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How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

Posted By Guest Blogger 21st of February 2017 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy | ProBlogger.net

This is a guest contribution from Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer.

From do-it-yourself tutorials to adorable animal clips, videos are a big part of our life – and business owners as well as bloggers are taking notice. Here are seven reasons why everyone needs to incorporate video into their marketing strategy, and the sooner the better.

From consuming news to communicating with our friends, video has taken over. It’s enough to look at the ways in which your Facebook Newsfeed has changed in recent years to know that video is clearly here to stay. In fact, 1.47 million Americans watch videos on the web, while an average user watches at least 16 minute of online video advertising a month. Bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners have to realize that implementing videos into their content marketing strategy is the way to go.

Video is on a roll, and it’s evident if you look at any social media network today. Youtube, for one, has over a billion users, and social media channels like Facebook has even dedicated its News Feed to the use of video. The social network is pushing for its native video features, including Facebook Live and audience targeting, and sees greater value in a one-minute video than a 500 word article. Instagram hasn’t fallen behind, and has recently announced that they were extending videos on the app to a full minute.

Social media channels aren’t alone, as more business owners and bloggers alike are realizing the many benefits of adding custom videos to their site. If you haven’t already began adding video content to your blog or site, here are the main reasons you should.

It Increases Traffic

Simply put, video increases traffic to your site. In fact, the click-through-rate (CTR) of emails increases by 200-300% when the email includes a video. It’s also been proven that organic traffic from search engines increases by 157% when there’s a video included. No matter whether you’re promoting your personal blog, or your brand, video can bring three times as many visitors to your site.

What’s great about using video in your content marketing strategy is that you don’t even have to be a videography expert of any kind. Platforms like Promo by Slidely help you to create highly sophisticated videos that will increase your site’s traffic without you having to break the bank. This is precisely what every marketing strategy needs in order to get attention, likes, views, and shares.

It’s a Great way to Brand Yourself

Video plays a huge role in helping businesses brand themselves in a certain way. By using video, you’re not only giving your target audience the information they need about your service, product or brand, but you’re also making them as excited as you are about it.

A loyal audience of subscribers to your blog are more likely to become your own personal evangelists, spreading the word about your blog and your general awesomeness. By incorporating video into your branding efforts, you’ll be giving them a glimpse into “the real you,” which can help build their trust in what you have to say and offer.

It’s Motivating

Video has a very serious impact on your audience, making them much more likely to take some sort of action, like search for more information or purchase an item, after watching your video.

In fact, video is so important to your site that nearly 60% of people have said that videos of products have actually increased their confidence in the purchase, making them less likely to return items.

How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy | ProBlogger.net

It’s Memorable

You’d be surprised but video is more memorable than text. In fact, people only retain about 10% of what they read. However, when they watch a video, they’re using both their auditory and visual senses, making that retention rate jump to 68%. That should just give you more of an incentive to guarantee the videos you create are worth remembering.

It Makes You Stand Out

Every business entrepreneur and blogger know just how difficult it can be to differentiate themselves from all the rest. The truth of the matter is that not many companies have the creative streak to put a living, breathing representation of their company and product or service on their site. If you take the risk of being innovative and authentic with your target audience, and remember the importance of creating epic content, you’ll have a major advantage over the rest.

It’s Easy to Share

Video is increasingly easy to share, which guarantees that a memorable and creative video will reach more people than any textual content probably would. The time in which you decide to upload a video is crucial as well since many videos on YouTube are embedded, linked and shared on Tuesday between 11AM and 1PM. By creating an engaging, enjoyable video, you’re ensuring future traffic without having to do a lot of heavy lifting. With video, one click can easily turn into 100 clicks.

It’s Still Gaining Popularity

Videos may have been around for a while, but since they’re only becoming more interesting and eye catching, it’s clear they’re not going anywhere any time soon. It is actually predicted that by 2019, 80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video content.   

The Punchline

How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy | ProBlogger.net

This year showed us that videos are becoming the go-to for marketing teams, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and pretty much anyone who wanted audiences to check out their sites. Thanks to platforms that are specifically dedicated to the task, now, more than ever, it’s easier to create professional videos without having to hire a team of experts.

Once you’ve created your video, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be instantly rewarded with an improvement in traffic rates, audience interest, and so much more. You’ve got so much to gain from adding videos to your content marketing strategy there really is no reason not try it out for yourself. Now’s the time to give it a go.

Since receiving her second degree in scriptwriting from TAU back in 2012, Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer has been busy writing full-time and as a freelancer in both English and Hebrew. When she’s not busy writing you can find her practicing her yoga positions, as well as singing professionally and dubbing. Feel free to get in touch to learn more on Twitter.

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  1. Video is on the rise these days … marketers need to learn how to make them if they want to stay ahead of the curve!

  2. Hi,
    Your informative article really explains the importance of video in content as well in promotion of the blog or site.
    Thanks for the great tips, look forward to see more from you.

  3. I’m trying to implement video on my blog posts, but I don’t really know how to do that. I mean, I’m writing the blog, now how do I complement the post with a relevant video??? If anybody has any ideas, please do share.



    • I think there are several strategies you can experiment with. Some people do a video that is the blog with a short caption. Others make a video and the written portion is basically a transcript. Another way could be to have a short video that illustrates one of the points in the article. Hope this helps

  4. Video marketing is the best way to generate huge number of traffic to our blog, i have more experience in it as an video blogger. I am sharing it from my own experience. Thank you for this awesome post.

  5. Great tips share. I want to start a video blog and share reviews about various gadget, just a question, is there any video tool which help me or you personally use to create appealing videos?

  6. Video is a wonderful and unique way to instantly earn and retain your target audience. It also compliments writing heartfelt blog posts and webpages about the struggles of life, because people will truly appreciate the unique combination of video + content. And if both are good, people will give you more business than you can handle without asking for it.

  7. Hey Nathalie,

    In this digital era, everyone is looking for better visual content and video marketing can be something I would consider.

    You can forge your presence using videos. Adding videos in your newsletters can increase the CTA for sure.

    Human brain is more interactive to videos than the text.

    Thanks for bringing this up.


  8. Yes i agree that video marketing is one of the most important that has been using by most of the bloggers and marketers. I am also a video blogger and like to post different videos all around the world. People in today’s time surfing for different videos on internet that helps us for content marketing. Try this….

  9. I totally agree with your video marketing points. I also working on the same basis and get the best and quality traffic for my products.

  10. So happy to read this, I recently invested big in a video animation software and this post just made me feel better.

  11. Video is an awesome marketing tool for content refreshment. Thanks for reminding it for us!

    It’s a proven visually-aided technique that adds specificity and descriptiveness to the information, and engages readers even more. Well-designed videos tell stories better than written articles. And people tend to share them more. I think it’s beneficial if bloggers express the information in more than one way. Diversity keeps the audience engaged.

    I am looking forward for more interesting posts from Nathalie in the near future :) Thanks, again.


  12. I’ve had the complete opposite experience on my blog. It’s frustrating, because I hear from so many how wonderful video is for engagement and traffic, and yet whenever I include a video on my blog or in newsletters, almost no one sees it.

    Most of my videos, btw, are FB live streams. They do very well on FB. But then on my blog…. crickets.

    I’d love to hear other people’s experiences with what works and what doesn’t. And also, maybe it’s my audience. I work with primarily writers. Are we just not as into video?

    • Do you post your livestream on your blog or make a separate video? Is it the same script as you blog or something complimenting? And how many minutes are they?

  13. Hey Nathalie You have listed some great points here in this for content marketing.
    Videos are one of the most amazing way to fire your content, most brands are not having their video content marketing strategy and they they make big mistake here. 2017 is already showing video content marketing is always rocking the digital world and more brands are favoring videos now.

    Video make us stand out from our competitors who are not doing videos :)

  14. Hi, Nathalie!

    I totally agree. I have never seen the excitement for the online video in last 7 years of my blogging career that I see now. There is no doubt that we must include video into our content strategy. It’s just a matter of how-to and what-to.

    The live streaming is the hottest trend at the moment, whereas the regular video does have a long lasting life span and the organized form. Brands and individuals need to develop a strategy that incorporates both live and recorded videos.

  15. Hey,

    Video breaks boundaries and tells visual stories in a way that text and photos never could, thus changing what kind of content should be king for your business.

    Every smart marketer should have a strong video strategy, not only because it’s what works, but it’s also what your customers now expect. Eventually, thanks for sharing your thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  16. Proverb is there, “Picture says everything” so we can say “Videos says more than anything”. So sharing content trough video is a great idea to do business.

    Thanks for sharing the post.

  17. I’ve recently started on the journey of using video. I think a couple of other points that I think are worth mentioning that are not covered in the article.
    – It forces you to be creative and really get your brain going, this has wider reaching benefits
    – It’s good fun and provides variety. Not only are you improving your business but making it more fun as you do it as well!

  18. Hello,
    I think about to create a few videos for a while. The high effort really frightens me. A bad video makes a bad impression. Which tools or sofware are recommended?

    • Many people are just using their iphone video. Make sure you have good light, natural light is easy. Use an external mic like the $18 lav mic from Movo at Amazon. Keep them short to begin with. Have fun with it and your audience will too. Hope this helps

  19. Hi, Nathalie! I agree..Video marketing is simply incorporating to your promotional advertising to introduce winning concepts to a wider range of social media online campaign. I like reading your article.. Keep it up..

  20. Glad to see video marketing still has momentum. I’m trying to put together my first video and it is taking me longer than actually writing a blog. I feel like i’m a late adopter but going to try it out. I still don’t see how I could incorporate live streaming as that seems to be the next big thing.

    • It does take a lot of time until you get your systems down. Keep an experimental and playful attitude and you’ll get there. You aren’t late to the game. Many, many folks on line have yet to incorporate video.

  21. Great post! Creating videos was a scary thought to me. I’m glad I overcame that hurdle because it is such a great way for people to get to know me a little better. I place very high value on building relationship and trust.

  22. Its Right Video advertising is a very good to promote our blog. Via Video Sharing , we can increase our traffic and its good way to interconnect with people. thank you sharing with us.

  23. Video is a superb and exceptional approach to in a flash gain and hold your intended interest group. It likewise compliments composing sincere blog entries and site pages about the battles of life, since individuals will genuinely welcome the one of a kind mix of video + content. What’s more, if both are great, individuals will give you more business than you can deal with without requesting it.

  24. I agree with you. Video marketing strategy is one way to boost content marketing strategy through audience engagement.It’s a very powerful platform because of its authentic content and deeper connection that attract to viewers. Great Topic and thanks for the informative tips!

  25. Azell Fischl says: 09/16/2017 at 4:24 am

    Loved this post! I love that you dove into the details of increasing traffic because that is the goal! Our company finally got on board with including videos on our website and there has been a huge increase in traffic as well as increased quality of traffic. Great article.

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