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How To Lose Blog Readers

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of April 2006 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Chris Garrett posts a worthwhile post titled 10 Ways To Lose RSS Subscribers, each of which I’d say apply to losing any type of blog reader at all. Here’s his first one:

Hardly post and when you do it is to apologise for not posting – I don’t mind an irregular posting frequency providing when you do post it is something worthwhile and valuable. We all know people have other priorities in their lives, and an apology is obviously well meant, but please include the apology as a PS. on the end of a worthwhile post. And do not post three apologies in a row.’

Read the other 9 points

I’d sum it all up by simply saying that the way to gain readers is to ‘develop a useful blog’. I think if you give your readers something that they want or need and they’ll put up with almost any mistake you might make (massive generalization I know – but it’s what it comes down to to me).

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  1. As a frequent reader (rather than writer) of blogs, I completely agree. It’s quite annoying to see appologies, especially when the person continues doing it over and over again.

    It’s quite understandable that not everyone can update every single day, and really, no appologies are needed.

  2. Yeah that first point is bang on and something that I had to overcome as a young blogger and something that I try to teach bloggers that are learning about blogging that look to me for guidance. I think that apologizing is something relevant for folks who only have readers coming to their sites and have not cultivated RSS readers (or understand them). I really think that RSS education is needed. Those of us who blog understand it, but those who just “read the internet” and may not understand blogging per se really have no idea what RSS is or what it is all about. If they did, a lot of these points would be moot.

  3. I’d like to apologize for not commenting more often. Things have been a bit busy of late, and I just haven’t been able to comment as often as I’d like.

    I like #10, Nick’s 8020 Rule for Topic Relevance. A reminder that occasional deviations are acceptible, generally you should stay focused.

  4. I would never think to post an “apology post” – but then again, I’m not known for being “sweet” or “sensitive” either. ;-)

  5. I stand by all the apologies that I’ve made. A blogosphere is a place where it’s safe to be unpopular ;-)

    CODA: Top billing on tech.memorandum: Help Me Get My Money from Google
    Werner Vogels Should Amazon Blog?

  6. Points taken.
    I took it to heart and have changed the way I blog as a result.
    Thanks much for the link Darren.

    I will be doing much less of the standard news article snippets and inject more of my own wit and humor.
    Hmmm….now I’m not sure if that is good or bad. ; )

  7. Darren,

    Thanks for this post. Good suggestions…

    I’ve been reading problogger for a couple months now, and I’m just now diving in to all you have to say. It’s been so inspiring that I quit my consulting job with Coca-Cola on the spot. Kidding…

    Really, thanks for problogger. …I’m fairly new to the game and am trying to get my blogs on the map.



  8. If I know that my posting will be infrequent, I will post ahead of time giving as many details as I am comfortable doing. I try to have things to go while I’m away and just call it good.

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