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Macbook Air Auction

Hi – Darren Rowse here. I recently won a Macbook Air from Yaro Starak as part of a promotion of the Blog Mastermind blog mentoring program and while I’m an Apple fan I need something with a little more grunt than an Air so am putting it up for sale via a quick auction (it could be very quick if someone takes the Buy it Now price).

The Machine

The Macbook Air is a 1.6hz Core 2 Duo/2GB/80GB 4200rpm.

This model currently retails for $1799.00 USD.

This is a new machine – HOWEVER the box has been opened once and the machine has been taken through the startup process by Yaro (the guy I won this off) as he wanted to be 100% sure that it was all in working order. As a result the ‘name’ on the computer is ‘yaro’ within Mac OSX which is unfortunate. It is important to know this as while it’s not been used it has been started and so isn’t technically new.

It comes with all it’s normal packaging and attachments.

We can ship this machine anywhere for free – however you should know that it has North American power plugs so if you’re outside that area you’ll need to buy an adapter or a power adapter for your country (factor that into your price). The machine is currently in Toronto and you could arrange with Yaro to pick it up from him if you’re local.

It’ll be shipped soon after we have confirmation of payment (Yaro tells me he’s traveling this week so it could be a week before he can ship it). My preferred method for payment is paypal.

The Auction

I’m going to take bids via my contact form here at ProBlogger. This is so they all come in via the same communication funnel and so I can track where bids are up to.

In order to keep the Auction as simple as possible I’ll put a Buy it Now price of $1700 USD on it ($100 off). If someone buys it at that price I’ll sell it to that person immediately and the auction will finish. If that is not reached within 24 hours (10.30am Melbourne time on Thursday) then I’ll sell it to the next highest bidder (if there are two equal highest bids it’ll go to the first one).

This is a blind (some call them ‘dutch auctions here in Australia) auction – bid your highest bid from the start (what you are willing to pay and what you think is fair). I won’t be updating on what the highest bid (simply because I want to keep the process of administrating this as simple as possible).

Update: just to save some of you some time. I will say that the highest bid so far is over $1000 so if you’re bidding lower than that mark I understand your budget may not stretch that far – but we’re past it unfortunately.

Bids are in USD. Shipping is free.

If you have questions about the Auction please use my contact form to ask them (but note I’m in Australia and could be sleeping so can’t promise immediate responses at all times).

As soon as the auction ends I’ll post an update at the top of this post.

I’ve never done an auction like this before – I hope I’ve put together all the information that you need. Please ask if you require more.

Lastly – I reserve the right to not sell this machine if I feel all of the bids are too low. I don’t want to be letting go of an $1800 machine for $.39c :-)