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Let the Time Sensitive Winning Begin!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgHere we go! Every 8 hours from now until 8pm (EST – New York, USA) on Monday, October 8 we’re giving away bunches of different prizes, and get this… all you have to do is comment!

This is in addition to our other 24-hour giveaways going on through Monday. Things are about to get a little crazy around here!!!

Before we give you details of this first giveaway (below) – here are a few details of these 8 hour giveaways:

  • All winners will be chosen at random.
  • You’ll have 8 hours to leave a comment on each round – you can enter in each one only once
  • You may not win if you’ve already won a prize elsewhere (unless we’ve said so on that particular post already that it’s okay).
  • While we’d love to be able to let you pick your prizes on these, it’s just way too hectic to be able to do so. Prize distribution will be random.
  • Once a particular post closes, we will notify both the sponsor and the winner so that you may work out the details of the prize distribution.

So with all that said, here’s the first batch of Prizes (Art/Photography/Books):

How to Win

All you have to do to put yourself in the running to win one is leave a comment below. Please include the word ‘ArtPhotographyBook’ to help us moderate them.

Here’s the full list of prizes, so you can see what might still be coming up in case you’re really interested in something else, however… You can’t win if you don’t enter, so keep that in mind also!


All sponsors and winners have been notified by email – check your inbox (and your spam box)!

If you haven’t yet received a prize, try our next 8 hour competition, or check the Birthday Prize Giveaway category to see what’s going on right now!

  1. Gee this artphotographybook contest is generating some high quality comments!

    I hope my email doesn’t end up on a spam list.

    Lara Says: Caitlin, not sure why you’d think that… no one sees your email except for the sponsor (if you win something – so they can send it to you) and ProBlogger admins… and Darren has never spammed anyone a day in his life, neither have I.

  2. ArtPhotographyBook is an awesome contest, but I didn’t win anything yet..

  3. Christian says: 10/06/2007 at 7:44 am

    ArtPhotographyBook – Please can I win? Thanks

  4. ArtPhotographyBook

    This is very well run promotion.

  5. ArtPhotographyBook – This has been great!

  6. ArtPhotographyBook

    Wow. This is really cool. Thank You Kindly.

  7. ArtPhotographyBook

  8. ArtPhotographyBook This sounds so cool! :)

  9. ArtPhotographyBook

    Really nice prizes and lots of good energy.


  10. Lenners says: 10/06/2007 at 9:10 am

    ArtPhotographyBook is an ideal present for my photographer friend!

  11. Khalid says: 10/06/2007 at 9:23 am

    ArtPhotographyBook … did I win??

  12. ‘ArtPhotographyBook’ is the word.

  13. ArtPhotographyBook

    Yes I stole the cookies. Thanks for the continued competitions problogger!

  14. I love great photography and I appreciate art, but I do not like all genres of art or photography. I am an avid reader, but I am rather picky about which books I read. I actually have a number of ArtPhotographyBook s on our coffeetable which many people have enjoyed.

  15. ArtPhotographyBook . fun to read.

  16. End of competition gang!
    Comments are closing now…

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