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Increasing Traffic and Engagement … with Fun and Games

Posted By Guest Blogger 13th of February 2013 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

This guest post is by Danny Iny of firepolemarketing.com.

When you blog all the time about a certain topic…

…even if you’re still completely passionate about it…

…it can sometimes get a little boring.

You feel it as a blogger, and your readers may feel it, too.

Now, of course, your readers can go elsewhere on the internet for new stimulation, but wouldn’t it be better if they stuck with you?

Or better yet, what if they had such interesting and engaging experiences on your site and with you that they wanted to tell their family and friends about it?

And what if they shared your content with their networks because doing so made them look really good?

This scenario is absolutely possible.

If you can keep enough novelty, challenge, and inspiration coming, your readers will want to spend more of their online time with you, giving you more opportunities to strengthen your relationships and make sales.

But before we talk about all of that, let’s explore why this usually doesn’t happen—even when we’re working our hardest and doing our genuine best to make our blogs worthwhile for our readers and subscribers.

Why the same old stuff gets stale

Do you have a certain route that you follow a lot?

It could be your drive to work, or to your Mom’s house. It’s a path that you travel frequently, and know intimately.

There’s nothing surprising or unusual that happens along this route; it’s the same every day, and if it weren’t hideously dangerous because of other drivers and pedestrians, you could do it with your eyes closed. It’s so boring that you don’t even think about it.

The same thing can happen with any task that you do again and again. Brushing your teeth. Putting on your shoes. And even reading your favorite blogs.

It’s so common—such a habit—that you do it automatically, and don’t really consider what it is you’re doing, or pay attention to the details.

As a consumer of blogs, this is kind of a shame.

As a producer of blog content, it’s absolutely catastrophic. You need your readers to be riveted! And as a reader of Problogger.NET, you’ve made sure you’re not making any of the common mistakes that bloggers make.

So how do you fix the problem?

What you need to do is shake things up a little bit—change the process of engaging with you on your blog from one of providing content that gets read and maybe commented on, to an experience that happens that gets your readers thinking and motivated to act.

One of the best, most fun and most effective ways to do this is through a contest, challenge, or game.

Do it through contests, games, and challenges

What makes a contest, game, or challenge fun?

Well, it lights up areas of your brain that you don’t usually get to use every day—and that’s interesting. Moreover, it’s exciting—your mind has to sit up and take note because, “hey, you’re making me work!”

There are some principles that are common to all successful games, and I’d like to go over them quickly here. The four principles are:

  1. motivation and loss aversion
  2. status and competition
  3. surprise and hope
  4. feedback and reward

Get them to start and keep them going with motivation and loss aversion

When you think about running a contest or challenge, I bet that the first thing you consider is the prize—it’s got to be amazing if it’s going to get people to play, right?

Not necessarily. People are more likely to act because they’re afraid of losing something they already have, then to gain something new.

You can apply this technique when you’re introducing your challenge. Paint a vivid picture of how wonderful winning and participating is. Outline all the benefits participants stand to gain. They could gain the prize, or knowledge, or networking, or glory—just make sure to make them feel like they already have it when you’re writing your description. If you do a good job at this, they’ll play to keep that feeling.

Status and reputation will help them take it further

Once people are playing a game or challenge, they’ll be dying to know how everyone else is doing, and how they stack up against the rest of the competitors. (Even if they’re too cool to admit it, or are just “playing for fun.” They want to know—trust me.)

Take advantage of this by providing frequent updates to contestants, and emphasizing again how wonderful it will be to win—and how possible that is for anyone. Someone who starts out with a strong lead will be desperate to keep it, and those who are only a few points behind another player will want nothing more than to inch up in the rankings.

Keep everyone involved with discovery and surprise

Obviously, not everyone is going to be occupying a top spot—that’s unavoidable. But the people who aren’t can be kept equally passionate and engaged with a little sense of discovery, surprise, and the possibility that this kind of excitement will happen again.

Think in terms of bonus challenges, opportunities to do a little extra, a funny note, a contestants-only joke. These kind of unexpected treats get people excited to be doing what they’re doing, and happy to keep going, even if they don’t expect they’ll win.

Make it worth their while with feedback and rewards

We all like to know that we’ve done a good job—and most of us are mature enough to at least grudgingly accept constructive feedback when we could have done better.

It’s no different in a contest than in life. If you can immediately, or very quickly, give someone feedback on how participants are performing, both on a personal level and as a part of the group, they’ll either want to continue to do well, or prove that they can do better.

Leaderboards and other tracking systems are good for this, as are personal emails, and contestants-only updates. Think of how valuable feedback is in your day-to-day life, and double that amount for your contestants.

Now you are the games master

Yes, the games master. Congratulations—you’re calling all the shots.

…But what shots are you calling, exactly?

Well that depends on what you want.

If you need more comments on your blog post, then run a comment competition. Let your readers know that for the next week or so you’re going to be looking at all of their valuable comments, picking a few favourites, and letting everyone vote on a winner. More comments will come.

If your social media presence isn’t that great, then run a guest post contest with the winner being the post that garnered the most Tweets or Facebook Likes. We did this recently on Firepole Marketing, and generated thousands of social media shares. (Not to mention a record traffic month!)

If your traffic is slow, create a wonderful new piece of giveaway content (for an opt-in!), and let your readers know that whoever directs the most people to it will win a fabulous prize—possibly in the form of your products or services.  For this option you’ll need to set up individual links for readers, but plugins like PrettyLink make that a snap!

A never-ending source of competition

You can use this idea in almost every aspect of your content calendar. You can promote a new product or series, you can use it to make your training and content more interesting and relevant, and you can use it to deliver content and training.

You can do it to teach, to engage, and to just have fun.

That’s what we’re trying to do right now with our Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt for bloggers and business owners; we’re using all of the gamification elements I’ve talked about here to teach contestants new marketing skills, to get them to experiment different technologies and techniques, and to help them extend their reach online.

So what are you going to do? What games will you play to boost your traffic, engage your readers, and keep them coming back for more?

Danny Iny (@DannyIny), a.k.a the “Freddy Kreuger of Blogging”, teaches marketing that works over at Firepole Marketing. Right now, there’s a hugely exciting Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt going on over there, and it’s not too late to get in on the action, expand your reach online, and engage with an amazing community of marketers.

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  1. Thanks for the post Danny, I’ll have to check out the challenge you’re running.

    I see how this can be applied in so many ways. For example, getting people to show up to a Google+ hangout or attending a webinar. I like the idea of getting your audience involved and making them a success at the same time.

    I’m looking forward to learning more from you Danny.

  2. its great post something creative post nice thought compare boost traffic to Game i am agree with you i like this game to play and play with my blog..

  3. For my old site, I once ran a contest for the best testimonial video – totally works great because you immediately increase your presence on YouTube, and then you can put the best ones right on your site! Of course, shooting a video takes time, so you have to offer a pretty hefty prize!

    Thanks for the great post!

  4. Thanks for the tips Danny. I love the idea of using loss aversion to keep people motivated to continue taking part.

    Personally though, I think one thing that stops a lot of bloggers (particularly those with small audiences) from wanting to do something like this is the fear that they won’t get anyone participating.

    What would you say to these people? Do you think competitions can still work if you only have a small audience?

  5. I did a promotion once on a new blog I had and the price was great. I gave away a 1ct diamond solitaire ring. The issue I had is my blog didn’t get much traffic, and as well I just didn’t promote it right. Sad day, but a great learning experience.

    I guess though, if I gained a reader or two, we could say it was positive.

  6. Most of the times rewards are a great source of motivation. I have seen readers respond like crazy to rewards like iPads and other such new tech gadgets that they wish they could have but couldnt really get their hands on. Competitions are great and increases your readership and followers both alike.

  7. This post is pure gold! I bet 95% of the people who read this post wouldn’t apply the ideas from this post. Obviously, doind something new and unusual make people come back again and again. Not matter what type of content you have, if your ‘game’ is interesting then they’ll definitely come back and keep interest for sure!

    I really can’t wait to implement this strategy right away. I’ll have to plan for the framework of the contest or challenge now.

    I don’t know Danny, how can I pay you back for revealing your excellent ideas. You’re great! Thank you so much for your effort on sharing this.

    Best, Anup

  8. Hi everyone,

    very good advice. If I’ve never read about this I wouldn’t even try to do this.

    Thank you.

    I hope this will help my blogs.

    All the best and see you on top.


  9. This is a marvelous post concerning increasing your blog traffic thanks to mr darren, and same to danny iny the owner of this wonderful guestpost

  10. Good idea! I’ve actually toyed with the idea of embedding some online games on my home page but decided against it because the paranoid part of me is uneasy about the possibility of ‘backdoors’ being embedded into the games which a hacker might use to cause mayhem in my blog.

    I’ll probably think up of an idea of reader challenges soon as I believe this indeed will keep readers engaged and come back frequently.

  11. I just started doing contest and it is so much and people do seem to love them I never thought about games thoough.I never thought about repeating the process.Thanks for all these great tips.bookmarking now

  12. Thanks so much Danny ! You hit the nail on the head. A lot of psychology goes into marketing,
    and into advertising your business. That is, if you’re doing them correctly! Yes,physical
    appearance is very much important in the physical world. You have wonderfully gathered up all the
    latest informative resources and presented before us. Super like for all the points especially “Do it through contests, games, and challenges” .

  13. That’s a really good point, however how about promoting the games, contests, and let more people knows about it?

  14. can anyone help me with http://www.easideals.com please..!!

  15. Hey
    Excellent post. It seems that i should try this method. :)
    I have not tried this method and now will try to give fun and games to my audience :)
    Thank you

  16. Great post Danny!

    I had ideas constantly running through my head while reading this, so thanks. Definitely going to run a competition or two :)

  17. Just remember one thing: “content is king”.

    • Great point Rafael.

      Do not get sidetracked. I believe that all contests should have a clear and realistic goal in mind.

      Have a measurable goal in mind and I am sure you will excel.

      Great post Danny!

  18. Thanks Danny for sharing this.You are so right, if you use the same old stuff, people quit reading and assume what you are going to say. Keep it fresh and full of content.

  19. Wow! sounds link doing a contest and games really are a great strategy to gain traffic. Now I’m gonna use it for sure, thank you.

  20. You can offer free stickers , bags and some great giveaways and post them to your speciall subscribers this can help you a lot :) Peace

  21. Thanks for this great post and the great idea, i know myself and others will definitely give this a try.

    Thanks again

  22. I think games are good things to learn something.

  23. Freak X Apps says: 10/31/2017 at 2:29 am

    Nice post.

  24. shipmychip 005 says: 12/13/2017 at 8:34 pm

    Its a wonderful post,nice

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