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Million Dollar Blogger Interviewed

Yaro Starak has just published an audio interview with one of his former students (and now a coach) from BlogMastermind Alborz Fallah.

Alborz is behind a car blog here in Australia – a blog that has enabled him to grow his blog to a point where it’s been valued at over $5 million – have a partnership with a major media company, take on investors and more. It’s pretty impressive since he only started blogging in 2006!

This guy is getting luxury cars to review, is competing with the biggest car sites in this country and employs 6 full time staff.

Here’s the interview (there’s a transcript too) – it’s a great story with tips on writing content, finding readers and more.

PS: having just listened to this for the 2nd time what shines through to me is Alborz’s passion for his topic and his believe in writing amazing content. I think these things are central in what he’s achieved – great stuff.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Starting in 2006, and a million dollar blogger – that’s an awesome achievement!

    I’m sure the guy would have worked really, really hard…

    And a blog value over $5 Million is mind-boggling!!

    I’m definitely listening to this guy :-)

  2. That’s just amazing, two years and 5 million dollars.

  3. i’m listening to this for a 2nd time now – it’s got some great advice on it. I think what shines through to me is his passion for his topic.

  4. Pretty impressive this blog. Good design, good articles, always update, big troop with great skills, lot’s of money. Well, it’s another PROBLOGGER indeed :)

  5. That’s what happens when you are willing to work your ass off. The blogger who founded both Engadget and Gizmodo use to say, the best way to be successful in blogging is by showing up.

  6. Okay, Yaro, I’m officially sold.

  7. Several million dollars in just a few years! That’s awesome.

  8. Lol writer dad. I take it you enjoyed the interview :-)

    It’s an amazing story that most of us can only dream of. As I said in the interview, if you can achieve just 10% of what Alborz has, I think you will be happy.

  9. Mmmmm….$5 million…I wonder when will I get there???

  10. Okay, it’s official: I need to stop blogging about hoses and garden tools and switch to cars.

    …or maybe just sign up for Yaro’s course. Million dollar success guaranteed, right? ;)

  11. I think the key advice is to write about something you are passionate. It doesn’t feel like a chore and if you can make it interesting and enjoyable for readers, the traffic will come.

    It’s truly an inspiring story.

  12. Thanks for all the comments. Although, I feel, I am still at the very beginning of my journey! So much more to do still, so many more ideas and plans!

  13. I saw the video and it was fascinating stuff, this really tells you that anything is possible!

  14. Passion is what makes things flow (and hence, what makes it much easier to sell).

    Life would be so much easier if Amazon the same kind of affiliate commissions for raising great kids as they do for HDTV! :)

    Great story, Barbara

  15. This is great great stuff. It is amazing how he went from a no body to a million dollar blogger in just two years. Hopefully that can be my success story :)

  16. woow wonderful …5million..my friend told me that http://paultan.org also doing very well in Malaysia.

  17. Thanks for sharing, an inspiring interview!

  18. wow great results in 2 years!

  19. 2 years !!! Wow…
    But I’m wondering Darren…are there any really successful female bloggers?


  20. Great post and it is really inspiring to see someone do so well.

    It took only two years as well, that is a true entrepreneur.

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  22. What an amazing accomplishment! It’s a true testament to what passtion, hard work and dedication can develop into.

    Very inspiring!

  23. Nice to see this and very much inspirational.
    Looking forward to see more interviews of this kind.

  24. Wow great interview, very inspiring and got some good ideas for about generating keywords.

  25. Thanks Darren for this Interview excerpt. This will certainly inspire bloggers like us. Man $ 5 million worth of blog is certainly something to achieve.

  26. Really awesome…working on two years and reaching that position…wish that i could reach that…

    Btw, nice and inspiring post, Daren…it’ likeable…

  27. What a great story. This kind of story/post gives me alot of motivation to work hard (and i’m sure the same goes for others too). If only I could even make 5% of that in 2 years i’d consider that a great success. Here’s hoping…

  28. Thanks for sharing this with us. This guy’s story is very inspiring and just shows that if you are not afraid to share your passion and opinions on a subject with the world, that it can take you places. I am also impressed with the way he was able to maintain his honesty and integrity despite the pressures for him to cave into commercial pressure.

  29. His results in 2 years are really amazing

  30. Such an inspiration. Makes you wonder if he’d been as passionate in other area; would he have been as successful. My point is the automotive market carries a big stick.

  31. I am just curious…how does the site generate revenue? I didn’t see any advertising when I visited the site?

  32. Thank you for providing such valuable information!

    I came across your blog and this article caught my eye!
    I want to be a million dollar blogger!

    Yaro’s interview was fantastic and with a guy that writes about cars – goes to show what can happen if you’re passionate!

    From here I went to Yaro’s blog which also has fantastic articles to read. I have now decided to have my own blog!

    I am using your site as a reference tool to learn about and plan my new blog!

    Thankyou for the inspiration! I wil keep coming and learning and will let you know when my blog is done!

    And in answer to Jess’s question above………is there any really successful female bloggers???? If not yet, there soon will be!

    Thankyou Darren – Great Job – Kym

  33. Hey Daz,

    My dream is to become a million dollar blogger as well, though for now I am enjoying just letting my AdSense accumulate as a form of forced savings while I continue to work full time.

    One day I will cash the cheque, but not untill it hits atleast $500,000 =)

    My finance blog about saving money in Australia is probably my biggest earner, http://www.savingsguide.com.au

    Great post! Keep it up! Will check back shortly, I would love to see more posts!

  34. great post…I can take some learning for the interview…thanks

  35. I am running a small internet marketing business as my side business. This has helped me cut time when I’m free from my busy schedule. I really get satisfaction when I am my own boss.

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