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Introducing Geeky Info

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of May 2005 Case Studies 0 Comments

A mate of mine has recently started up a new blog by the name of Geeky Info which I’m sure some of you will find interesting. He’s not primarily doing it to make money (although I think it could be a profitable blog as it grows) but rather its a hobby – documenting his obsession with collecting geeky information. There are still a few Adsense tweaks to make on the site but its coming together quite well.

He’s covering everything from organizational software, to firefox, to security apps, to tablet pc technology. Its going to be one of my favorites for sure. I hope you enjoy it too.

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  • Good content, but he needs to work on the design a bit, I initially balked at reading it when I saw the layout and the colours.

  • There are some rendering issues with Safari, too. The AdSense ads at the top run over the right hand column.

    The info is interesting, and I’d love to see more commentary as he gets going and gets more comfortable with the writing side of things.

  • Yeah great. As if I had not enough things to read! :)

  • Darren

    yeah – the Adsense ads across the top need some work – overlap problems as you say Darren. Give him a bit of time to tweak it :-) Content is top notch though.

  • Wow, great coverage. Great site. And added it to my SharpReader list.

  • I like that site, it’s already been added to my Bloglines list. You might want to mention WordPress’ search engine friendly URL feature to your friend though.

  • Hi Guys, thanks for the kind words. Most encouraging! Keep the comments coming both bad and good… we are planning a complete redesign of the layout in a couple of weeks as this was just a wordpress theme we grabbed.

    Interesting though that it doesn’t work in Sarari… Darren will tell me that this is another reason I should buy a mac :)

    Thanks again.