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Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog

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  • Does it come branded with a ProBlogger logo? ;)

  • lol no – but I will send the winner a personally signed copy of ProBlogger the book if they don’t already have one! :-)

  • Sell it? Like you need the money …

  • Haha you won that macbook didn’t you Darren?
    I don’t like the macbook airs. They don’t have enough processing power.
    Do you hate them too?

  • This is where this little plugin would come in handy!

  • @Sid Savara – I think that would be very nice too :)
    @Dareen – Good luck with your auction mate!

  • Hmmm, auctioning off a perfectly good Macbook Air that you “won”?! What does that say about your opinion of the Air? I’m with you on that by the way ;-)

  • You know, I may have missed it – do you have a ProBlogger store Darren? I would totally buy a ProBlogger T-shirt to work out in…. now that you don’t have that bright orange logo anymore ;)

  • I love the MacBook Air, but it is too expensive for what I need out of a laptop. Honestly, right now I could easily do everything off of an EEE or Acer One.

  • Friendly Computer Guy – actually I was very tempted to keep it but I’ve been using a Macbook Pro for the last year or two and I think my next laptop will need to have that kind of grunt as I’m using it more and more as my primary computer with video/image editing etc. The portability of the Air would be fantastic though!

    Sid – we still have a t-shirt store here.

  • Hay problogger, I am not in the market for an AIR, but I am loving the banter here… you have a t-shirt and a book!!! Maybe it is just too early in the morning for me and this is all serious stuff… later when I actually wake up it might not seem quite so funny, so I will hit the send button now!

  • Hey I mentioned that on Plurk! The book idea that is. Just a coincidence or do great men think alike? Either way we were on the same page.

  • Bah.. I would like it when someone delivers a Macbook air at my doorstep as a gift from Darren :P

  • but seriously, why do you want to sell it?

  • If only i had the money… not at present though.

    Anyway, best of luck with your auction… hope you get decent returns from it! :)

  • WoW! A Problogger sells a little computer to earn some money! Why don’t you run a contest to give it as a gift to your readers? Is this a way for bloggers to earn money? No! As we say in Greece, You act like “Giftos”(tr: Gypsy) – (Sorry Gypsies)…
    You must cancel the bid and give the stuff to your readers.

  • I need to make the move from my memory enhanced Toshiba Equium to a Macbook Pro soon, I just can’t face the pain of buying Mac versions of all the software I run, but the day will come…I love the idea of the laptop not crashing all the time, not failing to recognize devices I attach etc etc. I also like the fact that the products of the Apple empire appear to people with an eye on good design (Product Design degree many moons ago..) I spent £400 ($800) on this laptop and use it for probably 8 hours a day – what other product costs so relatively little and is such an important part of your life?