converting them quickly into subscribers. Nothing worse than hitting a writing dry spell at a time when your traffic stats are booming!

  17. I mentioned a few days ago that the neighboring city’s newspaper had featured a short writeup on our Russian adoption story. Well, we were asked by a reporter from our city’s newspaper to be interviewed a few days later. But then the article never ran and after 3 weeks, we were kinda disappointed but we just figured the paper never had space to run the article or maybe that it just wasn’t up to par… Whatever.

    No, they held it until today – Father’s Day.

    Yup, as if today wasn’t already awesome enough, this was truly icing on the cake for a new, first-time Dad. I just had to share…

    From Russia With Love

    By the way, Darren, congrats on the new addition to your family too! Great looking little guy you’ve got there!

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