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Help me choose a domain name

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of January 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

As part of a competition I featured in the top 10 of a couple of months ago I’ve won 12 months free hosting and a domain name from an Aussie hosting company. I’ve been pondering what to do with it and while I have ideas on the type of blog I want to run I’m struggling for a domain name.

So I thought I’d run a mini competition. Submit the domain name that I choose and I’ll send your $100 (USD) via PayPal (or a $100US gift voucher at Amazon.com).

Now before you start submitting domains names on any topic here are a few guidelines:

  • The domain name must currently be available (not for sale etc) – so check their availability (you can do this here)
  • I’d prefer a .com name
  • Submit your ideas via this contact form (I’ll not do this in comments because no sooner will you submit your ideas than others will start up blogs on them – comments have been turned off on this post).

In terms of topic – here’s the brief (and a warning that it’s vague at this point):

I want to the blog to be written in a similar tone to ProBlogger but to have broader appeal. It won’t be targeted towards bloggers but towards…. well humans. It won’t be helping them earn money…. but is more about helping people get the most from life in a broad range of topics. It will include tips, inspiration, story and discussion. It’ll probably have a slight technical/web bent, but will be broader than that and will tackle emotional, spiritual and relational posts. It might even have a bit of a ‘dad’ focus. Blogs that it might link to and be positioned near might include:

Life Hacker
Steve Pavlina
Slacker Manger

It won’t be a clone of these however and will develop it’s own voice on a variety of topics.

Ok – having just bared my soul and at the risk of 5000 blogs starting up on the same topic – I’d love to hear your ideas for domain names.

The prize – $100 USD and I’ll throw in a few links here at ProBlogger announcing you as the winner and on the new blog giving you credit for the name. Entries close on Thursday 12th – Midday Melbourne time and will be announced next week once I’ve made my selection.

update: WOW! After just 8 hours 34 people have submitted domains (and North America where most of my readership is has been asleep most of that time). Some people have submitted 10 or so URLs each and have put considerable time. Let me thank you all in advance. Some of the ideas are amazing and I can see this will be a difficult choice. There may just be more than one blog emerge out of all this (more than one $100 prize if that is the case).

Update: Times up friends. You can Stop sending entries.

Thank you for your participation. I’m quite overwhelmed by the numbers of those submitting ideas. While I’m not going to list all the domains submitted (some of those who submitted them said that they’d register them if I don’t) I will say that there were 81 email submissions (a few people sent more than one). Those 81 emails included over 260 URLs for me to consider.

As a result it’s going to take me a little while to sort through them all and make a decision. It’s especially tough as such a large number of them are really great suggestions. At a glance I could go with at least 20 or 30 of them.

Some people sent up to 15 or so suggestions and obviously put a significant amount of time into searching so I want to give this some due consideration and am going to take the list away with me this weekend (we’re doing a mini road trip to yet another wedding I’m conducting) to ponder. I’ll try to make an announcement sometime next week.

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