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I’m Outta Here

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of November 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

beachJust a short note to let readers know that I’m taking off for a week’s break as of today (we’re going up North to a beach) and that ProBlogger will be in the capable hands of a number of Guest Posters in the coming days. I’ve just uploaded them all and while there will only be one post per day in the next week – there are some amazing ones – so enjoy.

This is the vacation that we had to postpone a few weeks back when my son burst his eardrum – it’s shorter than originally planned but it’s a break all the same.

Have a great week and I’ll see you early next week! But there should be enough in our video archives to give you a fix if you’re missing them!

Note: there won’t be a new video this week. But do peruse the video cateogy as there’s plenty more video there to keep you going!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Have fun, Darren! :)

  • Enjoy your free time and don’t use mobile internet too much ;) You should really take a breal :)

  • have a great holiday Darren!Great to see you having the guests posts coming.Anyway,enjoy the holidays! :)

  • It’s always good to take a break. No internet connection, no computer nor laptops. Just you, your family and the beach. Dang! I can picture that one out right now.

    Good luck with the trip Darren and have fun. Will be missing those videos.

    By the way, he burst his eardrum, how? I feel sorry for him.


  • Are you coming up to Queensland. We have the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast :D

  • have fun mate

  • Low

    Have a great holiday, you deserve it!

  • Have a great time. You deserve the break.

    That’s an awesome way to leave BTW. Right in the middle of a sentence. “But do “. I love it. *L*

  • Free time for yourself is the most precious gift ! Enjoy ! btw , honestly , wat made me comment is the pic you had put ! really liked it !!!!! :)

  • But do what? lol
    Have a great trip Darren!

  • You have the brand and authority that assures us that the posts and articles posted here will be off high qualities.

    Take a break and have fun, Darren!

  • Ivy

    Lucky you! Wished I were off to some beach somewhere myself. Have fun! I’m sure we’ll enjoy the guest posts you have arranged for.

  • Ivy

    PS. Who is moderating your comment board while you’re gone? I’m curious.

    Lara says: It’s me, Ivy! Not sure if you were here for the ProBlogger Birthday Bash, but most of Darren’s readers got used to me that week. LOL

  • Enjoy your vacation..don’t have too much fun.

  • Don’t bring anything electronic! Not even a cell phone. There is nothing that can’t wait until you get back. ENJOY!

  • Have an enjoyable trip ahead. I am sure you will have fun with your family.

  • alrighty, have fun!

  • Take a break and have fun, Darren!

  • Nice. You deserve it more than most Darren!

  • Ha ha, don’t you guys get it? right below “But do” is the button “share this.”

    um, right?

    hooray for holidays, let’s all take a ten minute break and run around the house like we just won the lottery, drum up that holiday feeling!

  • Enjoy the break. It is a blast to get away from it all.

  • Awww, it’s been fixed.

    I thought it was a better post before. Kind of an example of “Leave ’em wanting more”. *L*

  • Good luck with the trip Darren and have fun. Will be missing those videos.

  • nice pic!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    – Aaron Edwards