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LifeTipper Wins ProBlogger URL competitioin

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of January 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Those of you who have been waiting for me to announce the winner in my ‘help me choose a domain name competition‘ (catchy title I know) will be happy to know that I’ve selected a winner and it can now reveal it.

The winning entry was from Liam Daly who was one of the first entries within the first hour or two of the competition. He wins the $100 USD gift voucher for Amazon (or $100USD to his PayPal account).

He suggested the name ‘LifeTipper’ (lifetipper.com).

Now before you all go over to look at the new blog – it’s not there and won’t be for a little while as the last week has seen me swamped with life.

Why did I choose LifeTipper as a name?

There were a number of reasons for it including:

  • It fit with the vibe and keywords that I mentioned as being the goal of the blog
  • It has a similar ring to ProBlogger which might help to tie them together a little as sister blogs
  • I think it’ll be pretty easy to remember

Close to 300 URLs were submitted so the choice was not easy. Some of the other short listed finalists were quite similar to this name and others were completely different. It was fascinating to see how people came up with names. They ranged from rearranging the letters of my name, to incorporating the ‘Pro’ from problogger into a name, to looking at Latin/ancient greek etc as a basis for names. I was very tempted by two names that were just ‘bizarre’ and had nothing really to do with the subject matter and three names that were ‘dad’ focused (I’m tempted to choose one of them for a second new blog down the track) but LifeTipper just fit with me (and V who was my other judge) and so it got the nod.

I know in choosing any one of the hundreds of domains that were submitted (close to 300) I’m rejecting 290+ others but I want to thank all who submitted URLs to the competition. As I mentioned previously – some of you put in quite a bit of work to submit your URLS and I appreciate that.

I hope no one is offended by me not choosing their entry but there can only be one winner.

In terms of when LifeTipper.com will be up and running. Stay tuned. It could be a little while but it’s definitely towards the top of my to do list.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Heh — I was one of the ones who submitted a URL based on rearranging letters of your name, but lifetipper.com is definitely parallels problogger and fits what you’re doing and looking for. Good luck with it, and congrats to Liam!

  2. Well ! I’m offended that you didn’t choose mine ! Mine was the best…that I could come up with !

    Congrats to Liam and good luck to you !

    May you both have the wind at your back and a blush on your cheek.

  3. Thanks Darren – I think the very idea of the competition was quite clever, and it was also fun to participate.

    In retrospect, LifeTipper seems an almost obvious name but it took me a bit of time to get to it – in a roundabout manner using my usual domain naming techniques. And once I was there I felt confident that it would strongly identify with you and the personal branding you bring to ProBlogger.

    I spent an hour choosing another five or so entries, but LifeTipper was the one I felt best suited the vibe you were looking for. And I’m rather pleased you agree!

    Looking forward to watching it evolve and become a great success!

  4. That’s a great title! Spending two days of my spare time making lists and reworking words showed me how difficult it is to come up with a memorable name that reflects your concerns and has a .com domain.

    I wonder if Liam was inspired by your center boxes:

    “Advertising Tips
    Affiliate Programs
    Blog Design Tips and News
    Blog Promotion Tips
    SEO Tips
    Writing Content Tips”

    And if one of your bizarres favorites was one of mine, you have my permission to share it. I’m proud of my choices, but I think LT’s better.

  5. Nice name!


  6. I’m not sure the name is clicking with me, yet. It sounds sort of generic and not very memorable to me — but I believe it will grow on me and it will likely be easy enough to remember for those who don’t use bookmarks!

    I’m surprised it is even available :)

    Congrats to the winner!

  7. Congrats Liam Daly! That was a certainly a good name.

  8. http://www.random-good-stuff.com ain’t bad … humpf! Maybe next time !

  9. Nice choice Darren & G’luck to you with the new site.
    Also, congrats Liam Daly.

  10. Bleh. Don’t like it. Life Tipper, Life Hacker … where’s the originality ? Oh well… I guess I’m just jealous cause my suggestion was better of course :)

  11. I think sometimes I seem to agree with too much of what you say Darren, and give you too big a rap, so it’s nice to be able to disagree. LifeTipper doesn’t grab me (though I’m not saying my suggestions were any better), the Tipper part has odd connotations for me.

    But names are largely irrelevant, they eventually become branding – I’m sure Apple got picked on and bagged (oh I couldn’t resist those puns!) for their name in the early days.

    So good luck with it, it sounds like a great idea that you will find especially fulfilling.

  12. I agree with Chris – the “tipper” part seems weird to me, like someone who goes around giving five dollar bills to everyone, or who is tipping things over. LifeTips sounds better to me, but I guess that’s already taken.

    Anyway, it seems like plenty of other people like the name. :)

  13. It’s a pretty cool name.

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