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More nifty stuff on it’s way – another 8 hour giveaway!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgMore great stuff…

You guys know the drill by now, yes?

Leave a comment, and make sure to outrun the spam filters by including “dogcat” in there.

Keep a close eye on the Birthday Prize Giveaway category to see what’s going on when, and it’s still not too late to subscribe to the RSS feed!

The Prizes

Winners chosen at random, and prizes are dispensed randomly. You may not choose which prize you get (comments doing so will be deleted in order to keep the odds in check) and if you’ve already won something this week, you are not eligible to win from this list (unless we already clarified that the one you won on was open to all).

This one ends at noon on Saturday October 6 (EST – New York, USA)


This one’s closed to new entries, and winners have all been notified by email.
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  1. release the dogcat!

  2. dogcat my mutant creation

  3. dogcat …and I do not have a pet website

  4. DogCat – we have a pet-themes website! Woof!

  5. dogcat is an awesome word to use to get around the spam filters. hehe.
    This dogcat stuff is smurfy fun.

  6. Why dogcat?

    Wasn’t there a show called CatDog?

  7. dogcat

    Thanks for giving out all the great prizes!

  8. dogcat is my favorite animal

  9. […] Tenth Giveaway – Open only for 8 hours. […]

  10. Dogcat is an interesting breed of animal.

  11. Dogcat. Neat!

  12. Dogcat – I don’t have a pet-themed site, though.

  13. Too bad I didn’t win last time, well there’s always some more!

    I’m in: Dogcat!

  14. Dogcat!
    i am in!!!! happy halloween season! {>)

  15. Dog Cat. W00t

  16. dogcat – yes, I do have a pet themed site at http://doggiewoggie.com

  17. Dogcat sounds like a good name for a dog….or cat.

  18. dogcat

    Love dogs and cats :)

  19. Boy would my dogcat (who are really two dogs) love this stuff….

  20. dogcat fishfat milkmat

  21. dogcat

    catdog — No — dogcat

  22. Kashif Raza says: 10/07/2007 at 1:21 am


  23. Just over 30 mins left gang! Keep it up! :)

  24. I am not sure if dogcat has anything to do with the ‘CatDog’ cartoon on Nickelodeon, but it’s sure a neat word!

  25. I wants!!! I haz a pet related website too!!

  26. dog + cat = dogcat

  27. Myrna says: 10/07/2007 at 1:52 am


  28. boyscout says: 10/07/2007 at 1:53 am

    dogcat or catdog…

    my roommate’s cat grew up with a dog, and acts more as a dog than a cat… he even tries to bark instead of meow.

  29. dogcat

    Great blog contest!

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